Paying attention to synchronicities

The clearer you become in life, the clearer you see synchronized events happening.  One event leads to and builds upon another and each leads you to where you are supposed to go.  It is very much like reading a map that only appears the moment you need it.

We have been programmed to plan for our future, but that creates many blockages in our path of enlightenment.  Future planning takes us out of our now moments and places us into the fields of potentials way out in a future that has not been created yet, based on an energy system created now.  We do this based on fear.  We have reached out to our future, embedding a fear energy within it, yet are surprised when life events follow the fear, looping around and around and giving us more of the same experiences. We need to take ourselves out of the fear-embedded agenda of our future and bring ourselves into the excited love-filled energy of now.

Imagine you live your life one moment at a time, look at the synchronicities that are happening in your life, following each one to the next amazing synchronistic event without ever letting the fear of “should I do this” come into your life! 

The more you pay attention and act on these synchronicities, the more something seems to shift within your field of vision.  The right path for you to take becomes illuminated.  Messages that are specifically for you seem to jump right out of the text at you.  You can start to feel those who are on your path that have something very important to share with you in your continued Higher learning within your expanded self.  You can also start to feel when any connections are harmful to your own well-being.

The more you trust in this new expanded field of vision, the more expanded it becomes for you until the point where you will not make a move without it. This is a gradual process of letting go of the field of fear and embracing the field of trust.  This is also a gradual amplification of the magnetic fields of energy that are your DNA.

This is when the magic and understanding of life becomes a breathtaking journey.  We are capable of doing and of being more than we ever imagined.  We are the only species in all the multi-verses capable of choosing to move out of duality and into the conscious fields of co-creating Heaven right here on earth.

I would like to share with you how I came to write this saga, so you can vividly seeing how synchronicity plays out in our lives.  Sometimes it can be so subtle that it is easily missed, or so blatant that you cannot miss it at all.

I woke up one day in April of 2010 and realized that my children were grown and living their own lives.  It suddenly dawned on me that I could live my own life anywhere I wanted to live it.  The expiration date of living in Virginia had arrived. My business was dying a slow death, I was merely existing, and I was more than ready to end the chapter of my life in Virginia.   But, where did I want to live next?  Where on earth was I going to have the next set of adventures that would take me into deeper understanding of myself? 


Synchronicity #1

New Mexico started to cross my path of awareness over and over again until it became so blatant that I couldn’t miss the signs any longer.  


Synchronicity #2

A Winnebago parked itself in the parking lot next to where I worked for over a month, the tags showed it was visiting from New Mexico. 

Once I made the commitment and started to make arrangements to move from Virginia to New Mexico, the “whys” started to reveal themselves.  There was a channeling that Synchronicity #3  There was a channeling that came out stating the vortex that was once in Sedona was now moving to the area around Santa Fe, New Mexico and would settle itself there within three years.  I felt the truth in this channel and the excitement within my own body. 

I was already writing a book and had found a wonderful editor on, who lived in Albuquerque. She was excited when I informed her that I planned to move to her neck of the woods. 

My plan was to pack only what I needed in my car and take a slow ride to New Mexico.  I decided that I would find a place to live when I arrived. However, my grown children were uncomfortable with that.  They didn’t like the idea that I had very little money at that time, was behind a month in car payments, and my business had slowed to a painful crawl.  How, they wondered, could I contemplate moving 2200 miles away? Well, I had trust in this exciting adventure and knew that, one way or another, all would be provided.  Still, to appease the kids, 


Synchronicity #4  

I found a room in Albuquerque on Craig’s List.  That was serendipitous in itself, as the room was to be available at the end of July.

The one good thing when you decide to move and let your clients know is that everyone wants to see you before you leave.  My business picked up enough to allow me to lay away a tent and air mattress so that I could camp my way to New Mexico.  I could afford servicing my car with money left over to put a deposit down on the room. 

I booked and paid for campsites in North Carolina, as well as the crystal capital of the country; Mt. Ida, Arkansas.  This was all unfolding effortlessly.

I started tucking gas and food money away and, by the time I was within a week of departure, I had saved just over $300 for my trip.  I knew my gas was going to run about $160 so I felt comfortable leaving with what I had saved.  My 27-year-old son, on the other hand, was not so comforted.

On the last weekend of my Virginia life, I threw a barbecue and held a fire ceremony for my friends and clients.  It was my way of saying thanks for being a part of my life’s path.  It seems they wanted to thank me, too. They came bearing gifts of money for my journey.  


Synchronicity #5  

Suddenly, I had just under $900 with which to travel and a very relieved son!

