Creation and Emotion - Eclipse Bookends

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These are some strange electronic times we are having!! Hell, they are just strange times period. We had the Nation’s Tuesday night class last evening, which auto records on entrance. Went to upload the files to the website this morning, both folders are there, both are completely empty. I went to zoom, noting there either, which really stinks. I am hoping they magically appear sometime today.

The one thing I want to focus on today is the energies that make up these two eclipses we are sandwiched between. The partial solar one started releasing its energy many days before we actually arrived in its timeline, the dark matter that was prevalent for days. Creation energy. We are still being infused with that energy, but now we are also starting to get the full lunar eclipse energy too. The pure emotion that gives life to Life itself.

So we now have the material (dark matter) needed to create new life and the emotional spark that gives it life. In a way, this is already creating the on switches for new experiences, new ideas and most importantly (smile) new super powers coming online. Which of course, means more homework for us as we go forward. Those unfamiliar with the use of the word homework in my world, its meditation studies. Getting to know your new, beautiful self thru meditation.

If I am understanding this correctly, some will be familiar, some aspects of your new enhancements, completely unfamiliar. It seems everyone is getting a new team to assist them with learning and using their new enhancements.

I was notified by our collective teams in class last night, this coming Tuesday we will focus on the new sparks of life coming in at the deepest part of our DNA, how to bring it into our created reality and more. I mention this, because this morning, I am being asked to make it a public event. It will be two sessions, one on the 15th, one on the 22nd, focusing on during the eclipse energies and then, after. Including our new teams and how they will assist you in learning your new beautiful Self’s. It will be held via zoom and the fee will be $22 total, master builder frequency!! Space is limited, here is the link to participate (all Nation members are free. just show up.)

We were also warned in class last night, as we get closer to the lunar eclipse, the emotional charge will increase, which will increase the crazy on earth due to unresolved inner conflict thru many. We may very well see another mass shooting in the USA. That information came thru my solar plexus like a colony of ants in unrest. Probable, but nothing is absolute. No other information was given about that, yet.

There is more to share, but my day is about to begin. I will finish tomorrow.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with love and laughter to and thru ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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