Relationships and Kundalini

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves, yet most of us spend our lives seeking outside of our selves.  Enjoy!

The most important relationship is the relationship to the Self, as this matures kunkdaline (the fire within) awakens and starts to rise.

Taken from the forth coming book written by Lisa Gawlas 

"Just Because I Went Within... A very personal story of struggle and enlightenment."

This is part of Chapter 4 which covers (in tremendously personal, my Kundalini Experience and how I have come to learn this "lost" but obviously not forgotten integration process of Kundalini Energy.  If you want want to read about my personal story, click here and I will let you know when the book is released.  Otherwise, what I am sharing for you right now is "Insight from my current perspective" which follows every chapter.


Insight from my current perspective

How do you dis-empower an entire world?  You make the very source of their power something dirty, something shameful and distort everything about it.  That is the very thing that has happened to humans sexual/sensual energy.  

We live in a wonderland called a body.  It is designed to have vast experiences of sight and sound and sensations that are there to remind us where we came from and the pure love and bliss of Home.  Our sensual self is the main instrument of the remembrance.  It, the sensual aspect of ourselves, is the very source of our greatest power, our greatest reminder that we are blissful spiritual Beings housed in a physical body.  Our sensuality is also a great communicator to the fullness of our mind (not the limited ego part).  It is there to reassure you that this is a good experience, this is good for you to explore.

But from early childhood we are taught to avoid our sensual feelings.  We are taught that they are bad, inappropriate, shameful and so on.  So the child looses the direction of it’s souls guidance of what is good for it (the human) to experience or explore in life.  We have become followers of other peoples agenda instead of our own.  We no longer trust our own bodies communication systems and start the journey of seeking out other humans who are equally searching for that missing part.  How many people think there is a man or woman out there that will make them feel whole, make them feel happy and in joy.  So many people are seeking outside of themselves for the only energy that will ever make them feel whole, and that journey is within without any other human involved except you!

As we learn in childhood to ignore instead of explore our soul sensations, we also start to loose our way upon  

our path of life.  We start to hand over power to others such as parents, religious figures, teachers, hell even our peers.  We no longer understand what we are really feeling inside and we have become self gratifying.  That is to say, as we grow into teenage hood, and our hormones are really sending our soul current wild, we want seek out others to merge with, giving ourselves away completely, instead of exploring and fully integrating our soul energy into ourselves.  How many people have been told that masturbation is bad or wrong and should be avoided.  I know I have.  If you think about the incredible design of our human body, do you ever wonder why our arms and hands are exactly long enough to stimulate our genitals, where the furnace of life starts?  

If we spent the time to explain to our children how wonderful that inner sensual sensation is, and give them permission and perhaps even the full understanding of how to explore and integrate that energy, we would have fully empowered children who are self assured, confident and understands how the physical body works to their greatest bennifit.  But first, we as parents must understand and really embrace that part of us with joy and excitement.  

There is so much more to our sensual energy than simply feeling.  That is the true current of our spiritual power.  It is the greatest source of our manifestation abilities.  It is the core of our telepathic abilities.  It is who and what we really are.

When you allow yourself to fully and completely integrate your sexual energy into every fiber of your being, you will never seek outside of yourself for anything.  You will not need the approval of others to do anything or be whomever you came to life to be.  You will be able to stand in the Light of your own Power and be ok with you!

The one thing I grappled with for most of my spiritual journey was the separation (in many belief systems and thought forms) that Kundalini energy is NOT the same as sexual energy.  I assure you it is one in the same.  Your sexual energy is the lowest current available to you of your Kundalini energy, also known as your vital life force energy, or soul energy.  Even a tiny baby gets aroused, which is simply his or her higher self moving thru the human body.  

The more we fear that part of ourselves, the more we distort (couple with anything around us) the placement of that energy, the more we loose ourselves.  The more we loose ourselves, the more the energy of our soul removes itself from us, creating the need to seek out crazy things like Viagra.  We are not broken, just lost.  Put down the pills and pick up your genitals and re-member who you really are!


Ten years later; a full understanding

When my Kundalini started vibrating, my spiritual team told me exactly what to do and how to do it.  What they didn’t explain to me was that it was changing my DNA encodings.  Each time I was able to raise my Kundalini and fully integrate it into the chakra area, new DNA codes were being written within my biology.  I was changing my magnetic resonance and calling other vibration encodings toward me. 

