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There is no doubt yesterday was some sort of planetary reboot day and not a gentle one at that!! So many people I talked with had erratic sleep to no sleep. I slept, but after 8 hours I woke up feeling like I ran a marathon all night. When I woke up, I had zero desire to write a blog then 2 out of 4 people on my schedule were MIA. Crazy days we are in!!

The day prior, the readings were all about going higher in our mental planes. Piercing thru to higher frequencies that have yet to be released to us. Getting there tho, takes some inner focus as I have mentioned the last couple sharings. Unifying the vibration and frequency for starters.

I want to thank everyone that shows up for the Nations Tuesday nights class, it is such an invaluable way to bring the weeks readings into a larger understanding.

First I want to make clear about the use of the words “super powers.” They are not always doing energy work or what we think of as psychic work, they are harnessing your own personal power for the highest good of whatever event you are in. It really became super clear in last nights class exactly what that means.

Equally, what it means to allow the soul mind to not only be present in our day to day lives, but allow it to act when action is required. This allows full overriding of the (always questioning) ego mind.

Going back to the little bit I shared, about a woman in my physical life that is an amazing catalyst for strife in my family.

She came in from out of town and I only got to know here a partial day plus 10 minutes the next day. Day one, I there was such a familiar energy to her energy that I could not place nor really tried to. A master in the manipulation of others is a very particular energy signature, one I knew well, but had long forgotten, My mother had the same energy to her. Of course, it wasn’t until years in the deep end of my bathtub that I even understood any of that.

The way this lady talked, you swear she had everyone’s best interest at heart. Insanely convincing except to me and my daughter.

It was the next day, the 10 moments together, that really taught me so much of our own personal evolution in this phase.

The negative energy that hit my whole Being walking into the house was…. shocking. It has been forever and a day since I felt anything even close to that.

The one thing I can say honestly, when you are in the midst of an evolutionary situation, it is not even on your mind that you are. At least it wasn’t for me at all. So I wasn’t thinking super powers, or anything spiritual at all.

The conversation was incredibly unpleasant and attacking someone I love deeply. As the verbal and energetic attacks escalated, I could feel my whole Being draw in energy (which I did not even play attention to until last night in class, on the replay lol.) I think we can use the visual of ants scattered about and someone sends out the signal return home NOW and all the ants head home. Same with my personal energy. Once the energy was fully within me, that is when my mouth opened and stated “I absolutely dislike you.” Not in a mean way, but a firm matter of fact way. Again, thru class on Tuesday, I could see that this on the release of the energy within those words, an amber energy field was placed around her, keeping her energy close to her and not out in the room where several people, including my 4 month of old grandson was. A containment field.

I got up and left immediately. No higher good was going to come of staying or even attempting to talk about anything.

We have a tendency to focus our energies on love and what we conceive as spiritual love. Containment fields are important. Its funny (not ha ha funny) the visual I get is when a nuclear plant has a leak, the first thing they do is create a containment field around the leak. Same here.

There is intense power in our words and how we combine them with the energies of our Being and allowing the soul mind itself, be the catalyst for use. Which brings in the triad of energy we must use in our new super powers. Vibration, frequency, soul mind. One energy overriding our ego mind.

My ego mind would never tell someone that I dislike them, and if I did, it would be fused with so much anger that its affect would be detrimental to all involved.

In order to restore the harmony earth was created from, we all must do our part in containment of the disharmony that exists. We each will have our own way, our own approaches and situations that may vastly differ, but the goal remains the same.

I bring back my lady with the snow, shoveling…. uncovering what is now available to see with clarity. When she threw the snow over her lright shoulder, the snow simply disappeared from my view. There was no melting, no returning to water, but a complete evaporation of the snow… fully transmuted by the spirit crew (unseen to us) assisting us as we move ever higher in our evolution.

This example, use, understanding is simply scratching the surface of what we can and will do in our days to come.

On that note, I have got to get ready to go to my daughters. Child services was called again, and we are meeting today to go over events from that weekend. Please send your loving compassion. Thank you in advance.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of empowered Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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