1. What is meditation?

There are as many ways to meditate as there are people talking about meditation.  What do you want to achieve in any given meditation is the key on how you should enter.  How does meditation work, how do you calm the mind, many of the questions that stop people from trying meditation more than a handful of time will be addressed here.  Keeping in mind too, some people are just starting this meditation journey in this lifetime, some developed these skills over lifetimes and are just now remembering.  Never put a measure stick between you or anyone else.


2. The gift of the mind within meditation.

Many people talk about killing the ego, to me, that is equivalent to chopping off a leg.  The ego mind and the soul mind must be in partnership (eventually.)  In this segment we will talk about why the ego over reacts the moment you attempt to meditate and how to give it lifelong boundaries of participation.


3. Why make meditation a lifelong practice?

The active participation of meditation changes the body energy.  We are born packrats.  We store so much dysfunctional energy inside of ourselves starting in the prenatal stage that rarely goes recognized or addressed thru life. If this dysfunctional energies remain long enough, or worse, gather friends, other dysfunctional energies within, the core energy of the body starts to break down.  Once we release all that energy, the body goes back into well being.


4.  Recognizing the soul plan of long illness vs stored dysfunctional energy.

Not all illnesses are meant to be cured or reversed.  Some illnesses are encoded in the DNA to help the incarnate soul to better understand life thru those challenges.  Either way tho, whether an illness is created by the soul for the life lesson or caused by the storage of the human, there are many keys to use within meditation to move thru it all freer and with grace.


5. Engaging the Soul attributes within meditation and your life.

We are a soul in human body.  Which means, we have fully installed in our body system, the natural attributes of the soul.  Empathy, spiritual vision (or using the third eye,) spiritual hearing, advanced intuition and more.  We will talk about each of this and how to open up and strength train each.  With empathy, some or so open they need filters so as not be overwhelmed.  Or some, so closed down they cannot connect to their own emotions.  Meditation is the key to balance and enhancements in the areas you desire.


6. Understanding the imagination.

Imagination, just like ego, gets some really bad raps in life.  If we can look at the imagination as the spiritual amphitheater of sight and sound, of creation in the making, you may use more discernment about your day dreams.  We will go into depth about how it all works.


7. Raising your vibration thru meditation.

There are manything we are capable of doing and experiencing thru meditation, but limited to the level of vibration (light frequency) we hold within our bodies.  The more dysfunctional energies we release, the more we can experience.  Even once we clear all the dysfunction, their are various hues of light, more refined and vibratory that we need to bring in, assimilate and learn to use.  When we clear enough, we can start to meet with our animal totems, our guides, our spiritual teachers and so on.  


8.  Understanding the different purposes of those we meet within meditation.  

From animal spirits, to spirit guides, to teachers and councils.  Every human has their own and each can be used for various growth experiences.  We will go over this, and more.


9. Discovering and growing your unique spiritual abilities.  

This about what excites you the most about knowing you can use any and all of your spiritual abilities here in this lifetime.  Let's say, something inside of you wants to be a spiritual surgeon, know that one day, you will be that and be great at that.  But just like entering college to be a surgeon, there is a lot to know, understand, employ and perfect before you get to the final outcome.  Or like me, I had no idea what I was even capable beyond being human.  I am still learning 17 years later!


10. Exploring the multiverses and other life forms.

You are not held to yourself or the earth realm for your travels.  I strongly suggest (and will explain why) you stay out of the astral realm of earth and focus on the outer astral planes for travel and exploration.  Even your travels are contingent on your light frequency within.  


11.  Entering the Void

This is going to happen more than we want it too.  We are all prepared to meditate and wham, nothing.  This extremely important place is called the void.  We will go in detail about the void and what to focus on when its over.


12.  Shifting your meditations from the closed eye, Self centered place to engaging in that state of communication at will.

The deeply inner centered space of meditation is truly a massive stepping stone to be able to do it all, at will, at any time.  Everything in life has a specific vibratory rate in which it communicates at, and now you need to learn to adjust your personal frequency daily to listen and engage.