The raising and integrating of Kundalini with myself was the full unlocking of the divine feminine within me (since I happen to be female in this lifetime.)  The second phase of this Kundalini integration, which included my counterparts Kundalini, was the full integration of the masculine energy within me.

Let me also add here that not everyone has a physically incarnated counterpart.  Some are still in the spiritual world, but when you are ready for that integration, they will show up for you, and only when you are ready.  You cannot force this sacred dance.


How to fully and completely integrate your Kundalini Energy :

There are some people who have felt their soul energy, their Kundalini awaken and quickly move from the base of their spine right out the crown chakra (the top of the head) allowing them to experience amazing bliss.  This DOES NOT mean you have integrated your soul energy, but your higher self allowed you the knowing of what the experience entails.  Very much like people who have had a near death experience, that is not the end of the journey but merely the beginning!

When your energy awakens within you (please do not force it awake, as you are in a physical body and it can physically hurt you if your container is not prepared to experience it) the first thing you want to do is internally connect to it.  Become aware and familiar with it.  

For me, because I am so visual, it became a serpent that I could see and connect with.  I have heard other people say they seen their energy as a ball of light, others had intimate feeling/knowing connections and so on.  There is no right way or wrong way with this, the only thing that matters is your conscious connection to the intense vibrating energy at the base of your spine (usually felt from the just above the hips thru mid thigh).

Once you have a conscious connection with your soul energy use your hand or finger to really connect and feel with it.  Thru trial and error (what fun errors these times are) you are going to find you can control the rate and speed of the vibration and with locking onto your energy you can start to pull it upwards towards your belly button (sacral chakra).  There will be no mistaking when you have moved this energy even a fraction of an inch because the sensations within your body intensify!  

Keep in mind this time is about you and only you.  Do not bring in a fantasy man or woman to enhance your experience, because that is no longer about kundalini integration.  If you must create visuals (which we all do sooner or later) make it with yourself.  See yourself getting up from your body and having sex with your own body.  The beauty of who we really are, we are androgynous creatures, so even the female vision of my body can have a penis if need be.  You can even use past life forms if you have had the encounter yet.  The point is, this time is about you with YOU and not anyone or anything else!

You will also find that as you really start to move your energy out of its sleeping place, many old memories seem to come up to the surface and fly away.  Even if the memory is unpleasant, you are so wrapped up in your state of inner ecstasy that it doesn’t even bother you as it releases itself from you.  This is truly what sexual healing means and is all about.

As you succeed in moving your energy from your base chakra to your sacral chakra, don’t feel bad if you have had an uncontrollable orgasm.  Mastery over your body system takes practice and concentration, and the more you practice the quicker you succeed at being able to control and direct your orgasm.

What you want to do be become efficient at moving your sexual energy up out of your hips and out thru your sacral chakra (just below the belly button).  Don’t even worry if you don’t know where all your chakras are located, you are not in this event alone, and your higher self knows exactly where everything is and where to help you with mastery.  I didn’t even know what chakras were until after I fully integrated this energy.  Just simply be in the experience and out of your mind!

Once you can effortlessly move your sexual energy up to your sacral chakra and orgasm out that area with ease, it is time to start pulling the energy up to the next chakra, (which for most people is the Solar plexus, just under the rib cage).  I say most people because over the last 3 years I have noticed some people have what I call a sacral plexus chakra, located in between the root sacral chakra and the solar plexus.  Your own energy system will know if you have developed this yet and will instruct you as such.

Don’t think for a moment that the sexual energy you are now dancing with is not conscious or intelligent, it is both, as it is the Life Force Energy (or part of God) that is you!  This is a dance of integration done together, so don’t think you can force your agenda, speed up the process or fool yourself into believing you have done something you have not yet done (that pesky ole ego will do all it can to stop this amazing, empowering, life changing process.)

Continue all the way up the body until you are efficiently able to control your sexual energy and orgasm out of any chakra at will.  Bringing up the energy up thru your head should become effortless with practice.  That is when you know you have fully integrated your soul energy into every cell, every molecule, every aspect that is you.

The next adventure is moving this energy without your hands and simply with your intimate connection within yourself.  You want to move it up and thru your entire body and orgasm out of your head with your shear will.  

When you are ready within, your magnetic counterpart will appear to you within your own soul energy.  Again, this counterpart may be a physical incarnation in which you have or are journeying with, or they may be a part of your spiritual team, not incarnated, but exchanging and embedding their magnetic codes within you as you experience the interplay of Kundalini exchange.