Collectives of Consciousness

Collectives of Consciousness

1. Removing our limited view of All Life

We have (innocently) confused the planes of awareness with the dimensional fields that exist throughout all the universes.  Case in point, the phrase 5D assumes we are talking about the 5th dimension, when actually this is the plane of Self Awareness or the Christ Consciousness


2. The fear plane or the sleeping plane

This is the densest plane on earth.  The place judgement and separation resides and for some, appears out of control.  This is a plane that sort of feels paranoid too with sayings like "its too good to be true, the other shoe will drop soon," and so on.  Lets understand this plane and how to start releasing it.


3. The Semi Conscious Plane or Awakening plane.

Some people gently open their eyes to the greater world and then most of us have ice cold water thrown on us at some point to start the awakening to realize, we have been in a zombie like dreamstate and now, more is being revealed thru the veil of illusion.


4. The Christ Consciousness or Self Aware plane

As we awaken more and more to our true self, we find ourselves in an amazing vibrational field of power!  However, just like the other planes, there is work to do here too.  It is one thing to know you are a spiritual being in body, and dip your heart strings into what that all means and even opened up some power reserves.  Once we fully live as a christed being, there is another plane of existence.


5. The plane of Shambhala or peace, love and harmony.

I always assumed Shambhala was a place on the earth, it is not. It is a personal expression of our lives.  A plane where judgement is near impossible, unconditional love is the only outflow and the power of our unified soul and mind is on fire with abilities and magnetic fields of expression.  I had thought, up until the end of 2016, this was our goal, get here, live life joyfully until we expire.  Not even close.  As more and more humans fill in this plane with their lives, another plane is being revealed.  That only happens when we master a plane and are ready to move on up.

The Levels of Consciousness and Creation

Shortly after my day began in earnest yesterday, and the field being closed to my view, an inward pull started to happen and went deeper as the day progressed.  In truth, I am still there this morning.  Not at the outwardly conscious level, but so deep within that I cannot really tell you what I am processing, I just know I am.  Very much like seeing the surface of a still ocean and yet, way down deep, the waters are churning, knowable only to the ocean itself.  In this place, I retreat.  So please forgive any (outward) lack of communication (i.e. emails or phone calls.)  If this incoming information wasn’t so important to continue without delay, I would not be sharing this morning… but, I am doing all I can to come back up to the surface to share and then plunge back downwards to continue to churn.

There are two things happening simultaneously at this time.  Well, we can really say it has always been this way, but now, it is…. hmmmmmm…. different.

I really intended to start this sharing the way I intended to start the last three days of sharing, with something from the audio book I was relistening to when mowing my grass.  But, that is going to have to wait until later in this blog (and dammit, I will get to it today!…no I didn’t, tomorrow for sure, dammit!! lol)

Something was posted on my facebook that I read this morning that we really need to look at and understand.  Part of her comment was:  “And yet we are ALL Weavers in this Web of Creation.”  True!!  But not all for the same reason at the same level of experience.

I made this handy dandy diagram to help with the understanding: