Even Life Has Orgasms!!

sperm-home Boy oh boy, if yesterday wasn't just an interestingly odd day in my ongoing crazy world.  First, I received 3 phone calls in the middle of the night, the first two, I didn't hear at all, the third one, coming in at 1:31 am, I did hear and woke up for.  I was worried it was one of my kids so I woke up and looked at my cell to see who was calling.  It was from a number I didn't know, a local number no less.  I realized as I looked at the phone that this same number tried calling at 11:31 pm as well.  A completely separate  but still local number tried calling me at 11:43 pm.  I ignored them all.  I realized my phone was still plugged into the charge and it was 100% charged, I unplugged it and tossed and turned for well over an hour trying to get back to sleep.  Sleep just wasn't happening so I turned the TV on just to give me back ground noise to fall asleep to.  I don't think the TV was on a whole 5 minutes when I climbed back into sleep.

When I finally woke up at 7:30 am, my TV was completely off.  I ignored that as a weird fluke.  I went to my coffee pot, heated up the left over cup of coffee from the day before and created a fresh pot of coffee, grabbed my cell phone and sat at the computer pissed cuz I woke up so late, but also grateful I didn't feel sleep deprived at all, I actually felt good and not even a wee bit groggy.

When I checked my cell phone again, this time looking closer at the strange numbers that called me in the middle of the night, I realized my phone was completely off too... strange.  When I rebooted my phone, the battery was completely dead.  What the hell?  I plugged it back into the charger.

Devouring my coffee as I get prepared to read for my first person of the day at 8 am, I went to get my much needed 2nd cup of coffee... no coffee!!  Geez Louise what the hell is happening here?  Even tho the light on my coffee pot was shining that tell tale sign that it was on and working, it wasn't working.  The heating plate wasn't even hot.  My coffee pot is completely dead.  Just shit!  This is a high end coffee pot my son got me this last Christmas, thank god I didn't toss my old coffee pot and grabbed if out of storage and little cheapo pot worked like a trooper.  Phew!!

By this time, it was 8 am, time to do my day of readings.... not!!  I sat down and couldn't see a thing!  Geez!!  I felt good, felt perky inside... we agreed to wait 30 minutes and I would chug some more coffee, walk this body around and wake it up some more.  As I was walking around, I could feel something happen at the exterior of my third eye, the closest I can come to describing it was like a window just opened and I could feel the incoming breeze.  Didn't matter... my battery was completely discharged too.  Dammit!!

By the time I rescheduled my 2nd appointment for the day I started to feel it... the weird energy crawling around my head.  It was starting to feel like I had an army of ants marching around under my scalp... this is flipping weird!  This dedicated army of ants took a new route and marched right down the center of my forehead to the right side of the bridge of my nose and spread out onto my cheek, then exploded or something.  It was the strangest feeling in the world.

And then the headache started.  Holy heaven batman, have mercy already!

By the time I rescheduled my last appointment of the day I gave up and took a bath, mostly just to try and make myself feel better.  I had no expectations of being able to do a meditation and for the most part, I didn't.  However, the field, the guardians and my team were happy to help me understand what was really happening now.  What they showed me, helped (us) understand, was actually quite humbling.

The first thing I had seen, something I do not see unless I am purposely looking at it, was the increasingly large vortex energy located at the top of the Mesa.. with an added understanding I never thought to ask about.  What does this vortex do?

They showed me the tremendous seed energy coming into the vortex from the new moon earlier this month and the energies of the upcoming eclipses flowing into the vortex at the same time.   I suppose it reminds in of a juicer, things going in one way, coming out completely different and concentrated for consumption.  What the guardians started calling this processor was an accelerator.  That is (one of) the functions of this vortex, that we, as a collective activated together.  It takes the incoming combined energies, mixes them together as a new, more potent energy and fills the Light of each person who shows up on the field.  BUT, it is equally taking in each and every energy that is permeating the field by those who show up on the field and redistributing it thru the accelerator that it is.

By the end of every single day, thanks to you, I am made of new energy.  I take this new energy by big handfuls and distribute it back out to you via these sharings.  You take the energies from these sharings and share them with others.  Talk about a flipping ripple affect that seems so innocent (smile.)

There are days when we release some serious energies together, we must have a day off so we do not blow each other up!!  What the my team told me yesterday was I was put down for the safety of everyone on who would have been on the field yesterday.  Glad they have our back, but man, I wish they could work more magic with my rescheduling!!

