The Day I Consciously Met/Felt God!

This is a meditation I had in Feb. 2002.   I simply copied and pasted the story from another site I had used to share.  I hope you enjoy the read.  

My dear precious friends.

I will to write what pre-empted this meditation this morning... and then attempt share the meditation with you. I do not wish to just share the vision or message... (which I am still trying to grasp)... I wish with all my heart to share the vibration and energy that was continued in it all. Instead of reading the meditation, process it thru your heart... it is the most powerfully loving experience I have ever had.

Late this morning, I was in a chat talking about Catholics, religion and a remembrance of the blessed mother coming to me way back when to help me out grow learned behaviors of self worth.... as the three of us were talking and sharing... the mini monument that Annie had made for HTN started to glow... the sun part of the monument was all aglow... and I was really taken aback by it.

This little maybe 4-5" monument (that was dulpicated from the image on the left here) has sat on the left side of my computer since I moved in here a month ago... and my window curtain has also remained in the same position... I thought for sure the sun was beaming brightly outside... but, when I turned around and looked.. it wasn't... when my meditation was over, I realized there wasn't even a glare on my monitor caused by the sun streaming in the window... this glow from the sun's monument sent such an electrical and purely loving charge thru me... And so I entered meditation and when I got to to the inquiry of the monument here is what I had gotten:

The Blessed Mother appeared a small distance away in front of where I was standing. As she walked (floated really) closer, I could see a flower in her hand. Of course, I assumed this flower was for me. As she got in front of me maybe a couple of feet she bent down and placed a white Lilly on the granite part of the monument (the part that secures it to the ground with the words Monument of Life written on it). Until she bent down to place the flower there.. I had not seen any monument in my view. 

Once she stood up from placing the flower on the ground of the monument she said these words to me "My proverbial son, your brother, will be coming soon." And then she turned and started to walk away. Being stunned by this message, I called out to her and asked if she 

meant literally, or in my meditation or what and she turned around, placed her index finger to her mouth and whispered: Shhhhhhh, just rest for now. And then she was gone.

I took a moment to contemplate this message and became very aware that I did not know her soul name.. so I sent out a wave of intention of getting her soul name, so that I can address her ascended energy instead of her once physical energy. As I sent out this request phew I was not prepared for what followed I will attempt with all I know how to share the next thing, but please feel this part with your heart, because my words are too simple and lack so much


There was not so much a vision as there was a feeling of Presence and a sound ohhh my what a sound it was a vibration of aaaaahhhhhhhhh that lifted so far into the universe and thru my very soul that just hearing it made my whole being cry with joy as the sound escalated (not in sound, but more like motion.. like as the ahhh kept going on, it lifted higher and higher in vibration), it sounded like the entirety of All There Is joined into make this sound.  I could feel my heart beating, I became very aware of the rhythm of the air around me, the sounds that I have heard around me, but didn't hear.. and it was all in unison with my own heart beating.  I could feel the heart of my being in my arms, in every cell that makes up my body, and the air around me coursed in the same beautiful motion. 


As I allowed my body to become one with this incredible sound I had seen what looked like brilliantly lit stars falling from the sky thousands upon thousands of them. And then something strange started to happen as I watched these stars stream down to what I understood to be the earth plane some of the star lights started to crackle and pop and blow out, never really reaching its intended target (the earth).. or perhaps.. burned out along the way is a better way of re-describing it. (added note: I think I have seen the entire story of our earth in this moment). 

As I watched and understood there was such an encompassing love that surrounded it all that I cried and cried I have never felt so much love from anything, and with the realization that I got from this (that my own mind and vocabulary are still processing).

I am so humbled beyond words that I have felt the love of God within every cell that is me and only wish to share that experience with all.

(Added note on 7/21/09, click here to find out what the Blessed Mother meant when she said what she said! ) 


With much love and humbleness,

Lisa Gawlas