Calling forth our mastery

It is so easy for us to get distracted, if not completely lost, in trying to live someone else’s life, travel someone else’s journeys and learn through someone else’s experiences.  Through mass media, we have access to more information today than ever before, which can be a mixed blessing.  Although we have so much more access to reach out for those who can hold our hands through our transformations, we also have the ability to want to walk someone else’s path. There are many teachers setting themselves up to teach what worked for them, but not what is going to work for you.

I personally was blocked from anyone else’s information.  The books I was allowed to read were hand picked by spirit and served only to validate what I had already learned or experience within meditation.  Anything I picked up from my mind’s desire to confuse me was either removed magically from my house, or my eyes became so blurry when trying to read that I had to put it down.  I attended no seminars and, in 2000, the internet was not nearly as full of free information as it is now.  The only place I was able to retrieve any understandings was deep within myself, in meditation. 

What was really happening within that sacred space was that every particle of fear that blocked my own inner light had been scraped off, which was allowing aspects of my previous incarnations with their wisdom and mastery already achieved to come forth.

My own DNA already knew how to meditate effectively for me.  It new every part of my present life and previous ones that needed to be cleared of discordant energy (fear).  Every single spirit guide with whom I came in contact within my meditations was simply my own energy projecting me to me.  The ascended masters, who helped to teach me energy work and how to love unconditionally without judgment, were aspects of the group soul energy of which I was and am a part.

In this way, through all the lifetimes of mastery I had achieved, I came to teach myself to remember that part of me.  For the human consciousness that was struggling to hang on and understand, each aspect of myself took on the form of either a human or Plieadian persona with which I would feel comfortable.

So what of my magnetic counterpart, Marc?  How does he play into this self-teaching, self-wonder that happened within?  Well, this may be a bit too esoteric even for those who have are well traveled on their spiritual path, but I will share what I have been shown.

Two years prior to my birth, my then 16-year-old mother (to be) gave birth to a baby boy named Dale.  Dale had some lung issues and only lived about two weeks.  He would have been the only other human on earth to have my combined DNA or, in other words, he would have been a full brother. 

His life on earth served many purposes.  He gave my mother and father the experience of losing a child in infancy. He gave himself the full encoding of the DNA I would eventually be born into, which was permanently encoded within his soul energy. As a (sort of) side affect, when I was born in 1962, I carried with me the imprints of a brother I never met. 

I finally understood what the Blessed Mother had meant when she said “my proverbial son and your brother will

be coming soon,” in the meditation that prevented me (of my own choosing) from having sex with Marc. It only took me eight years to be able to absorb the whole story.  The encodings of Jesus was in the crystal Marc brought me from Africa, The encodings of the fullness of my DNA was carried forth by Marc himself.  Not for the human relationship of being a brother and sister, but for the releasing of the encoded parts that we each carried separately within our physical and energetic bodies.  I don’t even know how to put into words the extent of what this means, and really, for the purpose of understanding the integration process and even unlocking the energy of Shambhala, it doesn’t matter.

Let’s suffice to say that some genetic material of our DNA have a complete overlay that, when it is time to be enlightened, calls to its divine counterpart.  It is time for the Master to remember who they always have been.

That doesn’t mean that you wake up one day and remember everyone you’ve ever been or everything you’ve ever done.  Our circuits would short out!

Our ascension is a deep and continuous process of integration like the newborn baby that must learn how to use its body parts to crawl and walk and run and so forth.  The difference is that we are learning from deep within the knowledge that has always been there.


The Super Computer stored within, and the Codec’s needed to expand our files.

As our DNA changes, so does the registry within our brains.  We literally start thinking differently, we start seeing differently and we start behaving differently. 

The mastery we have brought into our cellular Being and which is stored in the brain due to the changed frequency of our DNA can be looked at as new software packages.  These new software programs come in usually in a compressed fashion and the human requires various sets of codec’s to start the decompression and integration of this software. 

"Codec" can mean compression/decompression, compressor/decompressor or code/decode. All of these variations mean one thing and that is that a codec program shrinks large movie files so a computer can run them. 

There will come a time when you literally unplug from your past life (or life you were living until you choose to do it differently) and truly start to plug into your new life.  I call this the transition zone.  My transition zone was on the side of a mountain in Vermont and started exactly 18 months into this new and not so easy to walk path of mine.  It is a place and time for which I will be forever grateful.

