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Arrive Sept 15th depart the 25th.  Workshop is 9 full days (16th thru the 24th.)

Includes lodging and all food and drinks.  Menu TBA

$999 (members)  or   $1999 (non-members)

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9 Day Workshop: Sept 16th thru the 24th from 10am until 6pm with a 1 hour lunch break at noon daily.


Day by Day Breakdown

Days 1 thru 3: Stripping down.  Removing illusions of self and Self.  Removing what one thinks they know about anything and the reasons why.  Removing anything else I may not be thinking of.  Saying we are letting something go, changing our mindset on something, freeing ourselves are simply words until it become a true vibration in our field.  A full shift in the frequency of oneself.  As one shifts, the group shifts.  

What took me three full years to accomplish within myself, we will do in 3 days.  I had to trust the unseen voices to strip down in my moments, not an easy feat.  I will be the audible part of your team, however they desire to come thru my mouth.  It will be intense and push you to the edge of giving up, giving in.  I won't let you quit, because what you release will be nothing in comparison to what you will gain.

Day 4 thru 6:  Entering the Void.  Nothingness.  Feeling a complete loss of identity, of relationship (even with yourself) to the world around you, to the group around you.  Orienting yourself in this space of nothing and everything.  Tuning the group into the energy of the void of stillness in the abyss.  

Day 7 thru 9:  The Reaping.  When there is nothing left to sift thru, nothing holding you back from your true power, the soul steps to the front, imbued with the harvest of so many incarnations of mastery.  We will reap the mastery, the energy and weave it all solidly into your personal field and then into the groups field and then into the field life. 

Here, in this final three days, which begins on the equinox, it will not be the guides, but your soul and God himself (my chosen word and gender association) that not only speaks thru me, but each and everyone of you and then, the group as a whole.


There are concepts I have about the many versions of "how" we will achieve each thing, but until the actual group is gathered, they are only concepts at this moment.  I do not wish to feed your expectations, because that simply breeds disappointment, which gives way to failure to achieve the ultimate goal.  If I am understanding this correctly, the goal is to become part of the Living Godhead in Body.  Take that to mean whatever it needs to mean to you right now, because in the first three days, that will be released too (and I speak for myself here as well.)  

Please arrive the day or evening of the 15th and plan your departure on the 25th, the day after the last of 9 days.  We are bookending this 9 days of full spectrum completion with the energy of 11, illumination.  New Beginnings at the start and at the conclusion.


Menu TBA (there will be a wide variety) and foods will be included.  I will have food for the omnivore and the vegetarian.  If you are vegan, please bring your food stuffs.  Breakfast and lunch will be made individually or by the group.  Dinners will be created and served by my daughter Katt.  If there are certain snack foods or even breakfast or lunch foods you like, please email me and I will do my best to stock them for you.

Nation of Lights House 

Schedule and Lodging

Arrive Sept 15th depart the 25th.  Workshop is 9 full days (16th thru the 24th.) 

Astrological Ephemeris for Sept 2017 


(Please Note; there are only 11 beds available in the retreat center. and they will be on a first come first serve venue.  Because 8 are bunk-beds, those who are older or with physical limitations will get the full sized bottom bunks or queen sized futons first.) In the event that all beds are sold out, the price will be reduced to $777 so other accommodations can be acquired.  There will be no reductions as long as beds are available.

In case you do not want to stay in close quarters with others.  The campground is only a half mile down the road and you can rent a cabin if desired: 

$999 (members)  or   $1999 (non-members) - Includes lodging and all food and drinks.There are absolutely no refunds.  

*The Into the Void workshop will be recorded and uploaded to the members area throughout the workshop, so all members can participate in their own way at their own speed.

This workshop was inspired by In-Sights and In-Spirit-tions from Marco Island!!