Earth Magic

Earth Magic

1. The bounty of earth

There is soooo much grandness to every crevice of earth for us to use and participate with.  We can create personal power circles anywhere.  Enhance them with various elements of earth things.  We will take a deep look at what we can do and how.


2. Diving into the Obvious with detail.

Crystals and rocks are among the most obvious magicians of earth.  Along with plants, animals, the sun and moon and more.  We will touch on the obvious to use within your earth magic enhancements.


3. The unlimited playing field in matter.

Like all humans, all energy has their own vibrational aspects.  Unlike humans, the majority of their energy signatures will remain constant thru their span of time here on earth.  Crystals (and a few other things) being an exception.  Earth is more of a playground for spirit than it is a school.  But we rarely understand recess!!  Until now!!