The Body and Earth of Change... OMG!!!

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Leave it to the first reading yesterday to make a statement, or better said, to show the incomplete statement I made the day prior.  I was expecting to see more sun alignments (silly me, still having expectations after all these years lol) and instead, the first lady showed up with something that looked like fire torches popping up from the ground around her, creating a circle once finished.  They popped up erratically, one to the left, one to the right, behind her, to the side again, not one after another forming a circle.  This erratic behavior seemed to be a theme yesterday.  Which I deeply feel is how we are going to experience 2018.  I'll explain more of that in a moment.

As my lady's team explained right off the bat yesterday, the belly of the earth has her own fire and her own magnetic fields of operation.  As the reading went on, it was revealed that these 16 torches represented 16 compass marks around the globe.  Each one connected into the depths of Gaia for my lady to study and become energetically familiar with.  Her team called her "the lookout" several times during the reading.  My vision was then shifted to magnetic lines under each torch, moving into the belly of Gaia.  Her job is to develop such an innate sensitive to each torch that she will be able to sense an arrival of an earthquake, storm, volcano and such, long before any of our scientific instruments does.  Her job will be to warn people of their need of movement, hence being called "the lookout."  

The fiery sun and the fiery earth, hand in hand shaking up the miasms in life, for the greater good.

One of my lady's showed up digging up holes in the earth, stretching out into the future (right) field, from the south outwards towards the east up towards the north, in a zig-zag pattern.  Again, representing what we would consider, an erratic pattern.  She was shown thru her reading, being in alignment with the south none of the sun, taking in drops of pure sun energy and where she went on earth to purposely dig up the earth, released deep, old energy and by her presence and energy of the sun, revealed large golden nuggets in the clearing.  The radiance of the sun made solid.  She stated that she just started going to various places and literally does dig up the earth to place her crystals in them.  She just recently had a dream where she was moving around the earth, digging.  She wasn't fully sure why until the details were explained thru her reading.  Which also served to validate her dream and the reading.  When spirit wants you to understand what you are required to do this year, they leave no stone unturned (smiling at the intentional pun.)

Her team also explained, this implantation will create movements within and above the earth, such as storms and earthquakes and such.  From what I understand, this is going to be a very moving year for our beautiful earth, inside and out!!

One of my connections yesterday was an ET connection.  Holy heavens batman!!  I felt like I was taken directly into the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," only the ship was directly over my house and I felt every ounce of the vibration in me.

Just in case you are not familiar with the movie and the scene I am talking about, here is a little clip:

The ship was no more than 10 feet above my house, and represented tones and colors that were breath taking to my whole system.  My lady's job, of course, is to learn to hear them instantly and understand what is being transmitted.

Their (and I am not sure if it was the Beings talking to her, the energy of the ship, or both) energy pressed in on my heart center so hard, like a bear hug with ripples of constant vibration.  Wowzers!!  

Of course, what I had assumed (again, silly me) was they were sending me a hologram to see and understand from.  Oh no, they explained since my lady was in my ear, therefore, in my presence, so was their ship.  This particular ship vibrates at the 9th dimensional frequency and only those who have trained their sight and hearing to see 9th dimensional objects could see and hear them.

When we hung up, it was like my entire pineal gland and all that connects to it, was on light speed.  Holy vibrations batman!!  I'll take a second helping of that, anytime!!

I really want to dive deep into one of the readings that took me by surprise.  Until this lady showed up, everyone's field was clear, barren even, save the sun or fire that showed up.  There is not a person or plant visible besides who I am reading for,  Until this lady came riding in from the future (right field) on a donkey!!  She was naked as a jay bird, save a shawl draped from her head down to her feet that covered her back and sides, but not her front!!  Yikes!!  I really don't like peeping at peoples naked bodies in readings, thank you very much.  All I could feel with her presence was the jesus and mary stories, but, she was not coming in from the past... the past no longer exists on the energy earth I am calling 2018.  

This is an incarnation of her soul coming to her for conscious merger from the timeline 2122.  What is stunning to think about... this is only 104 years down our road.  

My naked Lady's body, who said her name was Valentina, looked about late 20's early 30's with her girly parts quite perky!! (giggle)  I about shit when she said she was in her 90's!!  Which means, her vessel (baby body) would have been born sometime in the 2030's.

She explained that we have perfected teh changes in our DNA to allow for her form to be as I had seen it.  Not a reversal in the aging process, but the eliminating of it once the body hits a certain, not age, but completion.  Example when the conscious is completely running in harmony with the nervous system.  When all systems in the body are complete, there is no more aging out.  

She explained that the what we know as the Christ energy (not the person, but what the energy of Christ really IS) lives within the people of the earth.  Even her nakedness cause absolutely zero feelings of vulnerability.  She explained, from her timeline, people do not try to hide any part of themselves.  This is meant as much emotionally as well as physically.  True transparency and freedom as a way of life.

The conscious is so evolved in her time, that she knows of the incarnation that I was talking to on the phone, and is coming back to this timeline to her my lady prepare herself and others.  The way she refereed to what she was going to help her was "the flowering" of her consciousness.  Then she showed me an image of a pine cone:

pine cone.jpg

We think our personal consciousnesses are expanded.... ha!!  Right now, even the most conscious of us are akin to the petals of this pine cone.  We have not seen/experienced anything.... yet!!  

What we strive to become, what they start teaching their children from birth, is opening each petal of connectivity so as the body processes reach maturity, it looks more like this:

pine cone 2.jpg

Valentina also explained that we are still perfecting out DNA in this timeline.  Our babies are being born in higher functioning nervous systems and biology, but there is still much mutating left to do.  The good news is, we are doing it.  She is living proof that all that we have undertaken in our spiritual and physical lives to change and mutate, finds full success in the next generation.  Keeping in mind that a generation is 25 years.

I am going to close on that note.  All of our hard work, inside at the biological level and outside at the consciousness level... is paying off, big time!!  

Thank you, each and everyone of you, for Being Here, Being You in this profound time we are in!!! 

((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of Light, Sound, and mutating Cells of expanding consciousness to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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