My new life adventure began on June 28th. First, I drove to Chimney Rock, North Carolina, a spot that my children and I had discovered while escaping Hurricane Floyd in 1999.  There was a magic in those mountains with which I wanted to connect one last time before moving to the South West.  I booked a campsite for two nights.

Fifteen minutes before arriving at the campsite, I felt a sudden wash of worry.  Was I doing the right thing?  Maybe I rushed into this move!  I demanded that the universe give me validation right there and then that I was right in where I was heading and when. 

The sun had been shining brightly when all of a sudden, in absolute synchronicity within my demands, a storm pummeled the road ahead.  Because I dislike driving in pounding rain, I exited right then and there onto a road that took me off the highway and snaked me down the mountain toward my campsite.

Fortunately, Route 9 is so deeply embedded on that mountainside that the thicket of trees kept most of the raging rains from blocking my vision.  As I made my descent down the mountain, the rain completely stopped.  


Synchronicity #6  

As soon as I was on flat land again, a gigantic rainbow greeted me and I knew from past experiences that it was my validation. Rainbows followed me all the way to New Mexico!

I spent a glorious week at a campsite right outside of Mt. Ida, Arkansas.  The first three days, I did nothing but sleep, blaming it on the 13-hour drive. Later, I realized that it was the energy upgrade happening within me:  Pure crystalline energy traveling through my DNA.  After I had enough energy to move, I spent the following days in various crystal mines mining my own crystals.  I felt like I had truly died and was living in heaven.

Jill, a client-turned-friend, lived in the upper part of Arkansas near Oklahoma and invited me to stay with her for a few days.  I was thrilled to finally meet her after talking with her via the internet and phone for seven years.  She held an event while I was there, allowing me to do a group hypnosis with her energy group.  This allowed me to recoup most of the money I had spent.  Little did I realize how crucial this replenishing of my cash flow was going to be.  I will always be grateful to her for this stop along my path.

Because of life’s little surprises, my arrival date in New Mexico kept changing.  I was supposed to spend time with my oldest daughter in Austin, but that changed, which changed my arrival date.  The stop at Jill’s house changed my arrival date as well and so did the extra day that I lingered.  Then I decided not to drive another 12 hours straight and spent a night in a hotel instead.  Even though I had told her that my arrival date was not solid and that I would be there by the time she needed me to be, my future housemate was livid. 


Synchronicity #7  

Just before I left Jill’s house this soon-to-be housemate sent me a PDF file of “house rules;” something we never discussed previously.  Her house rules included how to run the water when brushing my teeth.  Bells and whistles jangled in my mind—maybe that person and that house were not ideal for my unfolding soul adventure.  Still, I decided to ignore the inner warnings until I was driving in the middle of nowhere, or the panhandle of Texas—take your pick. She called my cell, screaming about changing the date again.  It was right then and there, four hours from Albuquerque, whenI knew I could not live with her.  I told her the living arrangements were not going to work and that I would not be moving in after all.

There I was in a hotel room scrambling to understand the meaning of that latest development and wondering “now what?” Thank goodness my spiritual team had suggested that I get a Blackberry with wifi before I left Virginia!  I revisited Craig’s List hoping to find a room to rent.  I posted my predicament on facebook and called my editor only to get a fast busy signal. Having covered those bases and not knowing what else to do, I simply went to sleep.


Synchronicity #8  

In the meantime, much had happened in my oldest daughter’s life. She and her boyfriend had broken up and she was getting the keys to her new apartment the next day.  I was thrilled when she invited me to spend some time with her! I had a new plan—at least for the next few days.

I drove nine hours in a new direction and decided to get a hotel a little more than half way there to give my daughter a chance to get the keys and do what she needed to before I arrived.  Once again, as I stopped for the night, an amazing double rainbow greeted me: One for my daughter and one for me.

I wrote emailed my editor explaining all that took place and that I was now in Austin with my daughter.  I even entertained the idea of staying in Austin because so many people had told me that it was the metaphysical capital of the world. 

Once in Austin, I knew that I could never live there. People may be seeking the metaphysical parts of themselves there, but the energy of that place was choking me.


Synchronicity #9  

Upon receiving my email, my editor called immediately and invited me to stay in her home along with her husband and son, six dogs, two cats, two rabbits and a desert tortoise. Gulp.  Really?  She assured me that the house was big enough to accommodate her zoo and me as well.  Even though I loved spending time with my daughter, I knew that Austin was not what my soul wanted.  I was sure that New Mexico was where I needed to be.

