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First weekend of every month, hands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday workshops targeting what we are doing in class online.  Available to members only $149

*Includes food and lodging.

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(2+ hours)  $225 (Members)  or   $450 (Non-Members)

First weekend of every month, hands on Friday, Saturday and Sunday workshops targeting what we are doing in class online.  Available to members only $149

*Includes food and lodging.


Once I got out of massage school (May 2006) and started my private practice, every time I did a massage like school taught me to do, I felt like I was going against the natural flow of the body.  Little did I realize that "feeling" and trusting my own inner guidance on how to really serve the physical and spiritual bodies within my massage, was going to take me into a whole new understanding of how our energy body and physical bodies work to release toxins, including emotions we store with ourselves.

I had already been doing "energy work" since 2001, so this was a place I was very familiar with.  I knew the energy body intimately, but yet it didn't fit with the way we are taught to work the physical body via massage.  We are taught to do our massage strokes upwards. So what we as a massage therapists are doing is breaking up the toxins within the muscles, facial and skin and sending back thru the body via the blood and lymphatic system.  Let me tell you, we have A LOT of toxins in our bodies and the physical body simply cannot eliminate at the rate of speed we are breaking up the inner debris and sending thru the body.  That is why you may feel good for a few days (or longer) but eventually need another massage.  Everything settled back into place, or even in new places.

The body naturally detoxes (energetically speaking) "downhill."   That is to say we have a natural energy system that works with the flow of gravity all around us and detoxes itself from head to toe.  We actually eliminate A LOT thru our energy system, the chakras.  Not sure what a chakra is, click here.  

I decided to do what school told us we should never do (because they simply look at the physical structure without even understanding the energy structure), I reversed the direction of my massage strokes.  I actually felt like I was now working in harmony with the body instead of against it.  Not only that, clients realized something was very different with my massages as well.  They felt up-lifted, Lighter... as they should.  I have had many clients tell me the same thing "I have never felt this way after a massage."  When you are in harmony with the energy body the physical body lights up and glows.  You feel refreshed, intoxicated even. 

As I began to continue this massage practice, I realized people store a lot of junk in their entire body system.  Not only physical toxins, but emotional ones too.  I learned to trace the energy back during the massage to see what caused these toxins and blocks and I will tell you whatever I pick up from your body.

Even if you just get a one hour massage, your body will know it just experienced something very special.  Don't just get a massage, allow yourself to have a whole massage experience!!    



The first thing I do is a light head/scalp massage.  What I am really doing is sending a communication to all the neurons in your body that we are getting ready to do some intense wonderful energy work and to prepare to release what no longer serves (the one on my massage table).  I try not to do any "readings" during the one hour massage, but sometimes a persons body has been waiting a long time for someone who not only listens, but can understand the communication of the body.  So if your body has something to say, I always share it back to you.  

I then place the palm of my hand on your crown chakra (top of your head) and stream invigorating spiritual energy down thru your core energy system (head, neck, spine.)  I then move to the feet and do what I call "Lisa-exology" my version of reflexology.  Again, I work the energy centers of your body from the feet.  I completely clear and charge the spine from the feet as well.  I do pick up a lot of "information" from the feet as well, which of course, I always relay back to you.

Once I am done with the feet, I start the massage at the right calf.  The right side of your body is your emotional/spiritual side and we are emotional pack-rats!  My focus is always the core channel in the center of your leg, but yet, I work the entire leg area, directing all the toxins you have built up to the core channel and out the bottom of the foot.  I then go to the knee, then the thigh, the hip area and then I do the left leg, which is all about your physical life.

Once I am finished with the legs, I move to the right arm, starting at your hand and making sure that chakra is open and spinning, and working my way up to your shoulder, then move to the left hand and arm.  Once completed I then move to your shoulders and neck, then onto the chest (entire chest for men only) and then the abdomen.  Again, making sure every energy center is open and releasing all that you do not need thru your energy centers, while putting highly charged, wonderfully intoxicating energy back into your body.  No I do not use reiki, it is a much higher vibrating energy than reiki.  Consider Reiki water, and the higher energies like your best bottles of Champagne.

