Feeling vs Emoting (plus) Consciousness is Crucial!!


One day it seems the readings are all related to weather patterns and the number 5, next day… not a single one lol. I swear it keeps me on my toes and consistently smashes my assumptions!!

Yesterdays readings were all about purposely and consciously raising up into the mental planes and the common number was 10, but with some twists.

First lets look at the 10 in my interpretation, 1 is all about new beginnings, 0 unlimited potential (being pregnant and empty at the same time.)

With one of my precious ladies, the focus was on taking in energy from the left and right, vibration and frequency all at the same time as she consciously and deliberately moved upwards to the mental planes of awareness. It was explained that in this phase of our evolution, we need to unify the energies as one power.

Again, in my world…. vibration is the rate of speed our body and minds vibrate to, allowing whatever frequency that opens up to, to be accessed. Frequency is the information available given the vibration one is at. So until now, we raised our vibration then accessed new frequencies of information and experiences. Now, we must do it simultaneously.

Hopefully, I can share this next understanding clearly. We can raise our physical vibration but not access new frequencies because we have not raised our mental vibration to process and vise versa.

Hold that thought for a moment…

Another thing that is required, is to combination of feeling and emoting at the same time, to fully access and use what may be available to you/us.

Until yesterday, I never really thought about the difference between feeling and emoting, but it was made rather clear, the two are not the same thing. You can feel something but never put the feeling into an outward action. To emote is an action.

I can actually use my own personal example of this (now that I can see it clearly enough to understand lol.)

As I said yesterday, there has been some serious, evolutionary chaos unfolding in my personal world. The details of which, I will not share because it involves more than just me and not all favorably. But…

There is a woman who was a catalyst for the chaos unfolding who’s energy field was… unpleasant to say the least. On the 2nd day of obligated conversation that was escalating to an even more unpleasant energy, I could literally feel my entire energy field move inwards, into myself. As soon as it hit a certain point, my mouth instantly stated “I absolutely dislike you” to this lady. I did not say it in a mean way, just as a matter of fact way… and got up and left the situation. I could see and feel the energy that she was putting out, seal itself up within her own field as opposed to hitting everyone else that was in the room.

I instantly focused my entire Being on the love I have for the person who was the target of this chaos. What an amazing energy shift within me, and the clarity that came with the change.

I would have never realized it if I was not shown exactly how the energies shifted this morning. But, what took place was simultaneously feeling and emoting. Restoring and increasing vibration and frequency at the same time.

Our game will be inlaid with master manipulators to allow us the opportunity to grow, to evolve, to change on a moments notice.

Another thing that was shown yesterday, that I am still working on understanding, is the sound wave/side wave combo. It was shown in a reading yesterday, and has everything to do with my lady’s evolving abilities but… science and me, we are kind of estranged this lifetime.

The biggest take away from yesterday, is being CONSCIOUS of your mastery. If you are just waiting for something to show up, you will wait thru the next lifetime. If you are deliberately participating at your highest consciousness level, you are going to receive personal gifts at the speed of light!!

New teachers of the new energies are now in training. Yep, that’s you!!!

On that note, my next phase is about to begin!!

Big big big ((((HUGZ)))) to all the masters incarnate. <3

Lisa Gawlas



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