I arrived in Albuquerque to welcoming hugs, barking dogs and meowing cats on July 20th and, of course, 


Synchronicity #10

I was greeted by a rainbow the next morning. I proceeded to sleep for the next week, astounded that a body could sleep so much.  I would sleep for several hours, wake up long enough to say hi and smoke a few cigarettes, then go back to sleep for several more hours.  And all that while sleeping eight to ten hours every night!  My editor told me it was elevation sickness.  Okay, I believe that there was some truth to that, except that I called it super spiritual energy sleepiness.  The elevation was really the energetic grid that I had seen the moment I started to drive through New Mexico.

On July 27th I finally woke up enough to realize that I was totally out of money needed to start working.  I had packed the most important things in my car, which was my massage gear. Synchronicity #10  Again, I turned to Craig’s List to find a therapy room to rent and found one that I thought I could afford.  It was a suite of rooms, occupied by a homeopathic and doctor and a doctor who practiced Chinese medicine. Despite the fact that I had no money, I called immediately, and got an appointment to see this space within a couple of hours.  I couldn’t let my lack of money stand between what I wanted and needed and me. I simply knew that things would work out some how.

My editor and I hopped into the car to meet the homeopathic doctor and see the room.  


Synchronicity #11

She surprised the living daylights out of me by handing me the money that was needed to pay for the first month’s rent.  She and her husband were at the tail end of a bankruptcy and I knew she couldn’t afford to do that.  I was in no position to say no.  (I think now you can see how synchronicity builds one on the other.)


The Color Yellow comes full circle

In 2000, when I realized there was an amazing world available to us accessed only via meditation (at least to start with) and that we can meet with spirit guides, angels, dead people and who ever, my mind was zinging.  The information shared with me seemed too good to be true.  I was very accustomed to relating living life with living hell.  Now I have this “team” sharing wonders that are available to us, telling me how magnificent we humans really are and assuring me that all I dare to dream can become part of my manifested reality.

Of course, my ego was deep in the crossfire of what I believed was a hell on earth and heaven within.  I needed validation of the incoming heavenly messages and potentials.  A friend of mine had mentioned when a very close friend of hers had died in a car accident, she asked the universe to validate that he was okay by sending her the color yellow.  She said the validation came instantly.  I decided to follow her lead.  I asked my spirit guides to send me the color yellow in ways I would know they were validating the amazing information being shared with me.

Instantly, yellow started showing up everywhere.  Someone emailed me about a new car they purchased and, of course, it was yellow.  Signs on the street all of a sudden echoed yellow.  Commercials on TV were all yellow. 

I had a hardcore ego that loved to disassemble anything that could possibly be validation sent to me from the heavens.  I questioned it all, not believing that it was a strong enough validation.  My team knew it, and I even dared to confront them by demanding that I need Yellow in an unmistakable way presented to me.

One day, I was in my car pulling into my driveway and I suddenly heard a song on the radio saying, “Look at the stars, look how they shine for you, and everything you do, yeah they were all yellow.  I came along, I wrote a song for you, and all the things you do, and it was called yellow.”   I cried my heart out.  My mind was swimming.  How could this be?

When I would log onto the chatroom online, I knew anyone coming in after me could read what I had typed out, and I always went into the chatroom at night.  So I always typed out “I am just laying here on the ground looking at the stars, waiting for you to show up.”  This song meant so much more to me, it hit my DNA chords loudly. 

When I had seen the video of this song released by Coldplay and it was simply the singer walking along the shoreline of the ocean, I knew right then and there that they wrote this song just for me, for my validation.  Every meditation I started out in was sitting or walking along the shore of the ocean.  My ego was tossed to the curb and my strength in feeling the truth that was unfolding deep within me, cemented.

Over the next decade, the universe would have that song play when I was in the most challenging of times, letting me know all would work out well. 

Once I arrived in New Mexico, I wasn’t looking for validation any longer, the daily arrivals of rainbows were enough for me.  This is probably why I didn’t notice that my editor’s car was yellow.  Let me correct that, of course I noticed it was yellow, but I didn’t stop to look at the synchronicity of her car being yellow.  Even when I signed the lease for my new therapy room, I didn’t realize the room itself was painted yellow until my editor did and brought that to my attention. 

The buzz I was feeling in my solar plexus while standing in my new therapy room was enough for me to know it was exactly where I was meant to be.  That it was painted yellow was icing on my cake.

I love the people with whom I now share a space.  My business blossomed overnight.  I was earning enough to rent a room on my own.  I found a place nearby and, of course, the bedroom was painted yellow.  The synchronicities were everywhere and in a trail of yellow I could no longer ignore.