Intergalactic Beings

Intergalactic Beings

1.  We are not what we think we are.

The human race has gone thru many various prototypes before settling on the body and minds we have now.  But who and what were creating the prototypes and why?


2.  Not all DNA contain the same attributes or star qualities.

Our genetics are not human based, but star based.  If we look at the various talents as well as the various susceptibilities of particular humans, we will start to really understand our full lineage and why some are more prone to somethings while others seem to have an immunity to some of the same things.  I am speaking of both talents as well as what could be perceived as less than perfect bodies.  


3. Our true origin is in spirit (or heaven) but we do have primary incarnation preferences.

How knowledge from one (or many) incarnations of your soul is transferred to you.  As you assimilate that extra energy (from your star origins) it becomes easier to understand the energy as well as travel back and forth to those realms.  You have friends and alliances all over the multiverse, waiting to assist consciously!


4.  ET Implants.

Wow the fear agenda around this topic.  Humans immediately fear what they do not understand.  Especially when we are familiar (think, grays) of ETs that are mental based and void of emotion and work on us.  Implants are a gift for your evolution.