The Mental Body

Our minds, our ego's serve a vital role in our physical life experience. The mental body was designed to protect the physical body as well as the emotional body.  That sudden burst of fear (fight or flight reflex) within us as danger approaches... that is our mental body doing what it was designed to do, stimulate the fear reflex within us so we shall remain safe during our incarnation experience.  Keeping in mind, the soul knows no fear.  The soul knows only love and wonder.  Imagine incarnating without fear and you see the most pretty tiger out in the distance, your first impulse would be ohhhh look at that beautiful cat I will go pet it and love it, without the fear reflex you would soon be that tigers lunch.  


The mental body was designed to work in harmony with the physical and spiritual bodies and its job was to serve and protect.  The mental body also has the built in capacity to take the vast spiritual information that is constantly flowing into you, and processes at a level where you can understand it and make it tangible within you to use in your physical life.


Thru the annals of time, the mental body / ego grew to become the front runner of our lives.  We have forgotten the spirit that we are and so the mental body has taken the lead of our lives.  This wouldn't be such a bad thing if it weren't for the fact that the mental body /ego is a fear based entity.  It was created to know fear and remind the incarnating soul that danger exists.  The soul was always supposed to lead our lives, not the mind.  


So now, as we have forgotten the wonder and beauty of who we truly are, the mind exists within fear, your life exists within fear.  Fear is so much more than just fright: it is fear of abandonment, fear of being alone, fear of not being good enough, fear of running late for work, fear of not having enough of something to get thru life, and the list of fears go on and on.  


When we live a life of fear it starts to weigh heavy on both our bodies and mind.  The energy of fear is heavy, cumbersome.  This heavier energy was only meant to be in your awareness for a moment in time, not all the time.  As we try and exist within a fear based life our bodies start to break down from the weight.  We get aches and pains, illness and disease.  Our mental health breaks down and we become depressed.  


We have allowed our minds to be in charge of our lives.  Not only do we allow this fear to be our life, the powers that be on the face of this earth make sure you stay in a place of fear.  No controlling body wants you to be out of fear.  People are easily controlled when they are fearful!  Religions knew this long ago, our governments know this quite well and so more and more fearful thoughts are sent out to you, to us, and we are eating them up like they are candy.


The one energy we knew intimately we forgot about.  We have heard lies and fear based stories for so long, we forgot the very energy that created us.  We have come to learn of a vengeful force that would punish  us in a moment.  This punishment is so harsh that the creator of all that has ever been created, would not allow us to come back Home.  These are human traits that we have given to the greatest loving energy in all the universes, and our minds have forgotten the truth, became so separate from the very souls that we are, we exist in fear and have started to break down at an amazing rate of speed.


Our governments throw fear out there to us like a drug to an addict and we take it in!  We consume the ever threat of terrorists, not stopping for a moment to realize it is our governments that are the greatest terrorists to our own well being.  We have forgotten how to know the truth, how to feel the lies that vibrate at such a heavy level, because our minds vibrate and take in information at this heavy level that it feels like truth.  


So here we are today: sick, insecure, listless, confused about where we are heading in our own lives.  And now we have a choice, a remedy to fix it all.  It is time to stop living our lives from our minds.  Allow the mind to be what it was meant to be, a warning system designed to protect you and keep you from harm. Otherwise disease and illness will spread even faster.  The choice of how you choose to live your life has always been, will always be... YOURS!