Clearing the Fields of Karma

What you have done to others, so it shall be done to you.  That, in a nutshell, is karma.  For eons we’ve had lifetimes to work out our karmic debt with others.  Not so in this lifetime.  This lifetime is about clearing, once and for all, all of our past indebted karma.

As you amp up your DNA, that leftover karma from previous lifetimes speeds up.  Your DNA starts sending out signals into the world of creation to attract to you any leftover karmic relationships so you can close the door on all of them.

Please realize that not all karma is ‘bad’ karma.  We have ‘good’ karma as well.  This positive karma is kept in a sort of “storehouse” for you to use anytime the need arrives.  For example, let’s say that, in a past life, or even at a time earlier in this life, you were spontaneously kind to someone and now your life needs a similar kindness.  Your storehouse is activated and someone with an equally related debt comes to you and repays that debt in a kind and generous way.

My purpose, though, is to discuss and explain our negative karmic debts.  These are not only negative experiences you may have created in the past, but equally, energetic debts you may owe someone to bring the karma to a null point in this life.

I feel the easiest way to make this understandably clear is through my own personal experiences.  I will share two experiences that I know were past karmic relationships.  One of them concerns a debt owed to me and the other is about a debt I owed to another.  Understanding what seem to be chaotic relationships in your life may very well bring you peace.

In 2001, I met a woman named Sherry in a Hypnotherapy class.  We became instant friends.  Several months after establishing our friendship, she was supposed to come into money and wanted to open up a healing center.  At the time, I lived in North Carolina and she lived in Virginia.  She invited me to partner with her and move into her home as we created this center.  This was a most inviting and exciting invitation for me.  Even though I loved North Carolina very much, I was well aware that my five-year-life there had reached its conclusion. 

In August of 2001, I stored all my belongings and my daughter and I moved to Virginia to start a new, exciting life. After three months of living with Sherry, it became clear that the money she thought she was going to receive was not coming.  Our relationship started to deteriorate.

One day, I returned home from work just before my daughter’s bus dropped her off from school, to find the few items of our lives strewn about the street.  The locks had been changed. I was in shock.  Sherry had never mentioned that she wanted my daughter and me to move.  But there I was, no money, no home, and only a part time job.

What I surely didn’t understand then, but do now, is that a codec was released within her DNA software that created the desire within her to kick us out of her home.  She, I am sure unconsciously, knew that I had a past negative debt because I had taken advantage of people to the degree that I created hardship within their lives. She felt the internal call to repay me the energy of understanding how that felt.  And, trust me; I felt it to the core!

My daughter and I ended up in a homeless shelter for five weeks.  Thankfully, upon completion of an energy cycle, a brand new beginning of opportunity opens up.

My second major karmic understanding occurred in 2004.  I had moved from Vermont to Idaho, entering into a business with a woman named Lorie, whom I had befriended through the internet.  I also rented a wonderful house from Lorie and her husband, Dave.  Although I didn’t know Dave until my daughter and I arrived, he seemed nice enough.  That would soon change.

By that time on my path, I was teaching spiritual development and how to reclaim your personal power and mastery within life.  This is how I got to know Lorie, as she was a client for well over a year.

The more Dave got to know me, it appeared the less he liked me.  My metaphysical understanding seemed to make his Christian mindset uncomfortable.  I surely triggered his codec of past life fears that he brought into this life to overcome. He, in return, triggered mine in how to use the energy of the crystal kingdom I was so in love with and how to stand firmly and lovingly in my personal power.

When I lived on the Vermont mountainside, I opened up the software package within my DNA on how to communicate to all living things around me, including the grass that grows.  The grass in the yard that I was renting from Dave simply wanted to grow.  It had no desire to be mowed yet and who am I to argue? I let it grow.

Little did I realize that Dave was doing drive-bys of my home. He insisted that I cut the grass because Idaho had laws against tall grass and I would get a ticket.  I replied that I would be willing to pay for the ticket.  Not a good answer.

I woke up one Saturday to a horrible negative energy permeating our home.  I looked all over the house to find out from where this new and disgusting energy was coming.  That is when I noticed Dave outside cutting the grass.  He was sending hate balls of energy to me, and I felt every ounce of them, as did my daughter. 

My daughter and I left the house, returning late in the day when we thought he would be gone.  He was still there.  He knocked on my door and when I invited him in, he refused and started saying ugly things to me, as if to pick a fight.

There was a time, four very short years earlier, when I would have allowed my deep anger within to smash him in the face.  My anger had always turned to violence when provoked.  God knows, Dave was provoking me to the highest degree I had ever experienced from a grown man. 

I already knew he was a physically abusive husband, and now he wanted to fight me.  I looked at him blankly, going deep within myself, trying to find the best way to handle the situation.  The only thing I felt I could do was to shut the door, so I did.  He stormed away in his car, but also took his hate with him.

