Meditation - The doorway to All There Is

The Importance of Meditation

Interested in learning meditation?  

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The Beginners Meditation 

Breathing Light and Controling the mind.

The Seed Meditation - 

Learning to shift your inner awareness & get grounded

The City of Light Meditation- 

Learning to heal and meeting your Guides

My Soul desire is to help you in anyway I can to know what I know.  To feel what I feel.  To connect with the highest Sources of Creation with complete awareness and remembering that you can!  I love you too much not to share this with you... It is God's gift to us.. our birth-rite!  The above audio's are taken from my podcast site at

So many people seem to think that once you learn to still the mind, that is all that there is to meditation.  Just feeling that inner peace.  That is just the beginning!

Meditation is the doorway to spirit and all the potential that spiritual connection offers.  It is also that place within that you must create, you must learn to move around in, and most importantly, you must learn to feel.

This is the place where spirit can really communicate with you on a conscious and aware level.  A place where all things are possible.  But with anything, you must learn to understand the communication and pathways within.

When we hear the word communication we think.. words.  Someone will just show up and start talking.  Sometimes it happens that way, but very rarely.  Communication is so much more than words... it is feeling.  Allowing that feeling to come alive and communicate within yourself.

I have found in the course of my own trial and error that what is written in most books and manuals just does not work for me.  I cannot sit with my back straight as an arrow... that hurts!  When I tried this, all I could think about was how uncomfortable I felt.  

Then I tried lying down. Well, that is good for sleep but not that place of stillness (with awareness) that I wanted to reach.  No more lying down for me!  

I started hopping around my house, using this couch or that chair until I found my ultimate resting place−the bathtub!

This breathing thing also added to my discomfort and distraction.  Most books and tapes told me to breathe in from my nose and out from my mouth. I tried and tried. I felt like I had to keep remembering which hole I was breathing in and out of.  I do not like breathing in or out of my mouth.  So I decided to just do what felt natural for mein and out of my nose.  

Then I came to the task of how deeply to breathe. This was equally distracting to me. I do not want to feel like a balloon... worrying about how much air to fully inflate or worse... burst! So, again, I let my own body tell me what was the right amount of air needed for my intended quest... meditation.

Although what works for me goes against everything I have read, my special meditation place is in the bathtub with my back sort of bent. But lying there in very hot water, I feel comfortable and soothed. I let my breathing adjust itself until I feel deep relaxation and trust that my body knows what to do. Unfortunately, it took me two months to figure this out, but I finally did, which is the important thing.


Here is a great little excertise to help you restore your own vital energy:

Find a comfortable position, whether it is in a comfortable chair or lying on the floor. Take a deep breath, relax, and quiet your mind. Empty it of all thought. Once you have reduced your thoughts to a stray one once in a while or none at all, focus on your breathing and your energy.  Imagine your incoming breath as a white light. When you are able to see and connect with your breath, enhance that connection and build your energy field in you and around you.  This will also keep you focused on a task.

As you breathe in the white light, imagine that you are taking that breath and placing it in your solar plexus (that area between your navel and your rib cage).  Imagine that each time you breathe into that area, you can see the light expanding in your solar plexus.  See it sort of like an invisible balloon that you are blowing up with light.  With each in breath, see it getting larger and larger... no longer just inside you but now expanding through you, around you... until you can see it in at least a five-foot radius around you.

Once you have that white light flowing from within you and around you, take a part of that light and breathe it up into your heart.  Visualize as you breathe out that you are taking a piece of that white light and now placing it in and around your heart. Do this until you can feel your whole heart filled with this white light.

Next, breathe this white light from your heart to your head area, do this until you can feel your whole head surrounded within this light.

Next take this energy and have it travel down each arm (one at a time)... feel the energy flowing down through your arms and coming out of the chakras on your palm, forming a ball of energy on your palms.

When you have successfully placed two balls of energy (one in each palm), place your hands near each other... feel that energy.  Take notes (afterward) about how that energy fells to you (is it subtle or strong?). Do not judge it, just connect to it.  Each time you do this (do it the same way each time), take note of the energy within your external palms.  See if it changes (do not worry if it does not).

As you continue to do this, you raise your own energy to a very vibrant level.  One that you can now feel.  One that you can now connect with on both the internal and external levels.  What you are doing is connecting with your own power source.

This helps to blend your inner sight with your physical sight.


Enjoy the exercise!