Emotions and Desire

Emotions and Desire

1.  Mental Desires

Life is like the greatest christmas catalog ever invented.  We could look thru page after page, saying ohhh I want this or I want that and decades may go by, yet, you are still wanting that... why?  It is not linked into your emotional field, only the mental one.  This is actually a safety mechanism that thru eons of fear, became our weakness too.


2 Desires

When I look back on my whole life, everything I ever wanted, I mean deeply in my heart, wanted, I eventually received.  From childhood to present moment, long before I even knew there was a spiritual path of high frequency emotions.  How could this be???


3. The power of emotion

When we think of emotion we often think love, joy, all those positive ones.  But there is a fuel as intense, if not more intense as the light emotions, that is the base emotions.  They are so close to the ground level of creation that their outcome is more constant, until we change the creation frequency coming out of us