Energy Surge is Powering Up Our New "Bells and Whistles."



Finally!!  A clue about what all this crazy energy has been (and continues to be) about.  New Bells and Whistles!!  Somewhere inside of me, I know I want to celebrate this, I suppose I need to get done being frustrated about it first.  My whole world revolves around energy connections... being connected to my phone, my computer, to YOU!!  When the energy seems to go haywire, so do my days!  At least, for now, it seems an every other day thing.  One day of complete energetic chaos, one day of smooth sailing.  I am feeling a bit... bobble-headed, how about you??

Yesterday was just plain ole strange.  Of course, I officially feel like I say that just about every day, but still...  I was up at 3:30 am, well rested, perky and yet... as I sat down to share the intense and exciting readings from the day before, I couldn't harness a single energetic flow, at least, not about that.  Instead, there was something else coming thru, but not in a steady, flowing way.  It felt fractured, or maybe like the energy in which I share with, had a serious case of the hiccups!  The focal point of the sharing (that never got shared) was about what we had just done together, as a determined, highly charged collective and how incredibly important this moment of time, that is now forever changed... is!  Coupled with the feelings from spirit of humble gratitude for what we did accomplish... I couldn't type beyond the feelings flooding me.

I think the best way to describe what we have done, as a collective, over the decades of focused inner work, is like this; Imagine the lower vibration energy packet like a thick layer of black cement that vibrated to the energy of fear, of self loathing, control and manipulation, of greed and separation... and one by one, with each conscious breath of light each person took in, with every fear turned to love, the place we were living in the cement started to break up.  With each piece that broke away, it created such a ripple outwards, someone else started to do the same thing, and that created a ripple outwards, and more and more changed from being embedded in the cement to freed from it, until it hit critical mass and the ripple went into avalanche mode.

This whole year so far has been a dual process that was/is underway.  We, the ones who caused this break up of the deepest of strangle holds of fear, became the processors of the density it carried with it.  Transmuting the old energy thru our hearts, our Light body's into Love.  While holding firm within our hearts vision, the reality of love, of living heaven on earth and doing whatever we could to change our personal stream of Life, into that.  Literally weaving the new world from the energy that was the old, transmuted thru our hearts into the new strings of life.

Talk about the Alchemist come to Life!!

The solar eclipse sandwich of April thru May became the spinning wheel that wound all that freshly transmuted energy of Heaven on earth and is now becoming the very fabric of our new emerging reality, while we are still sucking up the old, but now memories of the old, as opposed to cement, thru our hearts and adding more fabric to the loom of our new lives.

Our old skin, that toughened part of us that we wore for protection as we worked our asses off getting to here... gone.  So we are feeling everything to the umpth degree.  The Love, The Pain, The Joy, The Hate.

To top all this weaving off, we have an ethereal magnetic pole that it is being wrapped around.  The Solstice.  June 20th-21st, 2013 will hold our new threads that have been re-spun from the eclipses thru our current moments into the highest degree of magnetic energy, filled with every hue and vibration of the whole rainbow spectrum.

Someone mentioned the other day, after my last sharing, if this crack is actually the eye of horus.  I never even thought about it, but the energy hit me like a brilliant light bulb!  Of course it is!! Imagine a portal of energy so small, yet so concentrated (think the pupil of the eye) that when you take in the light of that energy, it expands all around you (think, your own vision.)

The energy that was shared on the field of readings the day before yesterday was so big, so intense, there was no way for me to write about them yesterday.  I was still processing it thru my own crazy, hiccuping energy system.  What is kind funny, the last of 5 readings on Thursday... I got 10 minutes into this precious souls reading and then... was unplugged.  I mean... UNPLUGGED... fade to black unplugged.  I thought my internal battery died, but I didn't feel tired at all.  I get it now.

Keep in mind this phrase, not only thru what I am about to share, but forever.  It will all-ways apply: WHAT WE DO FOR OURSELVES, WE DO FOR ALL!!!

