The Various Levels of Soul Engagement

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There is nothing more surprising than when you open your mouth to talk and nothing comes out.  My son called me yesterday morning before the readings started and I was shocked when I barely had a voice to respond with.  There was no physical indication that was underway.  No sore throat, no coughing spells, no nothing.  It was not 100% gone, but weaving in and out of audibility.  I figured if I regulated my breath well enough, I could make it thru the days readings. NOT!!  But it did make me, as usual, hyper aware of how our reading interactions change everything.

When speaking to my son (or anyone else for that matter... not in a reading position) I am very aware now that I draw my breath to talk from the upper part of my lungs, at the most superficial level of breath.  When we are in the position to read... not even in the reading yet, but in the position, where I draw my breath from to talk, changes.  It is not something I think about, force, or try to do, it just happens every single time.  My breath comes from the bottom most part of my lungs, which sits just above the solar plexus of course.  You and I engage at the SOULer connection of life and light.  I cannot not draw my breath from there in these connections.  I actually tried yesterday with my first attempt at reading.  It was hazardous to the point of coughing then blowing out my vocal chords.  I have not felt what that feels like several times in the last few months... the blowing out that is.  The closest thing I think I can say it feels like is when someone suddenly turns off a running tap (think water flow from a faucet.)  I can feel it happen.  Then I am reduced to a forced whisper.  Even then, the forced whisper creates havoc on my lungs ONLY when in that reading potion.  Once out of the position, I can whisper without any discomfort or coughing at all and my voice naturally draws from the upper realm of my lungs.

If I look at this as a water faucet (the very visual I am getting at this moment) our flow of water is always set at room temperature, tepid.  When we purposely engage at the soul level of connection. that waters heat up.  The higher the energies coming thru the collective field of life, the hotter the water temperature gets thru the purposeful engagement between two souls in body.  

I do not know that I have ever been so hyper-aware of the levels of engagement there are between incarnated souls and what it means/does to us at each level.  So lets talk about that today, since it is obviously the focus of my team and something I never looked at before.

A good many within the earths population do not ever really engage at the soul level of anything.  They live and act/react from the ego side of life only.  That said, some were designed that way via the DNA construct to be the purposeful antagonist in lives.  Most weren't.

Then there is the superficial (the surface of the soul) engagement.  This is really how most societies are taught to live.  And yes, the rules of engagement are taught and instilled thru family and religious constructs.

Of course, there are so many other levels (if you will) of engagement in between what I am highlighting and we often swim between many of them depending on what part of our life we are engaging in.

The game starts to heat up at the mid-level area.  We can even call this level the awakening level.  When we start to realize that we have been duped by false perceptions we have taken in as our own and start reaching beyond our known associations with life, emotionally speak and in vast quadrants in our day to day life as well.  The after affects of my Ouija board experience thrust me into this mid level realm. That is when I found my first online spiritual community and really started to be shocked at how much more there is to life beyond my catholic upbringing.  

It is at this mid-level area of my own personal engagement things started going really weird in my body.  The positive areas were depression was leaving and no longer such a familar friend, my ulcers were healing, my GERD was healing, I WAS HEALING my inner dysfunction and fears.  At the same time tho, I started getting cold after cold, something I never really dealt with in my whole life.  Of course, the concept of spirit lube and DNA enhancements were still a decade and a half down my future road of understanding.  I did notice that many of those in that chat forum place, would get colds right around the same time and they would release around the same time.  I was too young and naive to go beyond the recognition into the deeper understandings of what was happening.  

I can from today's amazing perspective tho.  When we engage at that level of learning, understanding, applying, with each other, purposely, we are equally changing each other, dynamically at the cellular and energetic levels of growth, of change.   

The more we engage, the more we change, not only ourselves, but all the selves that gather round and interact.  But not only that, it changes all areas within each persons soul energies as well.  Examples, families, friends, neighbors, the whole city, the state... all depending on your speed of acceleration thru your personal and group growth.  

This all creates higher degrees of engagement as we truck along on our ever changing life path.  

Our goal as we move along, should always be, never get hung up on what you think you knew yesterday, today is a new day of understanding.  All-ways.

By 2008, 8 years into full on soul engagement with anyone I came into contact with, I went for a deep dive in my bathtub to see what blemish I could remove next.  By this time, I was well aware of the power acceleration that happened after each deep dive into myself, clearing and healing emotional wounds I held onto from the past, be it this life or previous ones.  But equally, applying to new energy release as my new way of life.  I actually became slightly heartbroken and extremely surprised when my team said, there is nothing left to address in healing.  I was done.  My reply was simply... y'all are out of your freakin trees.  Yes, i am clearler, stronger, much more self assured than I was 8 years prior, but I still have shit in my field, that I am sure of.  

