Time (lines)... It is... IT MUST... Change!! Happy Super, Blue, Full Eclipse Moon!!

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The day is here, that bad ass Super Blue Full Eclipsed Moon.  Wowzers!!  I woke straight up out of bed at 5am on the dot, after not going to sleep until close to midnight, highly unusual in this body!  But I am grateful.  The full moon is parked over my back yard, funny, directly above your field at the fence line on the right, where it has been showing up in all the readings this week.  There is a brilliant rainbow halo around it that my camera is just not capturing.  The light of the full moon is overtaking the picture.

full moon.jpg

It's about time something this powerful fell on my day off so I do not have to reschedule anyone due to its intensity!!  But then again, these last few days have been mind raising in the readings.  

There is one reading in particular that is hanging in the forefront of my mind to share from yesterday.  My time keeper.  As I bent over to get her reading started, on my way down to my lap (giggle) I could see clearly the blond wood of her stilts.  As I sat upright (which I do the moment I am connected) I followed her stilts in reverse until I connected with her body wayyyyy up about 20 feet above the ground.  More specifically, what her team said was that film that we call our magnetosphere, that separates the inner astral world of earth with the outer.  She was located directly at the fence line of the back yard, that which divides the January/ February energy fields and where the full moon has been positioned above. Suspended in air, or maybe, held in position by the magnetosphere, was an old clock that reminded me of the ones embedded in steeples.  Half of it was in the lower astral, half in the outer astral and she was called a "keeper of time."  I could see her doing something that was purposely blocked from my understanding (which is really getting super pesky these days) with the place the hour and minute hands connect.  She was altering timelines.

I was viewing her and her work from the side, so I snuck my eyes to the back of the clock, we had a vast series of cogs running in the back of the clock.  These cogs kept the timelines unfolding.  During her reading, A master time keeper showed up and he made it clear that he was not an incarnated Being, but directly from spirit.  My feeling was, he was the head honcho of time on the earth realm.  He even made it clear to us, since I felt him so strongly as a male, that time itself is a male/masculine energy.  Who knew!!  I didn't lol.  

It is those cogs that keep the full spectrum of time running with the ability, and dare I say, spirits direct desire, to change the current running time.  

I was able to see and understand as even just one cog is removed and replaced, the entire element of time changes, the outcomes change, what could have been disastrous becomes diverted into a more productive reality.  

My ladys Master time keeper explained that we cannot alter the past in the way we would like.  The example given, in my personal reality, Bernie Sander becomes president.  What he explained is that is not what everyone else on this planet sees and experiences as the wider reality.  They are not looking to create a sub illusion, but a direct change in the path forward.  He even stated, that on the timeline we are currently sharing, many detrimental events will happen.  When the cogs change out from the current moment and what we perceive as the future, this events become diverted.  They do not happen.  

It is time for the true time keepers incarnated on earth, to start to work together, consciously, as a team.  This was sort of stated in her reading yesterday, this morning, it is matter of fact.  

Each conscious time keeper has a particular skill within the element of the clock (if you will) not one person can do it all.  This is truly a safety mechanism created long before time began.  I know I have read for several time keepers over the years.  If you are one of them, please email me at lisa@nationoflights.com so I can get you all connected together and start working on the larger project at hand, together.  You will even find ways thru each other, to work out the kinks.

We are all capable of altering our own timelines, but the greater landscape must be done by those who not only lived lifetimes perfecting this skill, but understand how, when and why as well, beyond the human scope of understanding/knowing.  I hope everyone has been doing their homework!!  

To combine the information that came thru the 5 readings yesterday, we are in an intense year of full spectrum energy.  New mathematical frequencies are being presented, which, if I understand that meaning, new forms of light will be revealed moving forward.  

We have got to trust the immediate promptings running thru us.  We may not understand the why of it, but really do have to trust it.  

I am going to share two examples from my world yesterday.  As you know from yesterdays sharing, I need a new car battery.  I am trying to squeeze my dollars to make that $110 unexpected expense work, when my son texted me early in the morning to say he finally is able to use his snow blower that I got him for Christmas.  It is a crazy time in the world when Texas had more snow events than Massachusetts!!  

I really have no idea what ran thru me, but man it was so instant and unavoidable.  I immediately went to southwest's site to look at airfares for May.  Why May??  I have no idea. I about shit how cheap I could get the flights.  Not only were they cheap, they were cheap coming and going on Saturdays, only $119 each way.  Granted I hadn't seen my son or grandson in over a year, but I had not even thought about making plans to go see them until I get myself over this financial hurdle I am in.  I still pay the electric and water bill for my daughters house and when I can help her with groceries and gas needs as she works things out in her world too.  So, I really have not put any thought about a trip to Mass, at all.  Even when I do, I look at many airlines, sit on my hands and contemplate spending the money and time off from work... not yesterday.  It all happened within minutes.  I knew I had room on a credit card I had been trying to pay down, wham... April 28th thry May 5th I will be in Mass with my son and grandson.  Not only did I get cheap flights, they are both non stop flights.  I have never flown non stop because they usually cost more.  

The day did not stop me from spending money I do not have lol.  Smoking is an expensive joy in Texas.  The least expensive cigarettes costs me $46 per carton.  When I was in VA, I got them for $23 a carton.  I brought home 4 cartons!  But, now, I am back and have no desire to spend twice as much as I could get in VA.  I did make plans with my daughter to replenish when I need, but that feels so, inconvenient lol.  I started getting pressed with the roll your own kind of smokes.  I cruised amazon to see what the roller costs... $16 once and done.  The cigarette tubes with filters already on them... $7 for a whole carton.  I have no idea what loose tobacco sells for, I am sure it was less than $40!!  Amazon Prime credit card to the rescue.  I will soon be a roll your own smoker!!  I love the fact that the tubes I ordered are "Zen" with that name printed on them.  Holy smoke even!!  Anyone have any advice about loose tobacco?  I am a menthol smoker and these tubes I ordered are menthol... Any insight you can give me, via the above email, would be greatly appreciated.

Again, I never even once thought about roll your own smokes, ever.  Yet yesterday, I could not stop thinking about it.  Usually, I would mull it over for days until, usually, it lays dead in the past and I just move on.  

Here's to trusting sudden, out of the blue (moon lol) inspertions.  Act, don't think!!  

Speaking of trusting... bouncing out of bed at 5 am with only 5 hours of sleep so I could see the moon became something I will always be grateful for.  I went out in the yard, took those pictures, breathed in the energy and came back in to caffeinated and write this sharing.  Soon after, the moon was completely gone.  My phone was declaring we are under a thick fog alert.  There was no fog when I went outside at 5am.  Well, I found out why I could no longer see the moon shortly after 5am.  I waited until daylight to get this picture:

full moon portal.jpg

That massive fog bank revealed a massive portal when I took the pictures.  I could see (in the area circled) a massive portal of turquoise green energy thru the camera lens, but try as I might, I could not capture it in the picture!!  I have a feeling, the readings will tell us so much more!!

For now tho, I am going outside to meditation and breath in this new energy.  I love you all soul much!!  Have an amazing Super, Blue, Full Eclipsed Moon day!!  

Lisa Gawlas

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