Learn to Read

Learn to Read

1. An overview of the many ways of reading.... anything!

My ability to read/connect to anything traveled a very slow and purposeful course.  From first reading nature, then thru meditation with people, then with my eyes open via email, to chat, to phone and my least favorite of all, in person as well as thru hands on energy work.  This whole section will focus on reading people.


2.  Connecting with someone via meditation.

Meditation is the most powerful, pure connection of anything in and out of this world we have available to us.  It is also the best way to learn to keep ones own bias, or perceived perceptions out of any connection.  We will talk about building your language of light, your inner reading field so when something shows up in a certain place, you know why.  And much more.


3. Transitioning from meditation to eyes open and typing at the same time.

You will find, the more in the flow of a connection you are, the more details that come to you.  Meditation becomes a very time consuming process and its time to move to the next quicker step.  Now to overcome the distractions of your world and stay focused on the incoming information.


4.  Reading in real time thru chat.

Now that you can hold your focused awareness with your eyes open and keep all the information flowing as you type, its time to move to a more distracted environment of interactive chat readings.  Now you must integrate and understand the direct energy field of the person you are reading for and maintain the connection.


5. Moving to phone or video visual readings (such as skype.)

With connections via chat, you are still in the familiar silence of the connection purely from spirit.  When audio and visual become introduces, the way the energies present change.  The mental plane of the person is more involved and you have to stay above the energy to keep it pure from spirit.


6.  In person and hands on readings.

When someone shows up in your personal space, live, for a reading, their whole field of emotion is there too.  We can look at it like going from walking thru pure steams of water to thick mud at times (depending on who is in front of you of course.)  Equally, their personal field is speaking louder than spirits voice and discernment of what is being said from spirit, goes to overtime.  Hands on energy work reading, gives you the ability to wrap your field around them, quiet the noise and listen clearly to the higher realms.