Old Tools Mutating Energy and Hello Sphincter!! (Smile)


Just when you think the energies of the field cannot get any higher, it does.  Every day it seems, it does.  By the time I got to the last 2 readings, I was doing them with my hand over my eyes and forehead just to shield from the energies and I still had a growing heading thru each one of the readings, which must have bumped into my melatonin, I was up past 2am and right now its an out before my first appointment.  But I want share a few things or they will become lost in the pool of my mind.

Everyone is in such a different position on that blue line up at the tree top area of life, some are still absorbing and assimilating the new energies from the eclipse series, some are starting to move down the slopey part of this blue line heading back towards earth and one, she just cracked me up and started this whole headache thing yesterday.

There is this constant "blue line" which is exactly how I see it as.  But this blue line is collecting all the new energies that have been released from the eclipses and sort of melding them together to become one new, enhanced energy that the entire planet must slowly absorb, assimilate and begin to use.  

My lady had a jackhammer and was hammering away at the energy of this line, releasing "mutated" energies that was the beginning of this headache.  I need hazard pay!! lol  It took me a while to realize what that even meant and literally getting out of her field (came into the computer room) to fully understand it.

We can look at the jackhammer like an told tool that we needed to use prior to moving into this eclipse series.  Now, in this refined, high velocity energies, that tool will do more harm than good.  She was advised to turn what I kept seeing as a jackhammer, into a wand.  Pulling the energy up thru her, slowly and rhythmically, and then releasing it thru the gold wand I could see in her left hand.  Slowing all down, and when I seen that,  OMG the energy was so beautiful, like nothing I ever experienced before.  

Spirit has been saying our old tools, our old ways of working with energies will no longer work in this new field we find ourselves for some time.  Well that time is now.  If anyone thinks for a moment that doing energy work, including reiki, can never do any harm, I beg to differ!!!  It's the channel it flows thru that can unintentionally do harm, especially if we are still working with it old school style.  Ohhhh and my lady was draped in this really heavy clothing, her team said so they can protect her from this energy, otherwise she would fry herself until she changed how she interacted with the energies.

I want to make sure I talk about this next lady today.  OMG shock the flipping hell out of me.  She was on the down slope part of this blue line, on her ass, back tilted backwards, legs in the air and her, like everyone else, nekked as a jay bird, but with a twist.  Man of man, my focal point became right between the butt cheeks.  If that wasn't shocking enough for me, we moved directly to her butt sphincter!!  Let me tell you, this is not like your normal vision where you close your eyes and you no longer see anything... eyes open, closed, hand pressed against my eyes and forever, didn't matter I seen her ever living sphincter up close and personal.  She was wearing this blue line a wedgy and suddenly this blue energy went up into her sphincter, thru her large intestines, stopping at various places to give details, but what I want to focus on today, is when it passed thru the transverse colon.  This blue energy started dripping downwards and affecting her liver, her stomach and to the left of the stomach, started to form a new organ or gland.  As it has been said before, before anything appears as physical in this world called earth, it first comes in as light, takes the form and shape of whatever it is becoming and then eventually becomes form.  

Her team also explained there will come a time in our future (a generation or two from now) where our bodies will not longer be separated by organs and glands, instead it will work in harmony as a whole thing.  I really did not understand what they meant, but they said to just know, our entire anatomy is changing, slowly, over time to assimilate.  They also gave me hell for being so weirded out for seeing her butt hole!!  Its just not nice to be looking so clearly in intimate places.  Well her team said if it was her toe, or finger or even an ear, there would be no weirdness, the sphincter is a purposeful part of our body and we really need to get over our selves with hiding ourselves from ourselves.  

I am sure there is more, but my day is about to begin.  I love you and damn, I hope I am peeking into places that ummmm.... well, no more butts today please!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of blue juice in amazing places to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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