We Have Entered the Year of the Sun

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This is going to be short but hopefully informative.  I woke up really late, but didn't want to hang on to this information until tomorrow.

There are two that I want to focus on (given my less than an hour to share) today.  My first lady, even before I connected with her, I kept seeing what looked like a bucket of thick, glowing sun energy was repeated poured over her head.  This substance was a bright yellow orange and indeed was the sun in gel form.  It was dripping down her face, magnetizing the pathways in her head, seeping into from the skin and enhancing every cell as it (slowly) moves down her body to cover her.  This will be a process over at least the next couple weeks.

She was climbing what looked like a fence directly in front of my porch, representing the current moment.  The fence kept switching from made of what looked like metal then to wood (the criss cross pattern never changed, just the substance.)  However, when it turned to wood, there were these protrusions sticking out in various areas, no bigger than 2 inches.  Her team explained these were like branches budding on a tree.  The metal one served to anchor in the branches into her field to play out as we move thru this new energy system.

When I panned my vision out, suddenly the entire field was aligned with this same fencing and there were many many people in this same position.  Climbing, deciding which branch they will ignite in growth without anyone really, fully, understanding the implications of that energy.  

This is true for many of us, what our souls have been calling the hidden choices, what I had been seeing as sun like explosions being planted as we concluded last year.  

Another detail that was revealed to her, I watched as about 7 other people from around the would (this fence was on the outer most edges of her field of life, representing the entire global community of life, be making similar choices.  Holding similar understandings, ideas, desires and I could see these people start to stream a magnetic line to my lady's center field. 

It was explained that even tho they are from different areas on earth, they will converge on the ground, together, to meet and start their resonance and journey together sometime during what felt like this first quarter (timeline subject to change as more of 2018 and choices, appear.)

So my last lady, She too, I started seeing before our appointment.  Her entire head was stuck directly into the sun that is in the sky.  In my view, there are two suns there, the one that lights the earth, then what I call the doorway to spirit, or, the great central sun, where all pure energy travels thru.   

So there she is, head now enlarged to fill the space of the sky and her body just dangling down under it.  I could see spirit with hammers and chisels working on her brain mapping.  On her entire neuro-network.  Magnetic fields will change and enhance.  I suppose much more will change that none of us can currently understand, since that is what her team said.  There was nothing more to see.

I do have to add this other reading in, since she suddenly makes sense in this information.  She had really large butterfly looking wings that, as her team explained, were emerging from her entire thoracic spine.  The spinal chord works in harmony with the brain with a relay of electrical pulses and information.  

I must leave off for today, but my team wants to let everyone know, that even tho what we are seeing is metaphoric in nature (if your literal head was in the sun, there would be instant death) but it is not as metaphoric as we may thing.  Our entire brain and spine work with the energies of the sun, we harness them into biological, usable energies for life, thru us.  

So be gentle with yourself as we come online in this new, fiery game called life.  Everyone's field aligned with the 2018 energies, have been cleared.  Begin anew, from the heart and mind of the soul.

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) Sun powered, Soul enlightened Life to and thru the 

Lisa Gawlas

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Happy New Year.... NEW YOU everyone!!  May this be the most empower time of our lives yet!!

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