Class Review

As we have concluded all 12 subjects on the first Carousel, we will review each subject and weave them together as a full working model.


Equinox, Solstice, Moon Phases and Eclipses

Each one of these events has a powerful affect on the entire planet, and each individual person on the planet.  We will go into each one in depth with how it affects us and how to use them with more purpose, individually and collectively.


3 Body Templates

The human body and energy system is changing.  Evolving into something new and powerful.  

1. The Original Body

This is the most familiar body type with 7 chakra's and meridian channels many acupuncturists and such still use.  A common system that is falling away as we evolve.

2. The Awakening Body

As we start to understand and LIVE the spiritual understandings beyond the teachings of or parents or most religions, the physical body goes into the next phase of its evolution.  The chakras/energy centers are no longer separate, but for a main core channel thru the body and become a torus like energy around the body. Equally, the meridians become more grid like.

3. The New Awakened Body

The energy body and the cellular body are fusing together as one full system.  We are still evolving into this final body type and there is still so much new information and visuals coming thru. From what I currently understand (always subject to change with more information) even the core body is now spreading out to become one with the cellular body.  The cellular body is expanding to become one with the soul body.  Since the soul is much larger than our physical container, that means our cellular ability is accessible/usable  multidimensionally. 



The mirrors of our lives are now reflecting back very differently than they have before.  Depending of course, which body template you have.  As we evolve into our greater self (the new body template) there will be overlaps as we continue the evolution process.  


Moving thru the Chaos of Change

It is not only our individual lives, our individual body's that are changing, the world as we know it is changing.  The earth is going thru changes, the air, city's, countries, nothing is left out.  Our job is not to stop any of if, but understand how to move with it and even assist!!


Understanding and Recognizing Energy Signatures

Everything has an energy signature that is unique to itself.  People, spirit, trees' even your car.  Not only do things and spirit have recognizable energy signatures, so do emotions and all energy.  Example, judgement has a very particular energy frequency to it, as does a lie, or truth.  We will discuss the many ways to recognize the signatures of your life.