Moving into September.

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And her we come, winding down the energies of August!!  Part of me wants to say thank god, but I already know its only going to get higher from here.  I finally got a good glimpse of the energy heading into September thru the readings yesterday.  I cannot say I understand it, but I am kind of excited to see how it unfolds, at least, from today's perspective.  No doubt i will go into bitch mode once we get to September!! lol

What confuses me, is the presentation.  The energy of September seems to flow upwards from the downward path of the "blue line" at about the 5 foot mark from the top line.  These amazing waves of soft golden energy stack upwards to a new platform that feels just as amazing as these golden waves.  They really aren't waves, but I have no other way to describe them.  Where I get confused is that we are still transitioning from the high energies from the eclipse series as we return to the earth with our new energy fields, and yet, September is an easy 4 feet above the start of the downward blue line (that is not a line at all, it just looks like one when I look at it.)  I guess that will live in the "we,'ll see when we get there" box!

There is one thing I forgot to mention that is so important.  We are going thru something like a reboot (but not really a reboot, our language and understandings are too limited to know what exactly it is, but reboot is as close as we get.)  But yet, not everyone has gotten that instruction, just some.  I cannot tell or understand why.  

Just a little note to say that I wrote the above yesterday then got completely sidetracked with my webmaster.  He is working hard to get everything functional and new again.  YAY!!

There is one thing I keep hearing this morning and I have to pay attention to the language:  There are things 'looming' on your horizon that we must prepare for."  The word looming kinda catches me by surprise.  It comes with an energy that kind of pushes against me.  Like whatever this is that is "looming" will be pushing us into places or events that we may not volunteer to be in, but are needed within.  

There is another thing I am noticing these last couple weeks.  We have new Extraterrestrial arrivals coming in to assist us as we move ever higher in earths fields of light and frequency.  ET's that have been waiting for this time of our history to arrive.  I had one amazing lady the other day connect with this time tunnel Being.  Inside this black tunnel no bigger round than a soccer ball (of course, going to scale of my vision) and there were all these clocks at various placements of this tunnel that was not straight but more wavy.  Dips down, dips up and at each various dip, was an old time clock with its hands spinning like crazy.  Some clockwise, some counter clockwise and none at the same speed as another.  

This Being explained there is much more to the energy of time than even our science understands and it has very little to do with the time we see on our clocks, on our calendars and the movement of our sun around the earth.  There are many planes that use this energy we call time, but not like we perceive it.  It is time (giggle) to understand time more deeply and with a new way of using/interacting with it.  I will be picking my lady;s field to know what she gets to know and use first and share where I can!!

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I love you all soul much!!  Rest and Play are the orders of the day!! lol

((((((HUGZ)))))) filled with relaxed timeless energy as we power up for full steam ahead!!

Lisa Gawlas

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