The New Moon Bookends Last Months Full Moon


Welcome to the energies of June!! Of course it starts out with a very powerful new moon that happened on the 3rd but truly was a three day event! Unlike the full moon of last month where the energy was glowing white and thick pour onto us earthlings, this new moon was thick and black and bubbly (sort of.) If reminded me of the energy of lava rocks, but liquidy. Thru this deep black substance were 1-2 inch silver electrical currents running throughout it in no particular order or form. it kept reminding me of the sparks giving off on 4th of July sparklers only without the central burst. Just randomly running thru this black abyss of moon energy.


The feeling of this black downpour that has been filling up the earth like a swimming pool is intense. Emotionally intense.! In the up side and the down side.

If I am remembering correctly, the last full moon, all marshmallowy white and affecting our mental planes of creational thought. This is going straight to the emotional frequency of Life.

I can give you my own living example of how amazing these two moons work together for speedy outcomes.

As much as I like the housemate I have as a person, I absolutely dislike living with her for reasons I will not get into. Each passing day, the desire for her to be gone gets stronger in my mind and in my heart. On the day of the new moon, she told me she was moving back to Cali. It so surprised (and thrilled) me considering she is the great grandma of my newest grandchild. She already started packing up and should be gone by the time the solstice arrives.

When we were in class Tuesday, spirit gave out an exercise (which I am including at the end of this sharing that include using this energy to remove what you do no want in your life. I never thought of removal, only additions lol. Silly me. Now I am going to focus my emotional field on being able to afford to live here alone. I am so over the roommate life!!

(I am writing this over a two day span) I did a reading yesterday that was rather interesting. My lady was shoulder deep in this black energy of the moon, splashing it on herself. I could see the little electrical currents moving into each of her hands and finding their way to her sacral chakra. Enhancing and changing her sense of Self. Her path forward will contain experiences to enliven that.

On that note, link up your thoughts and emotions, allow the creative universe to fulfill your needs and desires. Keeping in mind, threaded thru these times are needs and desires of the soul for its evolution!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with the power of creation thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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