The Energies of August!!


Welcome to the Holy Fires of August!! We have had so many shifts in this last month its hard to keep up. Every time the field shifts, so does the meaning of the imagery experienced in readings. Not to mention, the presentation of such imagery. Keeps me on my toes that is for sure.

One this consistent thru all the readings in August, no solid ground beneath our feet any longer. It is a field of pure energy, absolute potential everywhere we walk. There will be spots we moved to in our path forward where the energy’s just whip the hell out of us, while taking our personal and collective evolutionary skills to new heightened levels of experience.

My first reading yesterday kicked off with some nice validation for me and my precious lady I was reading for. When we have so many shifts and I have to keep reinterpreting the visuals, its nice to get the validation back that I am getting it right.

My lady had all these circular openings in the airspace in front of her, she was elongate like worm and move thru an opening and reform back on her field looking normal. This repeated over and over until I understood what she was doing was going in and out of wormholes. At the moment she is/has been doing it at an unconscious level and now it is crucial for her to become conscious of what she is experiencing as she goes thru these wormholes. Try as I might, her team would not give me the first glimpse of what she was doing and kept telling me it is none of my business (I beg to differ lol.)

I do understand (but do not like at all lol) that spirit withholds information so that it motivates you to explore deeper and more frequently.

Suddenly one of her helpers showed up with what looked like a mining light on his forehead. He explained she needs to use the light coming out of her third eye to help her see thru these wormholes. I stopped a moment, I knew we take like in, I don’t think I ever realized just how much light our third eye puts out. Ohhhhh, here is something else I didn’t know that is being shared at this moment. The light we emit has a frequency to it, and we are always attracted to those who emit the same frequency as we do. Do not misinterpret that to mean everyone uses the frequency they have available, but they will always be attracted to those same frequencies. Like attracts like. And yes, the light can brighten as well as dim. Often times, that is when we start to seek someone knew in our world of metaphysical friends.

So we asked her new helper what his name is. Instantly I heard BERT and then he added in tronics. BERTRONICS. There was such a feeling of purpose to not only the way he gave his name (which is not his actual name.) My lady looked up the meaning of both bert as well as tronics after our reading, the validation I (we both) needed arrived:

“So Bert means Bright, Bright light, lol.

 Tronics is a suffex referring to a device, tool, or instrument, more generally used in the names of any kind of chamber or apparatus used in experiments.”

I had another lady show up with (what I eventually realized) were 8 candle sticks floating in front of her. They would form patterns then unformed and reform another pattern. (Yes, they all had a flame.) Her team said they were “rudimentary patterns laid out in front of her to follow/connect to. The basicness of the patterns means she does not have to be conscious of them, she will naturally follow them to the one they focused on last, the figure 8 that lead to the Lions Gate. As I understood that part, one circle of the figure eight rose up and laid directly on top of the other circle, making the two, one. The entire circle was now aflame.

I then seen her move up thru the fiery circle and then she was given “a feather in her cap.” Renewed, refreshed, impassioned and most of all, successful!!

There was another lady who was reaching for the north star, which was only feet above her. Yet, she could not reach it due to the blindfold I seen around her eyes. I had to look up the north star to try and understand what was being shown, I was so surprised to see that “The North Star or Pole Star – aka Polaris – is famous for holding nearly still in our sky while the entire northern sky moves around it.”

Lets change that a bit to the center of the universe in which all revolves. WE, each one of us, is our own north star, the center of our universe in which all things revolve. We pull in and push out every moment of every day, that which revolves around us. We call that, our life. To truly see what we are reaching for and creating, we must not have blindfolds on.

On that note, the next phase of my day begins. Ohhh, to avoid those pesky days where I cannot see due to new or full moons, eclipses, equinoxes and so on, I will be adjusting my calendar and the days off at least for this year over the next couple days. I will be sending out emails for those on major energy days to reschedule once I have an idea how I will work my days off.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) Leo Love to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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