Achieving Prosperity in the New Energy!

Recently, I sat down to do what I thought was going to be a podcast.  I always write out my podcasts before I speak them simply to save on mumbling on air.  The only time I ever do a podcast is when I feel inspired to share information within myself. I never do them just for the sake of doing them.  For those of you unfamiliar with a podcast, it is very much like a recorded radio broadcast that you can listen to via the internet or download to an MP3 Player.  Instead of a podcast coming out of my fingers, I typed out a list of how to be prosperous within the new business venture we are opening up.  When spirit wants to get a message out, they will take any opening they can find, just ask any massage client I have ever had (smile).

I try to never change the words of spirit, but what I am going to do is add additional information where needed.  My information is added under the numbers.  Even though this information came through for a business, I feel it can apply to anyone who truly wants to be prosperous in this new and exciting energy of planet earth.

  • Get out of the mindset of being in business and into the mindset of being in service.

This applies if you are not in business for yourself.  If you do not have your own business, chances are you are working for one.  Whatever you are doing, do it for the joy of being in service to others.  You are there to help and assist those in need (whatever their need is).  This takes the focus off of making money (which can create a block in the cash flow) and puts the focus on what you are doing and how it is helping others.  

  • Always remember to take care of those who are taking care of you.

Sometimes we get so caught up within the focus of ourselves we lose sight of those around us.  That person who is always there with a friendly smile; or perhaps the one that always makes sure your trashcan is empty; or your coffee is filled.  There are so many people that affect our day-to-day life, whether in business or in life. How often do we return the kindness?


All ventures are about sharing Light, Hope and Empowerment for all involved.  When you work from this vantage point, you already know all your needs are met.

The new energies of earth are all about helping each other in whatever way we can, to truly be a community of love and sharing.  If your goal in any given day is to see how far ahead you can get regardless of who’s toes you may step on, it will only be your own toes in the end, I assure you. When you are working from the he and sharing what you can with others, whether it be in service or wisdom or both, all of your daily needs are met.  When all of your daily needs are met, there is no stress, no worries— just the joy of Being.  


Fear of any kind is a detriment to the overall venture.

Fear is so much more than just fright.  Fear of not making the bills each month, fear of someone advancing in their career instead of you, fear of not having enough, and the list goes on.  When you fear, that is exactly what you attract.  What you dwell upon is exactly what is created through you.  The energies don’t go “ohhh poor thing, he/she is worried, let me ease their burden,” instead, they feel the thought energy and immediately start to bring that energy to you in created reality.  The creative energies are literal and manifest what you dwell 

When you are in service to others, the Self is always being served, because it is the Self who leads the pathway.  

First, we must separate the physical self from the soul or higher self.  Anytime you see “self” capitalized it always refers to the spiritual aspect that is you.  The physical self is ego driven, ego being a fear-based entity. The higher Self is Love driven.  Whatever you do in life, if your core motivation is Love, you already know you are working through the highest aspect that is you.  In that knowing, you already understand all you will ever need is already fulfilled.

  • When you are reminding others you are here to serve yourself as well as others, that is fear manifesting outward for all to feel.  The Self knows that being in service is service to Self, it can be no other way.

The only way I know of giving an example of this particular information is thru our own business venture.  We are setting up a business venture here in Hampton Roads.  The background understanding is that we need to be profitable so we can grow and expand and have the ability to help others who need help.  However, the only vision we are to focus on is helping those who seek our help, not the money aspect, or the serving our of self (small s here) via the financial aspect in this case.  When our only focus is, how can we be a breath of fresh air, a feeling of calm, comfort and hope within the Albuquerque community, we are being in service to others.  The higher realms that are supporting us will make sure all else is taken care of (those pesky financial needs).  This is the beauty and joy of co-creation!

  • Know without a shadow of doubt that the universe is working hand in hand with all of your ventures, even an obstacle is the universe bringing something to your attention.  Deal with the obstacle then move immediately onward.

I can use myself as an example here, to give you the full breath of what this beautiful statement means.  I have been self employed now since 2003.  I work from the heart all-ways.  I have clients come to me that I know cannot afford some of my services/prices and I will wave it all so their needs can be served and not take food off of anyone’s table.  When I stay in this focus, all of my needs are always met.  When I start to look at my own needs, bills, food, stuff that cost money and I have lets say waved the last 3 of 4 clients fees, and my ego kicks in, all of a sudden paying clients are withheld from me.  Not as a punishment in anyway, only as a reminder that I became out of alignment within my soul and need to re-adjust myself.  The moment I go back into service mode, paying clients come flooding back.  

  • When you are in trust of what you are doing, all your needs are immediately met.  When you are in any form of fear, obstacles are created to give you another chance to deal with the lingering fear.


This is a direct compliment to the above statement.  When I am working thru my own ego about my own financial situation, fear is at the forefront of my mind, spirit slips willingly into the background (free choice an all, smile).  Anytime you are in fear of anything, you create exactly what you are in fear of.  Look at it as the universes way of saying, focus on something else, something positive and productive.  The universe brings to you (quite unbiasedly) what you focus on.  

  • All ventures should encompass the Community as a whole, never one above another.

