The Matrix of Mind - Body - Soul And the Holy Union of Self with self

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The human body is an amazing design/make-up of light points that move inward and outward from the physical body.   Everyone is familiar with the major light points / chakra's, but there is a tremendous network of minor chakra's too (minor as in smaller, not in less important).  Each pore of our skin contains tiny pin points of light so that the incoming and outgoing conformation is equally and wholly distributed within the physical structure we call the body.


These light points within the pores have their own function thru out the body, and breath in and out at a various rates of speed thru the body as well.  When we are in the presence of a close member of our soul family these light points become excited.  This excitement (recognition) of the light points rev up to create a chemical reaction within the physical body, so we are sure to recognize and pay attention to a particular person (or persons) that have entered our lives.

Because the soul energy is such a rapidly vibrating frequency, and most of human-kind do not fully understand their own body and prompting's, these chemical impulses within the physical realm of existence become confused within the mental body of desire.

The mental body / physical mind / ego was designed as a transmitter between the spiritual incoming information and the physical body's transmutation of this information.  For eons we have lost (forgotten) the higher functions of the mental body and only use it as a fear based mechanism.  In its lowest vibration (which is fear) it brings in the spiritual information (those vibrations that are releasing particular chemicals) and the interpretation of the higher information is lost within the fear based connection of the prompting's.  We as a species tend to take the awareness of another physical body and because we are vibrating and feeling at such a higher level of love (which is the true nature of spirit) the mental body wants to make that love physical, since in the minds current state, is all it knows.

Everyone one of us is consciously vibrating at a particular rate of speed.  This vibration will equal how we use the incoming spiritual prompting's within us.  The slower our rate of speed, the less we understand the incoming information, the more we make that information physically tangible for ourselves. 


The Holy Re-Union

There is a divine purpose when flesh mixes with flesh, a holy re-union of soul energies, of information sharing.  When this re-union is done with full awareness of Self the keys to the whole universe is shared within each other.  This re-union equally lost its place on earth, it has become only physical, to meet and fulfill the fear based thoughts of desire.  The fear that surrounds the physical act as a thirst that forgot the source of its water.  It drinks of the flesh in order to feel whole and complete, to feel

the light that is present between the exchange, and when done from this place it is very much like a thief stealing the contents of the house in the full light of day in the presence of the owner, so in this way, it feels right, it feels ok.  The mind has created the illusion that it is being filled with substance, until the next moment when it feels the lack of substance and seeks out yet another (or the same) source to feed its fears.

As the darkness (fear) takes in the light of another, the light source of another becomes depleted, the true identity of Self is bleeding out into another and becomes less than what it is.  The light sees itself as an object filling the needs of others thru this exchange.  It forgets it true beauty as it becomes objectified by those hungry and thirsty and cannot see their own well - spring within.

Understanding your Energy Systems - The Chakra's

The physical body is made up of millions of Chakras or Energy Centers.  Most people are aware of the 7 Major Chakra's and tend to only focus there attention on these 7.  That is like realizing you do have a face but not acknowledging you have a nose, mouth, eyes, etc.  For those that do not realize even what the 7 major chakra's are, let me share them with you:

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means "wheel." The Chakra's are similar to wheels in that they are spinning vortexes of energy.  

The Chakra's are the areas through which the mind, body, and Spirit interact as one holistic system.  They are energy centers within your body designed to transform and transmit energy throughout your body.  There are seven major Chakras that correspond to specific aspects of your consciousness and have their own individual characteristics and functions. Each has a corresponding relationship to one of the various glands of your body's endocrine system, as well as to one of the seven colors of the rainbow spectrum.

Working from the head down, the Chakra's are as follows: 

  • The top of the head known as the Crown Chakra, associated with the color violet, governs intuition, awareness, and spirituality. (I see this Chakra as White)
  • The forehead just above your eyebrows is the Brow or Third Eye Chakra, associated with the color indigo, and governs your senses, visual intuition, telepathy, meditation, and inner sight.  (I actually see an "eye" as opposed to energy)
  • The throat area called the Throat Chakra is associated with the color blue and governs the ether (allows the voice of Spirit to speak through you), self-expression, energy, and endurance.  
  • The area between your shoulders and also between your lower rib cage and the bottom of your throat is called the Heart Chakra. It is associated with the color green (as well as pink) and governs air (your lungs are located in this area as well), compassion, love, respect, and it is the home of your spiritual energy.  I also like to refer to this area as an equal processor to the brain since it is the home of Spirit. 
  • The next area is that area just above your navel (belly button) and just below the rib cage known as the Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra, which is associated with the color yellow and governs your passion, personal power, and is the storage of your life force (prana).  This is also where all your "gut" feelings come from, and your intuition usually projects from here. 

The next is the area just above the pelvic bone and just below the navel called the Sacral Chakra, which is associated with the color orange and governs emotions towards others, sexual energy, and your reproductive organs.  This is also where your sexual desires and fantasies as well as "attractions" stem from. 

  • Last but far from least is that area below the pelvic bone called the Root Chakra. It is associated with the color red and governs your earth connection and your lower limbs.  This is what grounds and connects you to the earth energy, your mother.


I would like to add two other sets of Chakra's that in my own mind are equally important:  


  • The palms of your hands are one set.  Your hands are constantly sending and receiving energy.  Have you ever noticed how much you can pick up from another with a handshake?  Or how much you can feel when holding hands with someone?  
  • The souls of your feet are another set.  You can pick up all the subtle energy that comes from your mother, the earth.  She is constantly sending out signals. All you have to do is learn how to process the signals and truly connect to that incredible source of love and information... Gaia (earth).
  • Every Joint in the body has a chakra or energy center within it.  The Energy Centers of the joints are smaller in size than the 7 major ones listed above.  Also, every pore of the skin has a tiny little chakra associated with it. When I see the chakra's of the pores they are about 1/4 inches big, very tiny by degree of the major chakra's but equally important.
  • Then there is the spine itself, interior to the body.  Between each vertebrae is a chakra, but different in appearance.  Instead of being cone shaped it is cylinder shaped and emanates the light energy that is coursing thru the spine outwards within the body connecting its energy to every pore and joint chakra.  


We truly have an amazing network of light energy (hence the term "Light Body") that is constantly breathing in and out of our physical make-up.  When we are in dysfunction of any kind, these lights dim and the energy centers no longer work in peek form,  as disease becomes part of the bodily make-up these lights cease to radiate energy.   

The subject of Chakra's is vast and varied.  I do not wish to add complication or confusion to your incredible journey.  Just knowing that they (the Chakra's) are there is good enough for now.  I know there are many who will disagree with me on this point.  

We (humans) tend to overcomplicate and worry about everything.  You can and will learn your own energy centers.  How they function, what they mean to you on a personal level, and how to make them and keep them healthy.   This too comes with time and your own understanding of yourSelf.  

I do not want to bog you down with too much information from my own personal experiences. I find too much information only adds to confusion and more doubt.  Trying to process and understand too much becomes burdensome.  


How the Chakra's work during a Physical Re-Union  AKA Sex!

Our Energy Centers are information rich and are constantly in motion (when healthy) sending and receiving information from the soul and the earth.  When you are connected to another person at the root chakra, you activate these energy centers as a source of information sharing - one soul to another.  That is why the body becomes so heightened within the exchange, the sense organs are in full peak and tremendous energy (information) is shared and pulsates back and forth.  Your partners universe is wide open for you to explore and understand, but we humans are usually so caught up in the physical exchange we never pay attention to the spiritual exchange that is equally happening.