Infinite Multiverses

Infinite Multiverses

1. Uncountable dimensions

Most of what I understand about dimensions comes from the many ET connections I have done within readings.  My jaw dropped the first time I heard that there are uncountable dimensions thru out all the universes, and even, within earth's universe.  If that didn't blow my mind open, understanding how we are constantly opening and closing dimensions thru out day, finished it off!!


2. A raise in personal vibration opens dimensional doorways.

For a change, consciousness is not key here, personal vibration or frequency is.  The clearer we are inside, the more energy we are pulling in to use and create with from the multiverses.


3.  Purposely exploring the the dimensions.

There are so many dimensional fields to explore within the earth plane, but so many more beyond the earth plane.  We live in a limitless Life field that we can explore as long as we can raise our vibration to equal the dimensional frequency desired.  There are magnetic fields between the dimensions that we will talk about using too, including in our personal life.