This has a broad stroke.  I will focus first on the individual aspect.  Let’s take something quite simple.  I created a vegetable garden this year.  I never once thought of only planting enough for myself and my family, I instantly thought about my neighbors, whom I love very much.  I planted enough so that everyone that lives around me can eat fresh vegetables during the harvest season.  One neighbor even lent me her land so I can expand my garden to accomplish this goal.  If we can take the approach we are all family, whether you know me or not, and live according to the love of that family orientation, you will find that not only does your life change and enhance, so does everyone’s around you.  In the approach to business, once I realized the Life Enrichment Center just may open up and grow roots, the first thing I did was visualize everyone who offers the same services as we do being filled up to clientele capacity.  I wish for their success as equally as I wish for our own.  There is an abundance of people who live and visit Hampton Roads daily, and there are enough clients to fill all of our needs.

  • It is ok to remember that all good deeds flow back to the source, it is never ok to create simply because of that thought.  It nulls and voids the flow because of expectation of the result.

If I seen came across someone who was hungry on the street, and I offered them a sandwich to fill their tummy, with the understanding that this sandwich I give away today will come back to me very soon as 10 sandwiches to fill my own tummy, I gave that sandwich away with expectation and a form of greed.  In the moment, the best thing to do is do for the sake of doing, simply because you can without expectation of reward or compensation down the road.  Every person you come across is an aspect of yourSelf.  Love yourSelf enough to lend a helping hand or helping heart simply because you can, not because you may need the charity or wisdom some day yourself!

  • You will always get out of any venture an equal amount of energetic flow as you put into it.  If you put no energy into it, there is nothing to flow back towards.

You can dream as many dreams as you are capable of, but if you never act upon those dreams, they remain nothing but a potential that could have been.  I will give you a very simple example again from my own experiences.  Several months after I started my spiritual journey (learning to meditate and connect to the spiritual realm of existence consciously) I was amazed at the many many experiences I was having.  From inner peace (depression was leaving), to improved health (ulcers were healing, GERD was healing), to being able to sleep at night (I was a huge insomniac), to simply understanding why we are even in life and more amazingly what my part is (and trust me, 8 years ago, it was so far from where I am now).  I told spirit, let me know how to knock on every single door in the world to let people know this place within ourselves exists, not intrusively, but just from the sheer joy of wanting others to know there is HOPE, and PEACE and just pure WONDER of life!  About a few years later (I had a lot to understand first, even tho I thought I understood a lot in those moments), I suddenly had an inspiration to open up a website.  I had no intentions of doing that a moment before, but I thought why not, it will give me a place to at least hold some information.  I opened in 2003, gave it the same because that was my experience then, healing on every level thanks to the wonderful energies of those who love and serve God within, and in the physical too.  It started out 3 pages big (it is now over 50, and I had to create several other sites just to share the information that I have learned thru the last 8 years.  You can also visit as well as  Each surge of energy lead to yet another creation, another way to share the light of information I was gathering and continue to gather.  I now have a podcast at  I have an open forum that is interactive in sharing the spiritual path together.  I have a blog page, all of these things, non-evasive, read if you want, leave if you want.  Now this magazine, soon the Life Enrichment Center.  I could have just sat back and waited for it to create itself, then I would just be stuffed up with so much precious information and experiences waiting for energy to arrive.  You create all that you energize in your life!

  • Others will feel your energy and either is attracted to it or repelled from it.  Light attracts light, fear attracts fear.  Always be conscious of what you are sending out and putting out with your energetic efforts.  If you lack an energetic effort, that is exactly what will be attracted to you.  Keeping your energy high and filled with light will attract the same.

If there was a “poster child” for dysfunction, I would have made the image year after year!  I was highly insecure, therefore, I attracted many highly insecure people into my world, and we got along swimmingly.  I was incredibly jealous (stemming back from that insecurity) so I was surrounded by jealous people, again, we had a marvelous time being paranoid and cautious together!  And then I started to change.  Those old familiar relationships and activities started to fall by the wayside.  As I became empowered, empowered people started to be my new realm of friends.  Your world is an external reflection of you.  If you do not like the world around you, change you from the inside out, and your external world has to change as well.  

  • If at anytime money seems restricted, re-address your fears.  Even in a group energy, fear can block all as all are intertwined in the venture together.  This also gives the group an opportunity to address the fear of another (or others) who may not be dealing with their own fears.  Light attracts all that is Light. Fear attracts obstacles so any one member of the team can attempt to overcome the fear.

I don’t need to add a thing to this!  This applies to families, marriages, friendships and all business ventures (co-workers and such).  Everyone effects the whole – all-ways!

  • We are now in a fast flowing, highly energetic energy.  Slow movement will alter the path of prosperity, for you will miss opportunities from dragging your feet (which is yet another fear to be addressed).

Lets say you suddenly get an inspired idea and you don’t act on it, instead you keep in your mind (scary place really) and toss it around, look at it from 15 different angles before you make a move towards the idea, chances are, you have missed opportunities in the waiting.  Perhaps you are just afraid of the potential of the idea, and remain still; fear will become your companion instead of the potential that existed within the inspiration.

  • Joy, Love, Compassion, and Action are the only ingredients to full success on all levels.