At that time, I put myself fully into my developing massage practice of energy work and reading while deeply changing the core energy of whomever was on my table... and learning about all that.  I had stopped doing phone readings all together to focus on this exciting new engagement in my growth.

I learned so much about the human capability and experience with that 7 year part of my process.  I had watched many (men mostly) people, clueless about spirit and energy and all that I was doing, be intensely affected by their massage sessions.  Some calling me hours afterwards asking if they are still supposed to be feeling all that energy, some with concerns because they became very ill (vomiting mostly) afterwards.  

It's kind of funny now, in reflection.  98% of my massage clients were men, hands on and interactive in their questions of what was transpiring.  Now that I am back in the upper realms, doing phone/skype readings, 98% remain female.  Men are our creator gods, hands on, tangible with their efforts.  Our blessing.  Women, very emotional, expansive with their feelings.  Our blessing.  The yin to the yang of life.  Physical and emotional is what creates.  One without the other is creation waiting...

So here I sit, 18 years down my very twisty (and twisted lol) windy road, in full on awe of all of us.  Of how intricate our soul design is.  How involved it is in all we do, if and when we allow.  Way way beyond the superficial interactions and full on LIGHT Spectrum involvement.

I witnessed my own physical body go thru the hell of menopause at the very same time earth was doing the same.  Changes after changes, increased energy, awareness, ability to understand more, apply more.  And the downside (from the human view point) asthma like symptoms, fatigue on an almost daily basis, immune system craziness.  I equally know I did not sign up on this ride to assume anything.  I live and share by full on experience of it all.  The good, the bad and the down right ugly.  I became aware of the energies of the earth, of the sun and of each other and how they affected my personal Being.  Kind of feeling like soaring then crashing to the ground and back up again.  One of the crazy things that came with all this was this odd laryngitis.  My voice keeps my over head, over my head.  Not being able to talk means not being able to work and have to reschedule, and what I would view as clog up my future dates and restrict my inflow of income to maintain my overhead.  But thru every single voice loss (which have been uncountable now thru the last 5 years) I always made my bills.  I stopped fearing what it could do, because it never did that.  But I really wanted to fully understand why and what triggers it all.  Keeping in mind, I have been for CT scans, had on three separate occasions had the camera stuck down my throat by an ENT specialist with no concrete reasoning behind its onset or during.

I have come to understand its the energies and my team, my body's way of protecting me as well as you,  from an over abundance of energies.  We drink each other in during readings.  We breath in new soul energy thru the perception of readings and then take deep dives into the soul light for understanding.  

Yesterday was the full moon, the first of two that will happen in march.  I about shit when my son called me 30 minutes before my day was to start and my voice was croaking in and out, but it didn't fully leave.  Not until I connected to my first lady on my reading schedule and cough cough cough, out went my voice.  I left it go.  I remained voiceless thru the whole day.  

This morning, doing my test talk to myself, I could speak and at times it would crack and skip, but I felt it could handle doing readings.  My same first appointment from yesterday was now today's first as well.  We meet on skype, so I asked her if we could call a few minutes early to see where my voice was at.  I called her from my office and was so excited I could talk.  OMG lets rock this thing!!  I walked from my office which is located just inside my back door, the moment I got to the door itself, I started coughing, and there went my voice.  Once again, I felt it, like someone just turned the faucet off.  I became so excited as was (still am) writing this sharing and understanding our intimate soul connections now.  There is only one more level of intimate soul connections we will get to... that we need to get to after this.  I have no idea what that is... today, I am not really caring.  I am full of wonder at this moment.  

I am now 3 attempts at reading into my day.  I purposely called each one while still in my office, and each time I had full use of my voice.  The moment I got to my back door, to enter what I call, reading land, I could feel the switch happen in my throat, twice it came from spontaneous coughing, and once it just faded away.  With all three, I had zero voice by the time I was on the porch.  Not even in my chair, just thru the back door.  

There is a wild eyed excitement running thru me at this moment.  I swear I feel like I just discovered the cure for cancer, but am unable to express the details and finely as I want to.  The one thing I absolutely know for sure... we have nit a new level of soul engagement.  One that did not exist prior to this massive full moon energy yesterday.  Give me the day to process how to write this understanding out and what we are going to do with it, because its huge and important and I don't want to use words that twist it into something its not.

 Until tomorrow... OMG how love each and every one of you.  Thank you for being the Divine Mirror of God Him/HerSelf!!  You rock my world and my vocal chords!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new harmonics to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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