About the Nation of Lights

My Mission Statement:  To help all those who wish to explore, to understand, to embrace and to fully utilize the power and wonder of their Spiritual Self within the human framework of life.

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There is not a living thing on (or off) the planet that does not have a spark of Creator Light within them.  Where there is a spark, a flame can ignite.  Holding your light steady is sometimes as challenging as turning the spark into the flame.  So much of the world would love to blow your light out so they can remain in their own darkness.  The Nation of Lights is fully dedicated to helping turn your spark into a flame and helping anyone who desires to not only sustain their flame, but grow it into a spotlight.  Empowered.  Enriched.  In Motion with high octane Emotion.  

This site holds a plethora of information to assist you on every level.  Jut click on the "Information Portal" link at the top.  I (the founder Lisa Gawlas) have spent close to 2 decades asking spirit thru meditation as well as the many thousands of readings I have done, how the hell do we work!!  Life can seem to chaotic and dim.  What I have fully realized, that is only the case when we do not see our own spark, our own inner light and allow that light to shine outwards.  To grow our light, our spiritual skills and natural psychic abilities.  

For those who want to be interactive in a community all working towards growing their light stronger and brighter and interconnectedly, we have a membership area.  I will be teaching various classes every week, several classes and workshops a week online for the beginner and the advanced.  We also have a physical retreat center in Fentress Texas to take our spiritual skills to a whole other interactive level. 

However, if you want to participate, we are all glad you are Here!!  InJoy!!!

Lisa Gawlas (Founder)