High Voltage as we Move into Aprils Purple Energy!!

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March as well as the 1st quarter of 2019 is ending with some seriously high voltage in play! We are barely getting a handle on our lives on the ground when everyone is swooped back up to the place between the mental planes and creation!!

Thru one of the (non) readings I could see what represented a high voltage line at that (imaginary) line that separates the mental planes from the physically created world in my readings. The electricity running back and forth, sometimes at the same time in either direction, was intense!! My lady was standing on this line, but her body seemed tremendously large. To the degree that her waist to foot occupied the mental planes and from her waist to hear head occupied the pure energy space above the mental planes.

From what I could understand, the power centers that engage in the created matter we call, life, is being infused with the fragments of the original earth. Keeping in mind, these fragments are coming in in what we would think of as layers and will be ongoing thru at least the rest of this year. Sort of like getting little sips of a tall glass of water. Someones team said last week, this is not a speed process but a process of efficiency.

The part of her that was above the mental planes in what I am just calling the pure energy planes, I could barely make out and did not understand what was transpiring there. I am sure that plane, which is so new to my field of vision, is still out of my personal frequency field. Each connection helps with assimilating and eventually being able to see and understand more clearly. However, from what I gather, its providing the pure energy to ignite the lower body/fragments to ignite in their right time.

Then suddenly her team added another image to her field. About 3 feet in front of her, still in the mental planes view, the doorway to April appeared and opened up.. Any time I had seen the energy of April, it has always been a beautiful deep purple with lots of electrical currents similar to rain, flowing down. When her doorway opened, the purple energy started to move towards her ginormous body… and that was all I could see!! lol

Another lady (I may be mixing the two readings together come to think about it lol,) similar postion but I could see her taking a step into April. Before I get into that, let me tell you, there is something so yummy about a Virgin on my field. Spirit seems to open the door to understanding much wider than if you are not a virgin (new to my field of readings. She was the only I did not reschedule yesterday. Even tho I seen for everyone, it was more in the general happening as opposed to personal. This precious virgin lady (smile) got a full reading and we got to see a little bit of April and what we may be in for.

It was her left leg that stretched out to enter April, all about her physical life’s walk moving forward. I could feel the push off from her right leg on that electrical line and the high voltage energy/emotion to kick start her path moving forward in April. What surprised me, they allowed my vision to move into April and I watched as her whole body tumbled head over foot from the mental planes to the ground. The feeling of gravity pulling her downwards was strong. The tumbling was kind of like mixing the energies of the pure energy planes and the mental planes together as she prepared to land.

What was so funny and rather confusing to me, she was shown a couple of people who will be intersecting with her path and be the catalyst of changing her direction. The one lady in focus had a fish in her right hand, not a Christ fish, but a fish fish. No real understanding was given about that damn fish, except the feeling that when she meets this lady, somehow a fish (an actual fish) will be the validater to let her know she is the woman from the reading. Her team also said she will provide my lady with sustenance. Didn’t say how or what… but that word was used several times, on purpose of course. We all know spirit has deeper meanings that we realize.

Well, my day is about to begin its next phase.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with high voltage love of creation to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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I would like to leave you with this amazing, beautiful Poem written by my dear friend Barbara Jacksha (Link to her blog.)

Moment and Truth
by Barbara Jacksha

I AM this day, this hour
I AM this moment
Moment of thrashing heart
Moment of fear casting futures
Future, a game of cups and balls
Future, a confounding slight of hand
Hand me this moment to feast on
Hand me the rustle of this breath
Breath, loud and soft
Breath carries life
Life lays out a buffet
Life offers extra dessert
Desserts to wallow in
Dessert we sometimes regret
Regret swings its knives
Regret slices at air
Air of the past
Air of futures formed of smoke
Smoke swallows more than we know
Smoke plays us for fools
Fools with good intentions
Fools wanting to do the right thing
Thing is, we can’t breathe in smoke-choked hallways
Thing is, we can’t see when smoke stings our eyes
Eyes cannot be fooled
Eyes only see this moment
Moment of air and form
Moment of our greater presence
Presence hugs us when we cry
Presence offers us a dance
Dance with the moment
Dance deeper within
Within, we are sugar pops and warm summer naps
Within, we are laughter and blinking Christmas lights
Lights carried in our eyes
Lights shared with all I AM
Am this moment, am this hour, am this day
Am a central shining spark
Spark flaring in this moment
Spark flaring no matter what the moment brings
Brings a message I don’t want to hear
Brings a sneeze from the puppy at my feet
Feet get it right
Feet only have this moment to walk
Walk aligned with fear 
Walk aligned with truth
Truth or not, here I am 
Truth or not, hugging this moment
I am

This is what prompted her amazing Moment (taken from her facebook post): Well, I've had a second doctor give me the opinion that the leftover brain tumor in my head is indeed growing again. What to do about it remains to be seen. This wasn't what I wanted to hear today, but being a writer, I let it lead me into a poem and meld with the topic of my morning meditation: "I AM This Moment." (A good one to sit with if you feel so inclined.) Much love everyone.

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