One of my most favorite authors is Ken Carey, he writes from the heart of God, thru the Heart of God.   This is an excerpt from the book: "Vision" Published in 1985. 

"The Great Separation

As the Twentieth Century draws to a close, those who are at peace within themselves will find their lives increasingly aligned with the strengthening field of my Presence. Those who fear will come under increasing pressure to confront their dishonesty and change. The fearful will not have an easy time in these days; for they will be withdrawing from my Spirit, thereby forcing themselves into crisis situations designed to stimulate a change of heart. 

My consciousness is available to all, but the time I will wait foot it to be received must eventually pass. I have come here to act. Soon my activity will begin. Those who do not accept my invitation to life will be separated in the end from those who do. Weeds and corn may together flourish in the fields, yet at the time of harvest, their destinies diverge. It would not be merciful to forever sustain in consciousness those who give others cause to fear. 

I come as the Spirit of Truth to comfort those who live by love, to challenge those who do not. I come with the Great Sword of Division, to separate those who destroy from those who create. All will meet me, in honesty or in deceit. And as the years go by, these two ways will grow ever more distinct. 

Conflict cannot exist where Truth is in expression; it occurs only in the presence of dishonesty. Where truth is denied, self-distruct mechanisms go into effect. People get sick because they are sick of themselves; they die because they do not forgive. 

Disease is not caused by germs, toxins, viruses, excessive radioactivity, microbes, bacteria or any other physical agent. Such things are ever-present; thousands of them pass daily through every healthy human body. Such agents are only destructive when they do not pass through the human body but are retained instead. 

There is only one reason why germs or toxins are retained in a human system: because present in the human system is an evil spirit. To the degree that an evil spirit is entertained and made welcome in an individual's life, his or her body will disease. This regulatory mechanism. designed to deprive destructive spirits of physical bodies. 

Evil Spirits are negative attitudes, destructive emotions rooted in fear. Some of the more common evil spirits are resentment, anger, shame, guilt, anxiety, hatred, greed, revenge, jealousy. All thinly disguised forms of fear, their presence in a human system gives harmful physical agents something to attach themselves to. ... "

If you have not read any of Ken Carey's works yet, I would highly suggest the read! 

When the body speaks to you thru Illness and/or Dis-ease.

There are three energies that make up who we are: Mind - Body - Spirit (or soul).  When one of these is not in line with its intended purpose, something is going to break down.  The thing we are usually out of line with is our soul agenda.  

Our souls have only one true agenda and that is to remember itself in the physical body.  I don't mean someone saying "yeah I have a soul", that is not true remembering, that's simply acknowledging it.  How many people even know what their soul looks like or feels like.  How many doctors have you gone to with an ailment and they said ohhh it is because you are out of line with your soul energy?  I would bet few and far between.  Instead most doctors give you a drug or operation and hope for the best.

Let me tell you... your body is as communicative as I am (smile).  It talks to you all day long if you listen to it.  I will give you an example of my own to see how this process works.  I have no disease or illness, but this will give you an idea of how the body talks to you.

About a month ago my left knee starting hurting me any time I bent it.  I did not fall or misstep so I was really surprised by this sudden discomfort (it wasn't painful, I wouldn't dare let me body get that far out of whack... at least not now knowing what I know).  I didn't pay attention to it much and the discomfort was now happening every time I bent my knee and was increasing slightly.  I looked at my knee and there was a huge swelling on the outer most left side of my knee cap.  I thought how strange.  So I broke down the communication:  Left leg, my physical life and my walk in this life, my knee, what am I not bending with and the swelling which is emotions.  As soon as I seen the swelling I knew what I had to do.

I had just moved into a wonderful new apartment and my desire was to get out of doing Internet sales and services and get back into touching the human body in the physical.  But my comfort zone (financially) was my Internet business... and I was at the point I hated doing readings.  Not the people I read, I was just at the point of dreading having to get on the phone or computer and doing a reading (a huge sign from within that it is time to change).  Instead of doing what I intended to do, I did what I had been doing for over 4 years, and am good at!  

The moment I seen the big goose egg on my knee I knew instantly I had to stop doing my Internet business / readings and put myself out there in the physical, which I did that very same day.  The next day, my legs was completely healed.  That is how miraculously our body works, and instantly.

If you have cancer, look at where it is, what is that bodies function?  For example breast cancer... a woman's ability to feed and nurture.... something in her is eating at her with her inability to feed and nurture herself.  (This is a general example, most people have more details with their illness.)

