Solar Storms Germinates The New Growth of our Lives.


luminous-being We are accustomed to having major weather storms, where we get rained on, and rain on and rained on for days.  It is very obvious when this happens because we can see it.  The water pools up in our yards, the streets, our creeks and rivers start to raise...  But what about a sun storms?  There is no visual measure in front of us that says, yeah the energy is coming down hard and is starting to pool up around us.  But yet, that is exactly what has been happening to us from March 12th thru the 17th.  5 Days of being pummeled by the energy of the sun.  I only really became aware of this energy flood yesterday (the 18th) when I attempted to connect to my first lady of the day.

Nothing.  Sorta.

I could feel the energy.  I could hear the deafening silence.  I could not see the first visual or even really interpret the energy that I could feel.  Something felt very very different about this inability to connect thru either my antenna or my heart.  Finally, the information came.  The sun has been intensely watering the earth for the last 5 days and now we are in the midst of electrified change on every level of Life.  Every version of Life.  There is not a dimension or timeline unaffected by this purposeful round of solar storms.

For as frustrating as this day of rescheduling is for me and those on my calendar, this really is a day to celebrate and get really excited about.

In between the appointments I had to reschedule, I sat working on my website (until my internet completely crashed... again) and strangely enough, it was like directions within my life became so vividly clear.  What to do, how to do it, why it is needed now.  So then, I had to wonder, where is this sudden an amazing clarity coming from?

I became very aware of about 2-3 feet of solar energy on every inch of the earth, seeping downwards into the soil, connecting to all the roots of Life within the soil and the root system of ALL of Life soaking up this dehydrating, electrified energy up into each Being.  Pushing out new life, new idea's, new inspirations  new directions and the list of "new" goes on and on.

We have officially become hardwired for true success on all levels.

We arrived in this new world barren from the death process of the old.  Naked, bare, no sense of ground beneath our feet, no clothes to hide our vulnerabilities of this new expression that we have become.

The winter of our lives all-ways gives way to spring.  All-ways!  This particular spring, in this new world, in this new body, in this new way had to be filled with intense electrical currents to get everything started.

If we can look at what has just happened (and is still happening) we have laid the foundation of love, built the etheric structures of our new lives, put all in place that was needed and each power grid was simply waiting for the switch to be flipped into the on position.  We are being turned on in a rolling across the grid fashion.  This rolling will be fully completed on all levels thru the entire grid by the coming Equinox.

With this solar storm, many many things have sped up, including your journey thru what I call the black hole.  I have said this before and it is even more significant now in this phase... intent and perseverance was/is the energy that catapulted you to this new energized life.  Kinda like a free pass thru evolution's doorway.

For as exciting as this time is, it comes with absolute Self/self responsibility as well.  We are creating at the speed of thought.  Please, please get of your old stories if you have not already done so.  No more sad songs... because let me tell you, the sadness you (may) continue to sing about, talk about, remember... will be heaped on you by the pure love of the creative field.  Remember, the field has zero bias.  It feels your core energy and brings that instantly to your door.

Lets not confusing this sing song thing with words.  It has little (tho some) to do with just changing your words, it is how you feel inside of yourself.  Period.

Your life and everything you have chosen to do, or not do, is going to be a reflection back to you of your coming times.  As I was talking to a dear friend yesterday, explaining what is happening at this moment in time I had a startling realization about myself and what is really happening in my own world.  I want to share this part of my moment to maybe help you see how our life's symbolism's are actually more valid than we often give credit to.

This week alone, I have two very new things being installed in my life.  The first thing that is happening is, today, Direct TV is coming to install their service in my home.  The only reason (so I thought) that I decided to give in and get TV installed in my home is because on Thursday I have Hughesnet coming to install satellite internet in my home and I can FINALLY kick Windstream to the curb.  But, being satellite internet I am on a 10/10 gigabite diet of internet juice each month.  (10 gigs during high traffic time and 10 gigs from 2 am thru 8am time.)  Streaming movies is out of the question, so I had to create another option of watching shows.  Direct TV gave me a deal I couldn't refuse (they approved my credit

So by the end of the day Thursday, I am actually going to have two separate satellite dishes on my roof, beaming to satellites up in the sky.  One will create readily available images/movies the other will be the energy system that will be me connected to the world via the computer.  Instantly I realized my own inner "reception" is changing, going thru a direct upgrade and even my own antenna has been sliced in two so I can download/see more.

But, it really does go deeper than that too.  Since my beautiful body gave me permission to start reducing the Light energy storage cells within (aka fat) I have been watching my caloric intake every day and sweatin to the oldies in clumps every day.  Which is intensely reflective on having to be aware of my internet usage.  But, let's make this even more exciting, because... IT IS!!

For those of us who have become housed in the wide spread of mug shaped energy (grin) we have stored a lot of "usable" Light energy in our fat cells.  If your body has given you the "go ahead" to start releasing this storage (some people still need their light storage within) there really is a huge bonus to the work it takes to shed these light cells.

My first day of starting to thin down (March 16th) and my body just hurting from 10 minutes of wiggling with Richard Simmons, my team gave me added inspiration.  This light cell (fat) reduction is also releasing the stored light within each cell to our created world.  If we set our intention of what we want to power up as we release it, it is like a super conductor to assist in bringing "that" into our creation.  Holy excitement batman!!  My first gift was right back to my body.  Let the stored light release itself and help my own body move thru this change, (this exercise regime) easier.     This body of mine has done so much for me, endured so much, I cannot think of a better way to spend my first several pounds.  By day two, it was evident that the light cells worked, I barely broke a sweat the first 10 minutes!!  Yesterday, I was filled with moving energy I have not felt in a long time.  I vacuumed my walls, cleaned my home, and was able to do 30 straight minutes of sweatin to the oldies at the end of my day no less!  A time I am usually cemented to my couch.  I am just so excited!!

If that isn't miracle enough, as I was going thru what I am willing to spend my daily calorie intake on, and I looked at the chocolate I have available in my house, I about shit when my own mind refused to spend so many calories on such a tiny piece of food.  My mind is in it to win it too!!  How exciting, how... partnered!!  Hurray!!

Desires are now happening right close to instantaneously .. but we still have the personal responsibility to bringing those desires to us.

Our fully functional multidimensional selves are now housed within our new energy field and working with us.  I am seeing (as I type) our new strange-looking biofield <--- Spirits word, not mine.  All these elongated tubulals or tightly woven vortexes emanating from our biology outwards... sucking into us the elements of life thru out all dimensions.  Each one of these vortexes is part of  our multidimensional selves and from what I can see (and understand) are now working.

A friend sent me a video the other day (that I have only now been able to watch in its entirety) that I am including at the end of this sharing.  If you listen, I mean really listen to the first 2 minutes of the video, they tell you exactly how you work now.

Be clear, be present, be excited!!  You will get that right back atcha and so much more!!

I so honor you all so much.  Getting to this precious moment in our world has taken so much work, so much purging and rearranging... that alone should tell you how incredible you really are, no matter what it may look like to your human 3D eyes.  YOU ARE AWESOME!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of rolling charges of Life turned on!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. Just a reminder that rate increase on all readings goes into affect April 1st on all readings. 

Enjoy this video about black holes and strobe lights (remember how prevalent those strobe light effects were last year...?)