It was very secluded and humble.  A friend I had met online allowed my daughter and me to stay in the place she referred to as “the camp.”  I didn’t have to pay rent and there was no electricity or phone, so I had no utility bills to worry about.  There was a gas-powered generator that pumped water to the shower, toilet and kitchen.  Propane tanks heated the water and ran the gas stove.  There was also a wood burning stove and a wood heater for warmth.

All I needed was enough money for food for my 12-year-old and me, gas for the car and cigarettes.  Amazingly, we got by wonderfully with the $64 a week I received for child support.  Imagine not having any real stress in your day-to-day life!  Our stress over finances is amazing and not at all good for the vibratory system of the body.

Now I am going to back this information up just a little bit.  Marc served as a Codec for me to bring in super information in our Kundalini exchange within meditation.  However, at that time, in what I look at as my infancy of expanding, his codec within my system served to bring in and decompress (or store) the information within my DNA, until my processor (consciousness) was able to assimilate it all.  Eight years later he was the very codec that expanded my stored information.  I’ll get to that soon.


Remembering Mastery

The second gift Marc had to give to me on the path was a divorce.  Of course, I was devastated, but now I realize how crucial our separation was.  I was officially on my own.  His soul did give me an amazing gift before leaving.  He met me in meditation, as he had done so many times before, but this time, he sat in front of me, cross-legged and put his energy hands into mine, funneling profound information and feeling about Marc into the very core of my being.  I started to understand the human incarnation of Marc more than ever before.  I felt him and I felt his love for me.  I felt his hurts too. And it started the expansion of a stored bit of mastery within myself:  Energy Reading.   

The next new codecs I received while on my mountainside were from members of my spiritual team.  Both were Native Americans; one was a chief and one was a very old medicine woman.  Later, I discovered that they were my ancestors, my father and grandmother, and that they had been present on that mountainside in 1502 when I had died. Now, I understand that my present biological father, a Native American, still carries the DNA of that lifetime in his blood. Thus, it is naturally in mine.  I had only known my biological father four months out of my lifetime.

My Native American guides taught me how to build, walk and pray a medicine wheel.  I knew none of this prior to moving to Vermont, yet, the understandings came readily.  My new guides didn’t speak a word of English, but even that had purpose in retrieving my cellular memories of that lifetime.

I now call that wheel, upon which I walked and prayed everyday for at least five months until it became buried in snow, “The Wheel of Transformation.”

The directions of East, South, West and North played their part as well, reminding me who I was in their own way and each one a codec of its own.  I also had a center in which I communed with earth, sky and Self.

After months of walking and praying my wheel, something tremendous happened.  As I moved into the Center of my wheel, naked, a mist started to rise up from the ground, but only at the center area.  The rest of the wheel was unaffected by the mist.  What I can only call two giant angels met with me on each side, one on the left and one on the right, then merged into my physical body.  It was an experience of light, sound and feeling that words cannot adequately describe.  I changed in that moment.  I felt a wholeness, a completeness, so profound that I knew I would never be the same.

Understanding the fullness of this even took me several years.  Software programs don’t open up all at once.  Some take years to fully integrate and understand.  Such was the case with this experience.

What took place in my Wheel of Transformation on that mountainside in Vermont in 2002 was the “Holy Union” of masculine and feminine.  This is what is known in scriptures as Holy Matrimony.  It was never about two people getting married; it is about your divine masculine and divine feminine joining as one energy within you.  “What, therefore, God has joined together let no man put asunder."  No man can split this part of you from itself again.

Do you see how we have confused whom we are within ourselves, to make things human?  We have taken a shred of truth and completely confused its meaning and purpose.  I was married four years longer than my heart and soul wanted to be because I believed that the holy union was between a man and women.  I believed that God would, yet again, be angry with me if I divorced. Finally, for the sanity of everyone involved, I divorced my husband anyway. 

However, when joined with yourself, your heart never longs for anything again.  There is no emptiness inside because you don’t have a counterpart.  Instead, you are filled with the joy and love of yourself, and it flows outward for everyone to feel.

This is truly the love of God flowing through you.