A person is diagnosed with throat cancer. Usually chemotherapy or radiation treatment is prescribed. Because cancer is so prevalent in today's world, we all probably know someone who has undergone this treatment-and witnessed the body's severe reaction to either one of these therapies. Modern medicine is fighting fire with fire. Physicians can force cancer into remission with these treatments or cut it out with a knife. But, cancer may appear again at some point in time or manifest elsewhere within the body over time. When this happens, physicians often take the same or similar approach to treatment.

In this treatment, the "root" of the cancer may not have been acknowledged or identified. In order to truly heal the body and stop cancer from destroying the body, we have to take a deeper look into why the cancer appeared in the first place.

We have to look at the whole person and their demeanor. How they project themselves and their beliefs into the world around them. In looking at the throat cancer, look at how they speak. Are they harsh or timid with their speech? What has created within them this outwardly expression of themselves? If they are harsh with their verbal expression, what has created this nature within them, what view of life do they hold to feel they must project this harshness? Has this pattern of expression served to hurt other people-even if unintentionally? If the person is timid, what has created their lack of communication? Why do they hold within what they truly desire to do or say to others? How long have they been speaking in this timid manner?

When you get to the core of the feeling or inner projection, you can then find the way to whatever event or belief created the problem and heal the pain that the problem stems from. Help the cancer patient to repattern the way they view and approach life that adds to others as well as themselves. 

This will not only heal the subtle body and the throat chakra but it will also heal the physical body.  

When there is no more reason for the body to outwardly say, “Hey, pay attention to me, I am broken and in need of healing,” then there is only wellness within... and the cancer goes away without a trace.

What has been done here is to go beyond the physical body into the mind and the spirit of the body, rewriting the genetic codes that allowed the cancer to manifest in the first place-healing that aspect that screamed for help.

What if, as we incarnated into this life, we wrote into our genetic makeup the ability for certain cancers to manifest to help us perfect our earthwalk. Perhaps we come into life with certain human qualities that we have not yet perfected or understood and wrote the DNA code that allows the illness to manifest within us so that we may one day totally heal this aspect.

What about heredity? What if, during the incarnation process, you chose a family line with a history of a particular illness? Perhaps your walk in this life is to understand what aspect of that earthly DNA code needs healing and address it, not only healing yourself but also those family members yet to incarnate.

Now there are some illnesses that are not illnesses at all.  But our medical and mental professionals wants everyone to be in the box of life...  the box of expectation / past experience

When children become ill, it is something the parent(s) must learn.  The child is always the message bringer to his or her care taker.  See why the child is ill, look to yourself to see where you need to change.

My son was asthmatic all his young life (until he moved out on his own).  I was so out of breath with life, for me it seemed like an uphill struggle and so, my son being my mirror showed me I was suffocating myself and continued to be ill (because I never looked at me ever as the reason he was sick) until I was 38.  When he moved out he had no reason to be my mirror, he was now his own mirror and bringing to him what he needed to learn about himself.

Bi-Polar... not really an illness.  Bi-Polar makes perfect sense really.   We live in a polarity world... two distinct poles govern this life: Love and Fear.  A bi-polar person in their manic state is actually receiving so much spiritual input that it creates a sense of bliss within them, and inspirations come from that bliss.  And then the pole shifts, the spiritual input ceases and now you are at the other end of the pole, in fear.  It is just a matter of understanding what you are getting and balancing it all.  I have been Bi-polar all my life until I started this path, because now I am fully balanced and understand what is happening within me, and how to make it all even.

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) ohhhhh my bless those children.  They see so much of the big picture of life all at once, its hard to look at just one thing at a time.  I am still very much ADD, and it a huge huge blessing, now that I knew why I have it, what it is, and how to use it for the highest good it was intended for... SEEING IT ALL AT ONCE!

When children become ill, it is something the parent(s) must learn.  The child is always the message bringer to his or her care taker.  See why the child is ill, look to yourself to see where you need to change.

My son was asthmatic all his young life (until he moved out on his own).  I was so out of breath with life, for me it seemed like an uphill struggle and so, my son being my mirror showed me I was suffocating myself and continued to be ill (because I never looked at me ever as the reason he was sick) until I was 38.  When he moved out he had no reason to be my mirror, he was now his own.

There is so much more that I can add here, but for now, this is enough to give you an idea of what disease, illness, even a little discomfort is trying to tell you.

I will throw this in just for food for thought, your automobiles and home appliances are talking to you anytime they break down as well.  Learning to listen is the key to it all!!  Know that nothing is random, everything in your life, you created and brought to you.  If you brought it to you, you can change whatever you don't like and remove it!  It is ALL ABOUT YOU!