The Gift of Aggression (and using it wisely!!)


Holy energy fields batman!!  If you rev up my engine any more thru readings, I may just explode!!  After my second reading yesterday, holy heavens, my head got super thick with energy, rocking a headache, my hands and feet were vibrating to kingdom come and release so much heat.  I couldn't even finish my day!  I stayed like that for hours, minus the headache of course.  Then sleep time last night was just... so odd.  If 7 hours didn't just disappear, I would swear I did not sleep at all.  I kept feeling (being conscious I suppose) like I was in a massively fast spinning tunnel or field of light all night long.  

I do want to talk about yet another shocker that came thru my first reading.  I know I have become sooo accustomed to the whole love and light gig, I am shocked when we are encouraged to use our more, base/human energies too.  In this instance, it would be the energy of aggression.  My lady was even gifted with a tiger as an ally to help her understand when and how to apply the aggressive nature that we are.  When used properly, aggression is a bookend of desire, completing its fulfillment.  Now let me explain how that showed up!

She was crawling on her hands and knees from what I call her center into the nearest of futures.  I could feel in my own body all the effort and strength she was putting into this crawl forward.  I realized there was an energy system bound around her, not so much holding her in place, but truly creating the resistance of moving forward.  This was not a negative thing at all, quite the opposite.  It is the very thing that is helping her to find new ways of moving forward, not stopping with resistance, but using her desire to go forward in new ways.

I realized that her toe nails were tiger claws digging into the ground to give her support pushing forward.  Then the next thing ya know, a tiger shows up saying we can call him "Stud Assistance."  I cracked up since i am thinking... stud service, but said no, the the kind in homes.  So lets look at what a stud does:  Studs form walls and may carry vertical structural loads or be non load-bearing such as in partition walls which only separate spaces. They hold in place the windows, doors, interior finish, exterior sheathing or siding, insulation and utilities and help give shape to a building.

It feels she is going to be a very important support system, how and in what way, I suppose we will find out when we get together again next week.  She got homework to do first.

It was thru her tiger that the word aggression came thru.  To use it as part of her strength, her determination and desired outcomes.  

We have a tendency to give up, or at least, stop trying when what we have tried has not worked out.  This can no longer be the way of it!  We have been given the gift (and the challenge) of these unusual (to life in Spirit) base/denser attributes, to use to highest good, not cower away from!!  

There is an energy we are already fueling into the June/July construct.  What exactly that is... dunno, its still building without details my snooping eyes can see!!  Dammit!!

There is new energy coming up and out of the earth, infiltrating the human systems for assimilation.  I am seeing it thru the readings in various ways, but still cannot put exact words to it, any of it.  I am far from a science kind of gal to begin with and when spirit starts showing me molecule strands or math, my already overworked mind, melts down.  The molten lava has a lot to do with what is being released above the earth.  Not necessarily only from active volcanoes, but also seepage thru the earth itself.

Our plants are going thru their own upgrades and is kicking many people in the ass with what we consider, allergies.  The body is adjusting to the new.

Well, once again my day is about to begin.  I stayed in bed a bit longer, hoping for some extra winks, didn't happen, so this is short but sweet.  I have two people (unexpectedly) coming in for hands on energy work.  Since I really thought I removed all links to in person work for now, I was shocked to see those appointments, but also, have a very deep feeling we are going to discover some new information thru it too!!  

Ohhh, and just a little follow up from yesterday.  I called my dentist and there are some sort of O rings that are on the implants that tend to wear out.  It is covered.  YAY.  

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with exhausting excitement to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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