Internal Energy System

There is not a person on earth who is not affected by this grid-enhancement energy that I am seeing.  If you are breathing, you are part of this story!

We are magnetic Beings in a human suit.  We are always vibrating and calling to us that which we vibrate with.  It is the way it has always been, but fortunately it was at the slowest of paces. That is NOT to say the energy hears mantras that are repeated, prayers that go out in desperate pleas... instead, it hears fully your core energy vibration.  Your thoughts and words do indeed affect the amplification of this grid... but not in the way most people think.  Your thoughts and words hold vibrations, no matter what the words you actually speak are, its the vibratory space they emerge from that matters.  You could simply hummm the words and it will have as much an affect... vibrationally.  Now to be clear, your voice, even humming out loud, amplifies your grid of creation.  So what you "say" doesn't matter at all.  It is how you are feeling about what you say and how you say it.

In my visual this morning I could see my own vibration of energy flowing so fast in so many individuated strands of energy into what I will call my future energy potential.  In the same breath, I also seen the energy flowing back from the perceived future much more intense, thick, vibrant and zooming back faster than it went out.  In this visual, I knew I was calling to me all that my heart desires especially as this timeline becomes even more enhanced and fully activated within Dec. of 2012 dateline.  The intensity accelerates with each passing day.

I have released ALL people embedded within my hearts desires.  I will NOT pull to me that which does not willing want to be here (etherically or physically) with me!  Who knew we were that powerful!!??

Our DNA is Light Encoded

(Taken from the soon to be released book "The Lost Codes of Shambhala" written by Lisa Gawlas)

We have 12 strands of the most amazing material encoded in every single, solitary cell within our body.  Our science so far has access to one single strand; the double helix, which gives us our genetic code of life.  Many say this cannot be altered, I beg to differ.  I know it can. 

Oh, the wonder and magic of the unseen parts of our physical makeup!  Today’s science will lead you to believe that 97% of our DNA is "junk." This is because scientists cannot "see" what it does under a microscope yet. One day, they will—just as they grew to accept microbes and galaxies. Science understands one strand, but not fully. The part of layer one that is inter-dimensional, science does not look at, at all.

Creation does not create "waste" or "junk".  These beautiful, amazing strands are not part of the left over evolution of the human species—quite the opposite really.  They lie within a semi-dormant state until activated, balanced, and utilized by the consciousness of their host body—YOU!  

Your DNA is constantly shifting and changing; at least the 11 strands science does not see, which equally affect the one strand it can see. 

I am not going to go into the complexity of the metaphysical attributes of your DNA.  It is not needed for this book.  I just want you to have a clear picture of how you work and how the world works around you.  Your DNA is vital part of your story’s whole.

You see, even your DNA has magnetic codes with it.  Magnets pull things to them, so does your DNA pull everything you have ever experienced in life, to you. 

Now imagine this; you have a new filament of light hit your body, penetrate your DNA magnetic field of energy and you start to send out signals to attract what you need for your life’s experience. Let’s start with a worse-case scenario. 

Perhaps you are a deeply mental thinker and analyze everything. You never stop at your heart for the real details. This magnetic field may just allow a brain tumor to grow, or you may attract to you a head on collision to help alter your constant mental activities. What and how we attract things to us are so amazingly vast that I cannot lay them out onto one place. I can simply offer you a wide scope to look at.

Perhaps you are someone who is very cold in the heart, judging and condemning everything.  Your DNA sends out signals attracting the very same kind of person to you. This is so that you will look at yourself in the mirror of another.  Usually though, we reject those mirrors that make us feel uncomfortable and blame them for the way we feel.  We do the same thing with illnesses and diseases.  We justify them as hereditary problems, mask them with drugs, or surgically remove the effected parts.  No matter how we are (not) dealing with them, they have to continue and expand.  They expand until you alter you’re DNA, which eradicates that magnetic field.  You alter it by changing your approach to anything that does not serve the higher good.  

Let’s say you start to change or at least get an inkling that you need to change.  Your magnetic field within your DNA changes rapidly and starts attracting that which you need to facilitate and accommodate whatever changes you are focused on.  

...The whole story of your life’s potential is written within the strands of your DNA.  Every pain you needed to experience, every friend you needed to meet, every nemesis you had to encounter, were pushing you further into the Glory of your life’s story.  Sometimes, we don’t listen at all, so our story with this set of DNA comes to an end and we incarnate again with a whole new field of potential. 

