Are You Ready to BE A Rebel???

Let Your Radiance Shine Unrestricted <3

Let Your Radiance Shine Unrestricted <3

I swear, since this year started, the tremendous information and understandings coming thru every reading is akin to the effervescent bubbles of champagne.  They tickle the senses, heighten the emotions as all the light bubbles of new information pop and release to the person I am speaking to, and then.... just gone.  I had such an amazing, dynamic day in the field of readings yesterday, with tons of holy shit moments of understandings and by the time I went to sleep, I could barely recall any of it.  That is one of the main reasons why my sharing went from every day to whenever I have enough information to string together to inform.  

Even the visual recall, which for 15 years was like always accessing the reading akash, remind of the visual, I will remember the whole thing, even if it was 15 years ago.  Not so much this year.  

Of course, the human within questions the quality of memory, is it eroding??  Thank god I can hear spirit and on occasion, they actually give understanding (smile.)  The understanding I hear this morning is that a lot of the information is very specifically for the person I am reading, no one else but them.  I get a memory wipe at the close of my day.  I cannot tell you how many times lately spirit tells me "its none of your business," hey!!! Yes it is lol.  But in lieu of the information coming thru me, they give the person I am connecting with the way to access it themselves.  Equally, so much of what is coming thru these days is so new, so beyond my previous inconceivability, it has not anchored in as a knowing yet.  We can look at that as building  a new habit, repetition makes it stick and become a natural part of what you do, same with the new information.  

That said, when someones team actually merges into my body and expands it with the information, it is something I will never forget.  Twice this week, such a thing happened.  I shared in my last blog (or the one before that one) about the lady's team coming in and making me feel so bloated, expanded when explaining the clear karmic energy... yesterday, at the tail end of my first reading, as we were wrapping up, suddenly her team merged into my heart and solar plexus and stated "It's time to break all the rules!!!"  It was filled with such strong emotion that I actually had tears coming out of my eyes and this feeling of intoxicating love that blew my mind and lingered all day long, with expanding information of what they meant in fullness.

We are a species of rule makers.  Do this, don't do that.  The very concept of a rule solidifies the opposite by those who set the rules.   Look at the very failed "war on drugs" and all the rules around that.  The very thing that is not wanted, seeded so much more of that in place.  

I remember in the beginning of this journey of higher awareness, jezuz so many people told me that smoking stunts your spiritual growth, as does eating certain foods, or drinking alcohol, or cussing or a whole list of other things.   Once I was in a state of trust with hearing my guides, that was the first thing I asked them.  I was (still am) a smoker and I drank alcohol and never even thought about judging the food I ate, I just ate what I wanted.  Believe it or not, I did not cuss anywhere near the extent I do now, thanks to doing readings.  Spirit is a colorful group of entities that want to prove a point, over and over (habit forming lol.)

The only thing that seemed to be important to my team, and I promise you, it is still that way today for all of us, is that we become unconditional loving and nonjudgmental in all we think, do and say.  That alone facilitates growth and freedom for all.  

Judgement, which is where rules spring from, is an unconscious (and sometimes, very conscious) way of controlling others, and even, oneself.  

If we look at our own recent history, things changed radically because groups of people banded together and broke whatever rules were in place.  

The one thing I am absolutely certain of, spirit not wants us to be, but NEEDS us to be REBELS!!  We have served the ego constructs long enough.  It is time to dance in the light of your joy, freely and madly!!!

On that note, my day begins soon.  I love you all soul much and soul much more than that too!!

Ohhh, silly me, in my rush to finish up my sharing before my first appointment, I didn't even think to offer the Nations Class with the hypnosis even of Christ Consciousness to everyone,  So I am doing it today.  It will shake anything loose in the rule spectrum loose!!  I do want to mention that this particular script I did was actually a channeling from AA Michael thru Ronna Herman somewhere back in 2008 or 2009.  Even tho for many of us, our chakras are no longer individuated as they were back then, they still are power centers and we are revving the engine of life to new speeds thru the event.  Enjoy:

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