This exchange was the first time I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that I had changed.  I had no anger even as he tried to degrade me.  I had nothing but calm and peace inside of me.  That alone was a very strange feeling.  I thanked him, in my silence, for allowing me to experience this new calm, peaceful aspect of myself. 

A week later, he returned.  This time though, his wife had forewarned me that he planned on doing more yard work.  My daughter and I had arranged a picnic day and left before his arrival.  Before I left the house, I had a deep, inner feeling to stand in the middle of the house and call on the clear quartz crystal energy to help protect us.  Specifically, I asked for help shielding the many windows in the house. Energy moves through windows effortlessly.  The moment I called on the quartz kingdom, I saw each window that was visible to me light up with a bright, white-light energy and, in front of that, was a rainbow energy.  I knew we were safe and protected.

What I didn’t know was what happens when we put a shield of protective energy around us.  It creates a vibrational energy shield, so any discordant energy that is sent out bounces off the shield and goes back to the source of the discordant energy.

Lorie called me the next day to say Dave was in the hospital.  She explained to me that while he was doing yard work near the house, he contracted a horrible case of hives and had to go home.  As the day progressed his hives became worse and he couldn’t breathe.  She took him to the hospital where they had found the hives made their way into his lungs, which created a heart attack and he was literally dead for 30 seconds.  They had to fibrillate him back to life.  She also explained that doctors at first thought an insect had bitten him. But after full inspection of his body, they could not find a cause for his hives.

I knew.

I went straight into meditation to gain knowledge of what really happened and what the reason was for this horrible relationship between us.

I was instantly back in 1777 Salem.  I was living in a very simple, one room home from where I created and sold herbal remedies.  I was also a medical intuitive, which I am today. Dave was a puritan priest of the village in which I lived and found out that I was what they considered to be a witch.  Although I did not practice any sort of witchcraft in that lifetime, he rounded up the townspeople and they burned me out of my house. 

When I ran out of the house, he and a couple of townspeople grabbed me and secured me in wooden box.  I was able to see Lorie in that lifetime.  Although she wasn’t married to him, she was partially a follower of his religion, but also came to me in secret.  She did nothing to help me in that lifetime, so her karmic debt to me was to help me in this lifetime, which she did by forewarning me.

I died at 23-years-old by being buried alive at Dave’s hand.  My debt to him in this lifetime was to payback the death experience, which I did inadvertently within my consciousness, and fortunately for only 30 seconds.

His gift to me in the exchange was allowing me to see and experience how powerful our connection with the crystalline kingdom really is and how to work within their energy field.

Karmic energy was completely voided in that exchange.  I moved within a month to Iowa.


Being Void of All Past Karma and Your Responsibility.

There is such a magnetic clearing within your DNA that, once you have finally lifted all past karma permanently from your energy field of creation, you start to manifest or magnetize even faster. 

This may sound wonderful, but there is tremendous responsibility that comes with it.  What you think, so you create. 

What you are now focused on?  Are you still in survival mode?  This is easy enough to discern.  If you are in survival mode, everything in life revolves around you and your life.  Do you still swim in your past stories?  Are you still worried if you have “enough” to live on?  Or have you shifted yet to looking at ways you can be of service to others.  This is vital in understanding.

If you saw a homeless person on the street, would you invite him or her to your house for food, a shower, or maybe a place to sleep, without worrying that they may steal something or harm you?

Let’s say you ignore a homeless person because they might steal from you or harm you.  That enhanced magnetic field of DNA that is now shining through is bringing you more lessons of opportunity so that you can open your heart to love and realize that that homeless person is also an aspect of you.  At the same time, that homeless person has something to share with you.  Keep in mind that not all things are as they seem.  This is equally crucial in understanding.

So, let’s say you did invite him or her into your home for an evening or two.  What if this person stole money from your home and was never seen again. Do you go even deeper into survival mode, getting angry, perhaps calling the cops, or do you look for the gift in it all?  Do you go deep into yourself and ask what really transpired in that exchange?  You may find that the person you helped, equally helped you in clearing a negative karmic energy that was placed on you through the money or items he or she stole. This gives you the opportunity to celebrate the removal of the karmic debt by the love of the aspect of you that gave you this gift.  What a powerful exchange!  What a blessing!  What a raising of your, and that person’s vibrational field.

When you are no longer feeding off the fields of fear, you are expanding the vibration of all you come in contact with.  This is the most sacred of energy exchanges.  This is where heaven truly manifests in your reality.

Keep in mind that the more you are in service to your human aspect, the more hardship and challenging lessons are brought to you, from financial strife to human disease and so on.  The more you are in service to others, the more you find yourself in an effortless stream of co-creation. Your personal needs are met and your wisdom is expanded.  No sort of illness can or will exist in an energy body, the human body, living in the full breathe of their life force.