Allow me to confound you just for a moment:  Every lifetime after this one is also encoded in your DNA.  We simply have been lead to believe we had to physically die in order to bring in a whole new set of codes in our DNA.  We do not.

Ascension is programmed into our DNA. 

(All of the information below (the groups and descriptions of each layer) is taken from the KRYON WEBSITE (CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE IT, IT IS WONDER-FILLED).  ( Kryon teaches about the DNA in the esoteric sense, which is where most of the DNA functions and attributes take place.  Because my own healing therapy is starting to address DNA, I have no choice but to learn it as I am already working with it.)  

There are 4 groups to the DNA Layers 

The Grounding Layers:


This layer represents the biological Double Helix. It is the Master biological record of this life time. It is a "one" in numerology and therefore has an energy meaning of "New Beginnings." It is the 4-D and also multiple-D instruction set for the other 11 layers. Three percent of the instructions in this "Human Genome" are for the protein encoding layers. The rest is a massive interaction with the remaining interdimensional layers of DNA.


Layer Two is what Kryon calls "The Human Being’s life lesson."    It’s important that you understand what a life lesson is, and why it’s in your DNA. You come into this planet with it, and it is something that has been constructed for you due to the Akashic Record. That is to say, your life lesson is connected to your past lives.  For those among you might say, “Life lesson? Sounds like karma,” it isn’t. It has nothing to do with karma. Instead, it is an energy placed upon you that some have called purpose. What is it that drives you? Some of you come in and the cells sing with a message that says, “I don’t ever want to be alone.” What do you think your life lesson is? To be alone! Doesn’t seem fair, does it? But that’s the energy of the life lesson.  Whatever your past lives have put together as a puzzle representing things you have not yet accomplished actually becomes your life lesson.   


Layer Three is "The Ascension Layer." However it is only the one which "points" to the interdimensional layers that really provide ascension status. The number three is a "catalyst" in numerology and it works with DNA layer number 6, the Prayer and Communications layer. This creates a 9 (3+6), which means "completion" in numerology. It also somehow is affiliated with the Pineal gland, according to Kryon.

The Human Divinity Group

Layers four and five together are the essence of your expression (this specific life on Earth), and your divinity on the planet. They represent the ÒnameÓ on the crystal on the Akashic Record. Together, they can be understood as: The primary and most important spiritual attribute of all is the tree of life, which is family. These are names of God and should never be thought of as separate layers.


 These two layers together (4 and 5) are your interdimensional Akash, or your record of who you are in the Universe, and where you have been. It's also your name on the crystal in the "cave of Creation." Together these layers equal the number nine... again, meaning completion.


Layer Six is the "Higher-Self" layer and is is always involved in everything.  Where is the Higher-Self? Well now, based upon the actual words, it has to be higher, right? But it’s not. The only part that is higher is your perception of its vibration. It’s in a place that makes you want to worship it. Did you realize that so many of you go into the houses of worship to connect with yourself? So you kneel and you hear the music and you pray to yourself!       

I am not being blasphemous. I am giving you core information on the way Humans work, and your perception of God. The Higher-Self, that grand angel, the golden one, that piece and part that is connected to the other side of the veil, which is your core soul, always seems to look like God to you. Yet it’s part of you… and it’s in your DNA! You’d like to be connected to it all the time, wouldn’t you? Well, until this new energy developed, it required that you work for it, because it was not within the normal reach of Human consciousness. Now it is!  What about a 100% continuous connection to the Higher-Self? “Well, now Kryon, if I had that, I would be like a master.” Exactly!

Lemurian Group

The two energies (layers 7 and 8) of DNA that I’m going to give you now are the most important Human DNA energies on the planet. They will always be the most important, since they drive the engine of karmic purpose. They are responsible for life lessons and they relate to layer six, the Higher-Self.  They are the creation layers, which are your Akashic Record. That is to say, the record of every single lifetime you’ve ever had on the earth, everything you’ve ever done, all the accomplishments, all the talents that you have learned, and the spiritual jar of knowledge that you have filled up along the way.  

