The Solstice of Change and Eruption!


We are in it now. Every person I tried to read for yesterday was in an energy field much like the “beam me up scotty” things in star trek. All in multi colored dots, all being pulled upwards to the 2019 field. Not an ounce more of understanding or information tho. Except…

I completely forgot when I was writing yesterday that I had an intense dream that night. For those of you who talk to me, you know I almost never dream. I bitch a lot about not getting the dreamscape action at night. On the rare occasions I get a dream, they are always potent. This one seems that my team did not want me to forget, it was put in my mind over and over again yesterday, so I decided to share it today.

The landscape I was in felt like the east coast of North Carolina, one of my favorite places to have lived. I was with my ex husband and our daughter Valorie, we were all aged present moment. It was summer time we were outside when it started snowing, a rather heavy snow fall at that. We looked at each other confused. It barely snows in the winter in eastern NC, forget the summer, even on a fluke. I heard from my team, the seasons are changing and to be prepared. I kept feeling inside myself (in the dream mind you) that something big is about to happen. This snow was a precursor to a much larger event. Sure enough, suddenly an explosion off in the distance, where the Ashville mountains would be. It was a massive volcano erupting.

I so love the energy from a volcano, but this was a little too close for comfort. The intense red-orange spewing out was amazing in its vibrancy with all these white sparks (very much looking like the white I have been seeing since the 12/11 energy influx.

Even tho it would be a 12 hour car ride from where I was standing to where the volcano was erupting, I knew I had to get my daughter to safety (poor ex husband wasn’t even thought about lol.) I grabbed her by the arm and starting running towards the direction of Virginia with her. Within moments after it erupted the lava flow, an easy 5 feet deep, was right behind us. All I could think of was… I wonder how long it will hurt before we are dead once it hits us.

Much to my surprise, there was zero pain. Not an ounce. Plus, we didn’t have a physical death either. My daughter was melted to my body as we drifted forward as part of the lava flow. It was like we became part of the lava, no longer seeing a physical body as lave bodies merged together. I was so surprised by this, I woke up… and it was time to start my day.

These events were so real that I know it was a dream experience. On another plane, this happened. Anything that happens on other planes, affects the ALL, especially when in the same realm (earth.)

I lived in North Carolina for 5 years, my ex never was there at all. But I feel the deeper message is change, in the past (ex) and the present (daughter) and the landscapes that brought us to the moment. We will experience things that are highly unlikely from the rational mind. Things we thought could never happen, will. There will be sudden change in landscapes as well, personal field landscapes. Somethings get emotionally closer were other things disintegrate as if they never were.

Ohhh and the full moon tomorrow, coupled with today’s solstice energies

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, 2019 is going to be a very interesting, unexpected year of personal and global events!!

On that note, have an amazing solstice day. I am grateful the days start getting longer after today!! YAY daylight!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) wrapped in the snowy lava of change thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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