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Introductory Offer for the Month of July!

Free Membership

This gives you an opportunity to look around, especially in the member only (free and paid) Information Portal to see if you resonate with the information.  It is all the backbone of any and all courses being taught by Lisa Gawlas.  

There is no such thing as too late.  Everything we do thru the paid membership will be stored in the paid members library so you can grow and stretch at your leisure while still participating in our live classes every week.

We hope you enjoy this site and we look forward to you being a part of the Nation!!

Joining our Mailing List for updates and Special Offers.  

Weekly Membership

We have found the perfect solution and middle ground between free and full membership.  A weekly membership!!  There are two reasons behind this.  One I know, for myself paying out $14 a week is much easier for me than paying out a lump sum in a month.  I do all my (adjustable payment ones) bills this way, weekly.  

Let me give you a really wonderful way to take advantage of the weekly membership, especially if $14 every week is not yet always possible.  Join once a month for a week, spend that week listening to all the class instruction and participation and join in that live class for the week your membership is live.  This is a viable way to participate and support the Nation and yourSelf at the same time.

The only thing you are going to have to be mindful of, is canceling the auto payment before it is due, if you are participating one week a month.  We cannot configure that part for you.

If this helps you, please do not join for the first time prior to July 21st, our first class is on the 22nd.  

We hope this helps those who were feeling left out due to price.


Full Membership $48 sAVE Now! 

It is one thing to understand concepts, even have working models to work with, but it is a whole other thing to live it All AS your life.  The paid membership gives you a minimum of 3 hours a week learning with Lisa Gawlas application as well as understanding.  Each week and every ongoing week will be reinforcement of all that is being learned, live together via webex and once a month, in person at the Retreat Center in Fentress Texas.  

We are integrating an online chatroom for the paid members so everyone can talk and share as we all grow, as well as discuss and overcome any challenges we face thru class or in life.

Thru it all, we are learning to work together as a group soul (not a soul group, very different contention there.)  We can bring our individual selves only so far, even in spirit we work and function as a group.  Learning group matrix at the ground level (in person) is a much harsher, harder dynamic than ever coming together online.  The ego is not as masked as it is online in group settings.  We will have many opportunities to come together in person thru the Nation of Lights Retreat Center, which provides sleeping quarters and food, sometimes included, sometimes at a minimal additional fee.