Along the way, you’ve learned what you know now. Along the way, you've picked up the pieces and parts of spiritual purpose and learning. You also have made all the mistakes you needed to make, and it fills up the knowledge in the spiritual jar in your DNA. Then, in you come, this time around, as the Human Being who sits in the chair in this room. So I ask you, have you opened that jar yet, or are you going to make all the mistakes again? You need to know this: In that spiritual jar, in those layers of DNA called the Akashic Record, are lifetimes of knowledge. Should you choose to open this quantum jar with intent, out will come shamanic energy! You’ll be so much wiser for doing that, dear one.                                                                                                   I’ve just described one of the attributes of the first gift. The ability to have spiritual wisdom immediately, so that you will know your purpose, your life lesson, feel the love of God in your life, and start a process of connecting. Just by opening the spiritual jar, you get this. That’s a big one, isn’t it? It will lead you into what you need to know, and it will lead you into synchronicities for the manifestation of what you’re here for. Those who would open their spiritual jars will also have knowledge of what the courses are in the new energy that they need to take, for many are new. That will help enhance what else I’m going to tell you, which is quantum. It all fits together, eventually.                                                                                                                                         In your Akashic Record are attributes that you need, dear Human Being. This time, right now, in this new age, you need these tools. You need this mastery. You need this quantum patience. Why don’t you go into the Akash and ask your Higher-Self to activate it? Your Higher-Self is going to go get it and make you a patient person. Do you believe that?  “Kryon, I can change my attributes of my personality?” That’s what this is about, and that’s the new tool. Oh, it goes beyond that. How would you like to be slow to anger? How would you like to have a personality that never goes into drama or fear? How many lifetimes have you had to choose from? You could go get it. It’s there. It lives in your DNA. That’s why it was stored there, Lemurian. Now go get it!                                                

Mining the Akash is what we have called this. It’s the new tool. Go get the pieces and parts that are you, which you lived and you deserve. What have you learned in this life? If I gave you time, if I gave you all evening, would you then start to enumerate what you’ve learned in this lifetime? As a woman, as a man, as a Human? And you’d say, “Well, I’d need a lot more than one evening to write that down.” Yes you would! Now, multiply it by several hundred lives and you’ve got a library of experience and knowledge. You’ve got a large storehouse. You’ve got an immense amount of experience, but instead of being in the past, it’s all now. It’s all you.          


 Layer Seven is one of three Lemurian layers. It is also part of an important pair... 7 and 8. These are "The Lemurian Pair Layers." This is one of the two given to us by the Pleiadians as a divine complement to the Earth's normal DNA progression. It's Lemurian name, Hoa, Yawee, Maru,  (Pronounced: Hoe-awe - Yaweee - Maroo) is the description of the intuitive interdimensional sense that Lemurians had, and also means "Revealed Divinity."  


  Layer Eight is one of three Lemurian layers. It is also part of an important pair... 7 and 8. These are "The Lemurian Pair Layers." This is one of the two given to us by the Pleiadians as a divine complement to the Earth's normal DNA progression. It's Lemurian name, Akee, Yawee, Fractua (sometimes Fractus), means Record of the Masters, and has the energy of "Wisdom and Responsibility." This layer IS the MASTER AKASHIC RECORD of your lifetimes on earth. It has more meanings than any layer.


ST. GERMAIN.  Layer Nine is the "healing layer, also Lemurian, but very Human (not Pleiadian). It is the one that is responsible for miraculous healing, and is the antenna of DNA in an interdimensional way, that "talks" to layer one and provides a 4D response to the Human body (healing). It is also represented by the Violet Flame, of St. Germain. Some call it "Intelligent Human Cell activation." It "listens" for harmony, according to Kryon, to activate healing.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Layer nine is called the healing layer, not because it heals the body – we never said that – it heals the Akash! Now we reveal some secrets: All of these layers work together, and some of them have laid dormant for all of humanity’s time on the planet, ready to be activated when the earth’s energy reached a certain point. That is now. I speak to a group of people tonight who know what it’s like to be confined in an old energy, and suddenly have a release and an independent spirit. This is why I chose to give the message to you here first, because you can relate to the expansion of consciousness, to the joy of release, to the idea that anything is possible.                                                                                                                                                                       So layer nine heals the Akash. “What does that mean, Kryon?” It means that you have the ability to go into your own Akashic Record and sort it out. In your own way, you are healing yourself by creating a change in your DNA through the Akashic Record.  “You mean I can heal myself?” Oh, yes! That is why you’re here, and you’re poised and ready for me to tell you how. It’s easy and it’s difficult, depending upon how much you believe in this.                 

The God Group

The basic information is that this layer must be considered as a package with 11 and 12. These last three are then called "action layers" and are different from any of the attributes of any of the former 9. Kryon puts them in the "God" Group.


