Life Between Life Hypnosis Weekend

Life Between Life Hypnosis Weekend

from 555.00

Friday from 2pm thru Sunday 6pm, at my home in Fentress Texas.  

357 S. Main St.  Fentress Texas  78622

All meals included.  $666 for non members and $555 for paid members of the Nation.

If you use my online booking calendar (<---click link) members of the Nation use coupon code: 111 (or HANDSON for one day sessions)  

All sessions will be digitally recorded and transferred to a thumb drive for you to take home.  

Please contact Lisa at to discuss weekend availability as well as any payment arrangement needed.  Occasional weekdays available.  (Febraury and March are fully booked, openings for April available.)

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Life Between Life Hypnosis Weekend.

Friday from 2pm thru Sunday 6pm, at my home in Fentress   357 S. Main St.  Fentress Texas  78622

If you are flying in, I will pick you up and return you to the Austin Airport.  All meals included.

Two Items to Bring to a Life Between Lives Session

  1. Prepare a typed up Cast of Characters List that includes:
  • 6 to 10 names of people who are significant in your life.
  • Could be alive or dead.
  • Could be positive or negative influences.
  • After each first name — indicate the relationship and then list three or four adjectives that describe their temperament. You might say that this Cast of Characters has been given stage roles in the great play of your life, and often they are the supporting players for your starring role.
  1. Put together a set of questions that you would like answered during your meeting with your Council of Elders. I will augment these with many other questions that will help make the session even more valuable to you.

Friday evening, and Saturday morning,experience a past life regression.  

This allows the mind to become familiar and comfortable with moving around as well as talking within a regression.  With both regressions, we will move beyond the death scene to review each life from your soul view and look at parallel lives where choices made could have been different, including the outcomes.  

The Life Between Life hypnosis was developed by Michael Newton, PhD (author of Journey of Souls ad Destiny of Souls, among other books.)

I was certified as a Life Between Life Regressionist Sept 2001 in Michael Newton PhD's  in his first ever Life Between Life class.  I was certified as a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist June 2000, with a focus on past life regression.

The Life Between Life session is deep, intense and incredibly revealing, lasting 3-5 hours.

We start with your most recent past life, move thru the death scene, look at what you do as you disembark from the body as a newly freed soul from body.  This also allows the integration of the soul mind with the ego, which will get deeper and clearer as we exit the earth plane and go back into the realm of spirit.

We will see what happens to your soul as you cross back into the light.  To include any healing stations you utilize after return to spirit, as well as meeting with your guides and counsel of elders, to understand what was accomplished and what was left unaccomplished in that lifetime (and others if there is a running history, often times, there is.)

We will also go to the body selection area to see why you chose this particular body for this lifetime, as well as the parents, location and so much more.  

We will explore your hall of records (aka the akash) as well as what your soul does when it is not incarnated in a body and so much more.

Sunday we will spend talking about all of the experiences and integrating the vast information from all three hypnosis sessions into your consciousness and most especially, into your life.  Often times, even after the hypnosis is finished, more information comes thru into your consciousness.  This is why I am choosing to make it a weekend event and not a one time/appointment event.  

All sessions will be recorded and made available to you.

If you have any questions what so ever, please do not hesitate to send me an email at

I found a wonderful, informative documentary on Michael Newton's Life Between Life Hypnosis Sessions:

This week we are joined by Linda Mitchell. Linda just experienced the Life Between Life Regression. We compared stories and finally got to share and look deeper at the Life Between Life experience.