Kundalini Power


What is Kundalini Anyway?

Kundalini is a sanskrit word meaning coiled serpent.  But what exactly is that serpent made of?  It is a ball of soul energy sitting at the root chakra awaiting for the body to reach a vibration point of awakening.  Because it sits on the pelvic floor, when it starts to move, it is often confused with sexual energy since it feels intensely sexually stimulating.  


Integrating Kundalini, with Will and on Purpose.

The focused use of masterbation is the greatest gift you will ever give to yourself and your soul.  Nature did not create our arms and hands at "just the right length" for no reason at all!!  The challenge (and what a great challenge it is ;-) ) is to effortlessly move the kundalini upwards, but not all at once.  This is an important integration stage!!  We will also talk about the hazards of trying to force this energy awake.


Using the Power of Your Kundalini for creation.

Ohhh what an amazing, directive, potent took this serpent of an energy is!!  The orgasm and the kundalini energy should be used as partners, intentionally!!