Thank you Lisa for being You. You have been such a valuable teacher for me in my unfolding process with your complete authenticity, and your fierce willingness to trust and follow your guidance.

I have had two spot-on readings with you, and I participated in your ET Connection group.
While all of these were spread out over time, and I gave you no hints about what you’d told me previously, you consistently found and shared with me the same dominant themes which are my super powers. I have had other teachers discover the same threads over time, but you went straight to them each and every time without any hesitation. How cool is that? You captured more with your visuals than thousands of words could express. Thank you... Thank you... Thank you...
— Linda M.
I’ve had 2 readings with Lisa and followed her blog avidly for nearly two years. I’ve never seen anyone work and access information in the way Lisa does. She has access to an entirely different field and brings through information and guidance that high tails you to where you need to be. Her no b.s approach delivers the info that you need to hear and she helps you find a way to implement that into your life. When I speak with Lisa it feels like a warm mum hug and her energy is so beautifully warm. It’s like an energy reset in itself. Thank you Lisa for your brilliant work!
— Hannah W.
I have not ever had a reading like this lovely lady provides. She is so genuinely connected, and she doesn’t spare sharing any bit of what she sees. She is funny, honest, kind, and someone I now classify as a dear friend. I have been honored to have her read for me for roughly 6 years now, and I can’t go a birthday without gifting myself, yet again, for another reading. Best present to myself I can ever imagine. I am humbled and so fortunate to have found this amazing lady.
— Jennifer W.
There’s a long list of things to appreciate about Lisa’s approach to her work and life, but the most important one is that she is in complete and total love with each and every one of us. She is likely one of the most transparent people I’ve ever known with not an ounce of pretense. The way she sees for a reading has always shed incredible light on my personal understanding. The visuals, the questions, and the homework assignments given are all focused on building toward that goal of living love.
— Steve & Melissa D.
I’ve had unique energy readings with Lisa! (and still do). And I’ve participated in 2 of her meditation workshops. Lisa’s style of meditation is a straight forward, no-nonsense approach; which I like and have found to be easy to follow. I’ve made connections in meditation using her style. Making time to practice is all I need to do now. I’m looking forward to more readings and new courses with her.Thank you Lisa!
— Tina H.
Lisa is a compassionate, down-to-earth, and transcendent soul who translates high ascension knowledge to easy-to-understand principles and applications for daily living. She’s a guiding light via the examples pulled from her own life, and from the teachings that arise from her readings. Highly recommended!
— Julie W.

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