The New Triad of YOU reaching Higher Mental Planes!

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Holy Wowzers Batman!!!  We have hit the upper and outer stratospheres without our field of light embodiment!!  Altho I only had one reading yesterday, we also had the advanced meditation class after that reading and the information coming thru was similar and exciting and let me tell you, start looking at the new and only the new.  There is a triad coming together these next two weeks heading into the lunar eclipse.  For those that meditate, I would strongly suggest focusing on what is coming in thru this energy system.  

There earth is releasing so much new, enhanced energy, at this moment, the focus target of this energy release is the heart center.  The heart center is being opened to higher realms of light and information.  As the heart center opens, it is activating the physical mind accessibility to the higher planes of information.  Planes that have never been opened to the earth realm in all its prior history!!  

Understanding how the earth is shifting and changing according to your light field is first most important thing to get familiar with.  As I learned in class yesterday, it will be unique to each person, to each light body on the field of material life.  

This is not a process that should be or needs to be rushed.  Fully understand the shifting earth energy before you head to the heart field to understand what that energy opened there. Once you move to the heart plane, you will feel a pull upwards into the highest mental plane your light body can access, follow the pull.

 Do not... I repeat, DO NOT bring any old information, identity, thoughts about anything into your explorations, other than the new opening up and ask questions!!  

Ohhhhh speaking of questions, as I was bringing thru the homework assignment in meditation class yesterday, gaia is going to be individuating herself to assist each person allowing the clarity to come thru.  She explained again that she is not a single entity but a group soul that is as much masculine as it is feminine based.  We need to remove our perceptions that the earth is all feminine, not even close.  

Same with us, it is time to stop splitting ourselves in half and using the Whole of our Selfs as a unified Being.  We have had enough practice on either side (male/female.)

Well, my day begins and I was late getting up.  Enjoy the walk to the amazing full lunar eclipse that is already changing life as we know it!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with wondrous adventures of New thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


P.S.  I am still working on getting all the classes uploaded.  I am hoping today ends the terminal lag I have been dealing with for close to a week!!

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