Changing From Carbon to Crystalline.


I did a reading several days ago, the imagery I could see clear as day, the understanding, non existent.  The imagery was actually rather simple.  A single rope hanging down from a skewed out platform about 10 - 15 feet above the earth.  By skewed I mean, covered with this golden cloud like energy that I could not see thru.  The rope had a series of 10 knots in it at one foot intervals from top to bottom.  My lady had her hands on the third knot from the ground, hanging there, suspended in air and not a thing surrounding her at the ground level of her life (that I could see anywayz) or as I said, skewed at the top level.  I could not feel any incoming information to help her understand what this is representing to her.  She did say that she was suddenly let go from her job of 22 years.  It would be cheaper to hire someone knew in her position than to keep her.  I am sure that played into what I was seeing, but could not verify it by her fields energy.  This was just pesky, all the readings before and even after that, had been flowing effectively.  I rescheduled her to Sunday, several days later.  Seeing without understanding does not make a reading and I will never assume a thing.

The days leading up to Sunday, in between most of the readings thru each of the days, I would see her and her rope, so clearly as if we were back in her reading, but with no further information coming forth.  

Imagine my surprise that when I connected with her yesterday, I could only see my floor.  No field, no information, no anything.  I had already done a reading earlier, so I know I am seeing.  Why haunt me thru the days only to create a blank on the day we were supposed to dive deeper and get understanding???

So imagine my surprise as I sit down to write and wondering where to start, my lady hanging from her rope appears at the forefront of my mind.  Coupled with a (virgin) man I read for on Saturday.  So I will share his reading before I tie these two together.... within my own life field, which I have been begging for months now, to understand.

My beautiful man showed up building a doorway in his center field.  Altho I did not see the entire house, his team said the house is built and he is now just finishing his new doorway, the threshold of his new life.  The wood he used to frame out the doorway was different, alive.  A blend of wood and energy and it had breath to it.  I could see and feel this wood breathe.  He used gold nails at the top of the doorway, silver at the bottom, completely in balance within himself.  Completely unified in his use of tools (spirit and earth.)

When I looked thru his threshold out to his larger field, there were suddenly three opportunities before him.  Three roads he will be given the opportunity to choose from and travel.  

One road was deep green and made of a rubber like substance.  There was such a bouncing, joyful energy to this path.  Heart centered and!!  Another road was black, made of coal.  It was explained that if he choose this road, the alchemist within him would be at the forefront and he will turn the coal into diamond.  He was also cautioned, if he choose this path, it would be hard work, unlike the green path.  The third path was, at first glance, a hollowed out large tree.  In order to travel it, he had to be on hands and knees and crawl thru it.  As I watched him in this potential, the pulp of the tree grew into his body and he became one with the trees.

Altho he will have three choices, he will only be able to make and travel down one of these paths.  One is not better than the other, just very different, and each will require different strengths that he possesses.

Now, let me put these two readings on pause and share a little bit about what I have been dealing with the last few months.  I have not shared any of it for the simple reason, when I share adversity in my body, I get overloaded with unsolicited advise of what I should do and what I should take to assist.... often times, by the hundreds.  Altho I appreciate the love it flows from, it becomes like chaos balls being shot out in rapid fire.  

Sometime, I think in October, I woke up one morning, put my feet on the floor and swore I developed a ball on the ball of my left foot.  It hurt like freakin crazy.  I assumed I had swelling at the ball of my foot, nope.  But man oh man, it sure as hell felt like it.  It felt like stepped on one of my grandsons toys and it became lodged in the ball of my foot.  For weeks I hobbled and learned to walk on the side of my foot, about three weeks later, my right foot developed the same ball of pain.  No swelling at all, just pain anytime my foot touched the floor.  Fortunately my bedroom slippers and my shoes both have memory foam cushions inside, which provide surprising relief when I walk.  

Of course, with the onset of the first foot, I started to do what I always do, have a conversation with my field.  Am I out of step with something, out of alignment.  Doing something I shouldn't be doing or not doing something I should.  No response at all.  

As the weeks crept by, this pain spread, primarily on my left side.  My knees, my thigh bone (femur,) my sit bone (pelvic bottom,) to the point, walking, sitting and laying are all highly uncomfortable activities now.  As Decembers energies raged thru this planet, this pain infiltrated my hands and wrists and continues to spread and worsen.  I need two hands to pick up my cup of coffee or open my kitchen cupboards and even that, is painful.  Typing is painful, which is really the main reason I do not share every day.  Some days hurts more than others and I need to make sure I have time to rest my fingers between thoughts.

I am pretty sure I developed Psoriasis Arthritis.  I have all the classic symptoms, not to mention I have had psoriasis since I was 17, close to 40 years now.  

For months now, I have been trying to understand what is happening within me and why.  In the old body, joint pain would represent inflexibility.  Holy shit, if I become any more flexible I would break.  I was trying to fit that into my world, what I do I need to be more flexible with in my path or my reach for life (since it is feet and hands that are in the most, constant pain.)  Crickets... nothing at all coming back to me.  

We won't even talk about the constant chronic fatigue I am dealing with.  

The one thing I keep coming back to, I have not felt well, physically, since August 30th, the day I left Scotland.  Not one day.

I was on my knees yesterday, begging my team for understanding.  It is hard enough not being able to breath and move like I once did, but that is tolerable, this chronic, spreading pain, not at all.  Again, crickets.  That is... until I woke up this morning.  I could see my mans reading, most especially, his coal path.  Turning coal into diamond takes so much pressure and heat.  

My lady hanging by the rope.  She too, developed asthma as well as sinus issues several years ago.  Her team refers to her often as the divine mother.  She has 5 children, another will be on the way (she is 40, bless her patient heart.) 

The rope is her ascent into yet another level of her evolution.  Each knot that I see, is a pause in circumstance getting her there.  With her being at the third knot, 3 being action and communication, her 22 years of work (master builder energy) was cleared so she could fully focus on her next phase of ascent.  Her and her husband are launching a new business together this year.  

The space between the knots, is the assimilation point.  We are all in such a delicate state of absolute change, inside and out, there must be assimilation of each life circumstance that takes us to the next area of experience.  

Spirit has said, many many many times thru the years, the decades really, that there are things we do not get to know because we would choose to go around it and not thru it.  

If, for one moment, I had knew that my trip to Scotland would be the last time I felt physically well, I would have scheduled it for my next lifetime.  Fully knowing and understanding that the biologically changes happening thru humanity at this time, MUST come thru the human incarnate, I (the Lisa/human) would have declined.  

But instead, on the very day I turned 55, I took a trip to the land where time began, walked and breathed many of the standing stone formations, inhaled the sea breezes of pure energy and at the soul level agreed to turn the carbon based biology into the crystalline biology thru my physicality, my body.  

I am not alone tho.  Many of us are going thru biological changes that are rather unpleasant, but crucially important.  We are not broken, but changing.  What we have to fully realize, that what worked for dysfunction will not work for the changes that are happening now.  Maybe more clearly stated, what worked in the coal (carbon) body, has no place in the diamond (crystalline) body.  

I want to take this moment to thank you for showing up on the field, to enlighten all of us with your Soul Light.  It is because of You, I understand Me!!  Thank you for Being!!!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) filled with crystalline changes thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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