About Lisa


Lisa (Parkhurst) Gawlas was born to in 1962, to a dysfunctional family fraught with neglect and abuse. After a stint in the Navy, a marriage, and the birth of her three children, she began her spiritual healing quest in November of 2000. Since experiencing this enlightening journey, Lisa has devoted herself to continuing on her path and assisting others who are awakening. Through the last 17 years, she has taught thousands of people around the world how to develop their own spirituality through spiritual energy work. She has recorded numerous podcasts of her guided meditations, and written a wealth of articles on spiritual growth and raising your vibration, which is available on her website. http://www.mysoulcenter.com/ (change to thru this website??? Or eliminate?) Lisa currently resides in Texas, and blogs regularly about her ongoing journey at http://www.lisagawlas.wordpress.com/

I Am a Spiritual Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Energy Massage Therapist and Psychic / Spiritual Reader and am madly in love with life and most especially, madly in love with YOU!!
— Lisa Gawlas

I truly believe that every human is born whole and complete, we have just forgotten.

We have spent the better part of our lives looking outside of ourselves and rarely discover the treasure chest sitting deep within us. Even as we start to realize there is so much to discover within ourselves, there is so much information "out there" that we can become more lost than found. Which is one of the reasons my team (spirit guides and eventually, teacher's) pinned me to my bathtub (where I do my meditations) for 3 years, unraveling my inner chaos and being feed new light energy thru only my (growing) team that only I could see. I say growing because I started out with two guides, Ramus and Jill and by the end of the first year, I had 12 interactive spiritual teachers, each with their own focus, working with me. I so wanted to take workshops, participate anywhere but always in my bathtub, however, at every turn, I was completely blocked, except going to hypnotherapy school in the summer of 2001. Little did I realize that certification was about me unblocking my deeply blocked throat chakra than anything else. Spirit is tricky like that.

After closing down my struggling hypnotherapy office, as well as my struggling life, I moved from North Carolina to Vermont in 2002. As soon as I arrived on the most beautiful mountainside into an almost renovated barn on 33 acres of heaven, I immediately met two Native American spirit guides, who spoke not one word of English. You would think that since they were in spirit, English would be easy for them, but nooooo!!! Somehow tho, I always understood them. They taught me how to build and pray a medicine wheel, which was truly my transformation wheel. I learned to hear nature, listen and assist in their needs and they mine. During this time, thru meditation, I had an experience in meditation that set me off on a new passionate mission, learning to read. I practiced with anyone who was willing to let me hold their hands and test my new skills. 8 months into Vermont living and winter deepening, I decided to get back on the grid and got an apartment, which allowed internet connection. One day as I was trying to go to a horoscope site, I accidentally ended up at an eBay, psychic auction site. The url I put in was nowhere near the eBay URL, I paid attention, opened an eBay store and sold my first reading March 2003 for $1.00 I could not believe anyone would pay for something I was not even sure I could do.


My positive feedback grew as did the demand for my readings.

Due to time, I went from reading in meditation to reading with my eyes open via email, then to chat, then to phone. All very different for me, each time, I went kicking and screaming. I wasn't a fan of trying something new when what I was doing was just fine. But it all sharpened and expanded my skills.

Because of the type of readings I did (giving reasons why you can't get what you want until you change whatever emotion within is stopping you from getting that) I created the One on One Spiritual Development Course, teaching people how to meditate and directly access and change whatever we seen thru the reading. I was enjoying my life and my expanding skills when the change came a knocking again in March 2004. This change took me from Vermont to Idaho where I partnered with a massage therapist in a brick and mortar salon and offered readings and ended up focusing/growing into doing hands-on healing work. Something I never really seen coming, which would be the nature of the rest of my life!


By December 2004, things were falling quickly apart and I ended up moving to Iowa into what was supposed to be a "Spiritual Community".

The people there were wonderful (about 70 strong) but the founder and patriarch were afraid of me. He was sure Satan must have been my teacher since I learned everything I do from my bathtub instead of another human (he was very Mormon.) The 8 months I lived there, I learned how communities can literally keep the real God out of their center and invent one that suits their belief systems. I was not allowed to participate in any of their (Native American style) rituals, cuz I might be devil born lol.

By August 2005, I needed out. I went to visit my (the 23-year-old) son in Virginia for what was supposed to be a few weeks, maybe a month. I decided to look for a temporary job while there and somehow came across an add in the help wanted a section about a fully accredited massage school. I called to see if they really accept the Pell Grant and another student aide. Sure enough and I was invited over for a tour. 2 hours later on my 42nd birthday, I was full financing in place and started massage school that night. I didn't even want to go to massage school, until that day, the thought never even crossed my mind. I graduated top of my class 9 months later.


Spirit allowed me to bring all the skills I had been learning the previous 6 years together.

I was able to read the body, listen and direct the energy, understand thru the communication of the body why people hurt, were in disease or dysfunction and how they can be fully well again. I eventually created the Hands of Light and Sound Therapy session and did that for 7 years until my hands and forearms gave out. By this time (2010) I had moved to New Mexico where I opened my therapy practice for 2 more years.

In 2012 I found the Jemez Mountains in New Mexico, far far away from most civilization and my client base. However, phone readings were starting to creep back into my life due to the blogs I started putting out. Once I got settled into the Jemez, readings were like nothing I had ever done before or even in any way I had done them. I started reading directly from the soul light, the earth light and the person's energy field I was connected with. Together we learned how the earth was changing, the physical and energy bodies were changing and how to keep up with it all, and so much more. I never thought I would leave this place. I was in joy and content and abundant on every level of life. That is, until Mother's day 2016.


My oldest daughter whom I had not talked to in 4 years, suddenly and unexpectedly showed up on my doorstep with my 6-month-old grandson.

Which led to her going to see my mother in Florida. None of us had seen my mother in over 20 years. Even tho my daughter only stayed with my mother for a day, it was obvious she was in declining health and no one in life at all, she was living as a shut-in and in failing health. She still wanted nothing to do with me, even when my daughter and even my aunt told my mother, I will help her. Her AC unit died years ago, and her window unit was on its way out too. At that moment, I was just learning how to change timelines and went directly to that agenda. I needed a timeline where my mother was happy with me, loved me and still in a relationship with me. I felt the energy move, seen the visuals.... 3 hours later, I was told my mother was willing to let me back in her life. I sold everything I owned, hopped in my car 2 weeks later and went to Florida. I spent the most precious 3 months with my mother before she passed away on her bed, me holding her hand and her heart and hospice taking such amazing care of her. In her end, she blessed me with her mobile home, which I eventually sold and here I am, in Texas in a brand new life and it all still continues to change!!!