They also showed me two interesting aspects from the day before's readings.  I knew they affected me, but hey, I am getting used to getting blown away by your soul energy...

I had one lady show up with 4 purposely separated Light Beings line up diagonally on her left side, physical life side.  Each Light Being was individuated as a large flame of intense color.  If you can imagine a candle flame, only make it about 5-6 feet tall, dancing as they showed up one by one, each behind but diagonal from each other.  The first one, a very distinct male energy, was blowing my hair back like a hurricane wind would.  He was intensely blue with small sections of black.  Pure soul expression with hidden parts of the expression I call the deep unknown.  I could barely hold my own just connecting with him.  I was grateful to see the others show up, maybe it was because they weren't so "present" in her reading at that moment, but energetically, they were much more gentle as they aligned themselves on her field stretching to the energy of the eclipses.  The one behind Mr Blue was Violet, the one behind violet was a variation of oranges, and then, in complete alignment with the eclipses was yellow.

Each one guiding her, expanding her, into a complete change of Self.  I knew the blue was helping her with her self expression (and as they all kept saying, and so much more than that too) the violet was guiding her to her full on ascended mastery within her life, the orange changing her sense of self into the expanded world of spirit living out loud and in full view on earth, which changes into the full expression of her soul Being as she fuses thru the eclipses.

My whole body was rocked to the core by the time we concluded her reading.  My last lady of the day was going to take that intense energy and raise us 10!

There was no part of her that I could pick up or connect to in what I would call our present moment, or anything prior to this first phase of the eclipses.  Much to my delighted surprise, she unfolded completely on the second half of the eclipse energy (after the solar eclipse of May 10th.)  It was raining magnetic confetti everywhere I looked.  Tons and tons of white with slightly yellow hues of confetti that reminded me of a blizzard of snow.  The field itself is who added the magnetic reference to the understanding.

The only thing I could see with any sort of certainty was three doors linked together in an arch of energy (sort of like a backwards C shape) that lead to another door that felt available the first half of June  then yet another door the second half of June.  The last door in June was fizzy black and felt like the culmination of the 4 prior doorways that sets into motion the fullness of change in her life.

I did ask why I couldn't see anything in her present moment, the field said there was nothing to see.  She had already put many new choices into energetic motion with participation.  So what they wanted her to be aware of, was the (vague) affects of these choices.

When she finally asked a question... I turned to blush!  OMG, the field can get soooooo personal sometimes.  She asked about a man she had gone on a few dates with.  Phew baby!!  There she was, on the purest, whitest bed that was partially on her center path and stretched out over the field of her life and she was wiggling and wiggling on top of this man.  I could barely tell her what I was seeing... I was stunned!!  The little girl within me came to the fore and just giggled thru telling her what I was seeing and apologizing for seeing such a personal, one would think, private, interaction!!

Gotta love the field of life, the more I looked and giggled, the larger that crazy glowing white mattress grew.  It was now taking up the whole space from the middle of the second half of the eclipse cycle thru the very end of May.  My ability to see their... ummm.... position grew too.

She was laying completely on top of him, wiggling all the white (not humping mind you, a back and forth motion as opposed to up and down....smile.)  I realized they had a very distinct overlay of energy that at first I mistook for clothes.  Her upper body was drenched in red, her lower body that gel like black that has become so common.  She was completely infusing this man with the new earth energy in his upper chakra area.  I could only see him when her... ummm... wiggling allowed a part of him to be exposed from beneath her.  He was now wearing an intensely blue energy on his upper body and his lower body matched her, deep black.

Let me tell you, NO-THING is taken for granted by the field of Life!!   Back to my bath meditation...

The energy that seemed to drain my home during that night, as my team put it, was due to the orgasmic energy of the field.  I suppose you cannot end a day in the field with some intense wiggling energy between two people and the field itself not have an orgasm from it all!!  lol

When you and I have an orgasm, we release some serious energy, more than we will ever fully realize on this side of  the veil (purposely so.)  Like the energy of a bottle rocket, it shoots out and showers everything and becomes depleted, which really means, makes room for more!!  Gotta fill it up again... more foreplay I suppose!!

If this wasn't enough for my processing mind, they next thing they did was show me roller coaster track.  This orgasmic energy released over night served to reformat the tracks of life, changing its color and direction with much more intensity.  I was also told, I had to be unplugged for the day, for everyone's safety.

I am praying, we are going into foreplay once again today.  On that note, my day begins and we will see....

I love you all soooo much.  Happy, intense orgasms to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas  www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html