Entering the Energies of March!!! Holy Magnetics Batman!!


Holy rock and roll shows batman!!  The energies in the field are crazy!!!  By the end of my 2nd reading yesterday I felt like I did a 90 minute fast paced workout!!  

For the last few weeks there has been this membrane that separates the February energies from the march energies.  It is still there as of yesterday, which kind of surprised me, until we were in class last evening and I suddenly remembered the readings from last week.  A couple of the guides stated that not everyone is going to be released into the March energies.  They never clarified what that really meant, so I must have forgotten about it!!  

There is a massive acceleration of all energies coming in thru the March (and beyond) timelines.  Keeping in mind, we use the packages of "months" to isolate particular energies.  It has nothing to do with the month itself, but the way we slice up the energies coming in.  That said, February is where the universe draws a line in the sand.  If there are still unresolved issues within the body, field of life, mental concepts about reality/non reality, I guess the best way to describe it as massive do overs.  Giving those the opportunity to see more clearly, make different choices and so on.  

One of the most repeated demands/requirements thru the readings yesterday was, forget all you think you know before moving into March.  Forget everything you are capable of doing, so you enter pure, fresh, unbiased, like that of a child.  You can pick it all back up, if you desire, after you integrate all the new energy enhancements, but do not take any of it there with you, it will dilute what is available to you, in purity.

.Back to the membrane thingie.  What served as a filter between the two energies is now serving as a conductor within the two energy systems (February and March.)  If I am understand the matrix of the overall picture.  The eclipse energies released new emotional quantities (lunar eclipse) and the solar eclipse released creator (solidifying) energies... the only two true building blocks of life.  We had the two weeks after the eclipses to assimilate, and connect, as if we were connecting two wires together in many quadrants in our lives.  Some we do consciously, some at the soul level, but one way or another... it all gets done.  

And then we have the equinox energies turning the new "mechanics" on, slowly and purposely.  I want to mention this word that was used thru almost every reading yesterday... mechanics.  The mechanics we use within our biology and our energy fields will change with this equinox magnetic fusion. How, I do not know.  I did everything I knew how to do to really understand what spirit means by the "mechanics" and they were tight lipped about it all.

When it comes to this thing that I have been calling a wall, but it more a filtering membrane so we do not get hit with everything at once, has changed, but changed differently for every single person in yesterdays readings.  One it was a blend of all this amazing multi colored energy, enhancing my lady and preparing her for brand new in comiing energies once she gets into March, that will redefine how she does what she does and more.  They told her (and others, including in class last night) do not take what you think you know into the understanding.  Let any part of what we think we know, what we have used and how, sit in the background, until the new understanding becomes a usable energy.  Then you can pick up what you laid down for integration, but NOT the other way around.

Another lady's membrane reminded me of swiss cheese that had this white thick foamy stuff coming thru the holes, setting up her foundation to build upon as we open to March.

Another... OMG, the visual was soooooo crazy funny.  This membrane was going down into the ground, releasing itself as an open flow.  My lady was belly over the membrane, head and chest in march, butt and legs in february.  Them they showed her boobs hanging and banging the membrane.  Her whole body and energy field is signaling the strong magnetic energies to start pouring in the nurturing and nourishment her life needs for enrichment!  Talk about the power of breasts!!!

Then my last lady, phew baby baby.  The winds of change were blowing so hard her cheeks were pinned against her ears pret near!!  It was shocking to see and feel!!  Let me give you a little glimpse (minus the outfit of course)


I could see (and feel) the massive tunnel the wind was pour thru.  Because that membrane was preventing her from going into March, her face looked a lot like the gif above.  When I wondered what would happen when march opened up, I sudden seen and felt that membrane start to stretch with her body still in the center, like a sling shot.  Each day the tightness on the sling shot got tighter and tighter and stopped about the 7th day in and then they shut me down from see what happens next!!  Sometimes we get a heads up, but not the details, dammit.  But we did understand that ever part of her life, her energy is being hit with change.

Just a heads up for March, since I just went to spaceweather.com and seen it:

MARCH HAS TWO FULL MOONS: Most months only have one full Moon. This month has two: March 2nd and March 31st.  ...If this is giving you a sense of déjà vu, that's because you heard the same news in January 2018. January also had two full Moons, punctuated by a Blue Moon. Two Blue Moons in three months? The last time this happened was almost 20 years ago. In 1999, January and March had two full Moons, separated by a February with no full Moons at all--just like 2018.  (Pay attention if you are experiencing any similar themes from within the last 20 years.)

Another thing that seemed to be focused on thru the readings was the energies from June to September.  But, lets leave that for tomorrows sharing!!  

Its a wild wild wild ride.hang on tight and enjoy the show!!

So much love, honor and excitement to and thru the ALL wrapped in ((((HUGZ))))

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