Once I complete the front of you (and yes, everyone starts face up, energy goes in thru the front of you.)  You then turn to lay face down and I do what I refer to as a deep energy redistribution, making sure all the new energy is deeply embedded into each and every cell, while releasing the remaining straggling toxic energy down and out the energy centers.




A more basic question, perhaps, would be the exploration of what is energy. 

Energy is the term that has come to be used to explain or to connote the basic life force that exists in and all around you. Its very intangibility to those who exist solely, in their perception, on the Earth-plane gives it an ethereal quality that makes it seem difficult to understand. 

Often people say they cannot feel energy. What they really mean is: they do not know what they are feeling when they feel it. 

All of you feel energy all the time. All of you have the ability to discern what it is that you are feeling. You simply need to bring awareness and attention to what it is you feel. 

Understand, however, that this can be a difficult process. Sometimes certain protections are built-in to your patterns of awareness that make it difficult for you to notice when you are feeling certain kinds of energy. The people who feel energy the most tend to be those who have chosen to accept that doing so is a benefit to them. This is a choice that you can make at any time. But understand that such choices need to be made on all the levels of your being. You are your conscious mind. You are also your heart space. You are also your soul or essence. All of You works together, all the time, to create the choices and the responses that you have all the input that you receive in the course of a day. 



Going back to the question "What is Energy?": 

Energy is simply the explanation for the life force that exists in and all around you. 

In other words, everything has its own awareness: a table, a book, the cells that make up your nose all have an individual awareness. This collective awareness moves in a cyclic fashion, much like a wave and much like electricity does. 

In fact, a very good analogy for "What is Energy" is to compare it to electricity. However, electricity has far more instant tangibility than does energy. You are beings made of energy. That is what you are made of - there is nothing more to you than simply energy. Another way to describe energy is, of course, calling it Love. It's gathered together in certain patterns, in certain ways, to create form. The form can be a microphone. The form can be a person. The form can be a tree. It's all made of the same "stuff". 

Energy work, then, is an activity that helps to bring awareness or attention to the energy that you are and the energy that exists all around you. When someone puts their hands on someone else, when they're doing Reiki or other energy healing, they are simply intending to bring attention to the energy that is already that other person. That's all there is to it. Energy work brings attention to what already exists within you. 

The reason why energy work is effective is because it acts as a catalyst to assist you with the process that you choose to embark upon. If you are receiving healing from someone else, you are choosing to accept that healing, and in so doing accept whatever comes of your new attention and awareness to the healing that is taking place within you. No one person can heal another without an interaction and a choice being made by the recipient to bring their energetic awareness and attention to the possibility of healing taking place.




You don't necessarily have to have that awareness within your conscious mind. Your body, made up as it is of energy, has awareness of its own all over the place. Your leg has awareness that you may not be aware of in your mind - but your leg knows.  If your leg is choosing to hold attention to the healing that needs to take place within it, then that will happen. 



That is a very good question. 

Understand that the recipient of energy work chooses to accept the awareness and attention that comes from the healing action.  Understand also that this choice need not be on a conscious level. 

It is easy to differentiate between when this is helpful and when it will do nothing. There is always, within you, an even deeper and more underlying part of you - your essence, or soul - that you tend not to factor in when you think about choices, decisions and healing. If you are the target of intended energy work or intended healing because you have a condition that others think needs healing (for instance, if you are a person with cancer) other people will give you energy and will send energy to you in the hope that you get better. But perhaps on a soul level it is your choice to experience the illness to its ultimate degree. Perhaps it is the choice of you on a soul level to not accept that healing - in which case it won't work. 

It will always work, however, when you you, as your conscious mind, are in closer connection to You on a soul level. When you are making the choices, living the life and walking the path of someone who is connected to themselves on a soul level, then energy work will always have an effect - and it will always have the effect that you choose, that you desire. 

Often people don't know what they want - in which case energy work can also be very useful. We already mentioned that it acts as a catalyst for what's already present.  So, if someone wants a shift - a transformation - in their life and they receive energy work, it can help them bring clarity to their desires.  It can then help gather together what they need within them in order to move off in the direction that they want to move in.