Layer Ten is also called "The Divine Source of Existence" by Kryon. The ten reduces to a one in numerology, again indicating the energy of "new beginnings." It is the first of the divine, "God layers" that represent the "call to understanding your divinity." The God layers are "action layers" because they facilitate the divine within, thereby facilitating enlightenment and remembrance of who you are.


  Layer Eleven is not about goddess energy or even about female energy. The Hebrew name has no feminine connotation in that language. Instead, Kryon indicates that this "Wisdom of the Divine Feminine" is the energy of pure compassion, and is what is missing in the duality balance of the earth at this moment. Perhaps the prophet Micha was wise in this area? It is the layer that became enhanced with the Venus Transit of 2005, and it is the true secret of peace on earth. Human Beings with this layer enhanced are balanced with the masculine and feminine duality energy. It is one of the "God Layers" which is being enhanced in these times, in preparation for 2012. You can see the struggle all over earth, with those who wish to conquer (the masculine-heavy old energy) and those who wish to balance and compromise (the new balance). This truly is one of the main layers that is changing the most, and will be the one that is most obvious in the personalties of the new leaders of this planet. Watch for a more balanced leadership all over the earth. (Lee notes: Please God... let it be soon!)

UNDERSTANDING YOUR DNA: order for it to do all of the things that we speak of esoterically and quantumly, 300 trillion pieces of DNA must all know something at the same time! There has to be a communication that takes place in the microscopic DNA of your toenail at the same time as the longest hair on your head. They both have to know about it instantly. Then those trillions of pieces must agree, must have one energy absorption of consciousness. This all must happen in a 3D construct – that is, within your reality. There is no word in science for this process unless you consider the one created for a description of photons called “entanglement.”

There is instead, “a confluence of energy.” Confluence in English truly means a melding of energies together, so that they become something else, a oneness. Science doesn’t see it within DNA yet, but at some level they know it must exist. For how else can the Human body do what it does?

Cellular structure is specific and unique. Like the linear machine, it is specialized, and you have heard of stem cells carrying that specificity. But DNA is identical all over the body. It’s not specific. You don’t have toenail DNA or hair DNA or heart DNA. You’ve just got your own unique DNA. Trillions of copies of the same Human quantum blueprint must talk to each other instantly or you would cease to exist. How did they do it? No name in science truly has been given to the process of communication between DNA loops, but it will. It’s a quantumness within the “soup” of magnetics....

...Each loop of DNA has a magnetic field that overlaps the loop next to it, which overlaps the loop next to it. Hundreds of trillions of overlaps equals one consciousness. This then represents a magnetic imprint, which the Human carries around with them. Magnetics is an interdimensional energy, a quantum energy, and this imprint creates the Human aura. An aura is not a magnetic field and you will not be able to see an aura with magnetic equipment. An aura is the result of a confluence of DNA communication within the Human body, a quantum imprint, a melding of energy to create a quantum field not measurable by anything on the planet, yet.

I tell you these things because you have to understand that what happens in DNA, happens all at once within every energy layer of it. Think of the coordination, the puzzle. If you’re going to have some kind of esoteric activation that is new within your DNA, think of what must take place! Hundreds of trillions of parts all receive it at once. What does that feel like?...

...In this new energy, there are five layers that are being activated to a point where great gifts will be yours. But I would be wrong to say that it was happening in a linear way, for one of those five is always being activated. So really, there are four, plus one!

...Five quantum energies are involved in the gifts of this age. Specifically, five. Yet you might say we can’t ignore the main one, for it’s the main 3D layer. If you said that, you’d be right. That would really make six energies, but I’m still going to stick to a concept of five, since DNA Layer One is always affected by anything that happens within the others. Layer one has been identified at the 3D double helix… the linear chemistry that you can see under a microscope. Although the parts do not change, how they interact is programmed by the other 11. Therefore, number one is always in shift. It represents the chemistry; therefore, it represents what you see and feel....

None of these things are going to happen to you if you don’t want them to. These are gifts for Lightworkers. If Lightworkers want to open the door, if they want to push upon the quantum parts of themselves through a consciousness of choice, then change will take place. If they don’t, nothing whatsoever will happen. (Know that if you choose to get on my massage table... you have already said yes for this change!)...

...DNA is very much like the most advanced jet airplane ever made. However, the energy on the planet earth, which literally talks to your DNA through the magnetic field, has always been low. Compared to the energy of mastery, compared to the prophets, your DNA has always been of low energy. Therefore, that wonderful jet plane has simply taxied up and down the runway for all of humanity, for all time, all through history. Now it is changing, and you are ready to fly.