My first lady of the day took me by (my ongoing) surprise.  As I thought she would, she showed up in the crack, the Light stream from the Eye of Horus! However, the width of the crack was wider than on readings on Tuesday, the crack (souly for her) went from 12 iches wide to about 3 feet wide.  Straight up thru the middle of the crack was a utility pole and she was climbing up it. As my vision went to the top of the pole (she was about 4- 5 feet from the top,) there were a ton of colored wires all connected to the right side (spiritual energy side) of the crack, not a single one to the left side (physical life side.)  What I realized was all her spiritual power was there, within her, but it has not been strung out into her physical life as a constant, ongoing connection.  So her job was to take half of the wires and harness them on the left side, connecting her spiritual energy into her physical life... forever.

How many of us do this very thing.  Keep what we know, what we understand, even what we do... deep within, only letting our spiritual power show when we feel safe.  Accepted.

I hear so many people say they want to be a healer, or they want to do energy work... and yet... they wait.  Waiting for that safe place to show up, to practice on, or ever to talk about this 'stuff" to.  So all the potential wiring stays within... off balance really.  So utility workers, NOW is your time!!!

What we do for ourselves, we do for ALL!!  By shifting the power into balance, we are shifting the world into a balance of loving power.

My next reading, well, surprisingly strange as well.  The now constant blending of colors of red, white and blue were non-existent.  Instead, this beautiful lady was a mass of gel-like white energy with intensely sparking gold energy threads.  Her energy was literally pinging off the walls.  Side to side, so fast it made my crown spin!  I had to slow her pinging down to even understand what the heck she was doing!  Bringing in a high magnetic vibration, setting the tone from physical to spiritual in an intense exchange of rapidly moving energy.

If I wasn't pinged out enough... my third lady took the cake of my body that all this energy runs thru!!

For the first time since I started reading the crack (smile) she showed up on the ground.  I was able to get a broad spectrum view of this crack that I wasn't able to see before.  It reminded me of an huge iceburg suspended in air, about 7 feet above the ground.  It was about 20 feet high and spanned the entire left and right sides of the field, with a small (about 12 inch) crack/opening/hole.  I found a picture online that comes close, only super size the iceburg!

striped iceberg


Now I so understand what the Guardians had meant when they talked about going thru the eye of the needle.  In order to even realize there is a needle, you must vibrationally be aligned with it.  Otherwise, you are under 20 feet of ice (the veil itself.)  This is lifes safety zone.  The energy flowing from the eye of the needle, or horus' pupil, is so clear, so pure that it will only be released to those who equal that energy.  Destruction is not a part of this game any longer!

So there was my lovely lady, standing directly under this crack, her hands making the motion like she was milking the teet of a cow. only there was no teet and nothing that I could see... but man oh man, I could feel the energy she was bringing in.  The energy was so pure, my eyes could not see it... yet.  But every fiber of my Being could feel it's flow.  I realized as I looked at her, she was bringing into created reality, the pure energy of Shambhala.  Still invisible to even the spiritual eye, but felt to the core of the open heart.

What spirit had said was this energy is like a living topsoil, seeded with the energy desires from the core of her Being and will start to spring into life, visibly as we move thu the solstice energy.  What we plant in this soil from here on out (once it is fully laid) will bring our core energy to life instantly.

After she and I ended our connection together... OMG I swear to god a mac truck ran across my back at my solar plexus area.  I have never hurt so much in all my life.  I sat on my sons couch to let it pass... it only passed when it was time for my next reading.  Dammit!!

He was a puzzle too.  My man, the one I spoke about the day prior about needing to get to New Zealand and that I couldn't read for him, or anyone... was very readable.  He was this 2-3 foot pole of light, with a cape made of blue and red energy, this bulb that took on the energy of his head, which had a blue and red hat on.  He looked nothing like a human, or anything else for that matter... but all I could feel with his image was the old cartoon "Underdog."  He was zooming upwards thru the crack at the speed of light, but strangely enough, kept smashign his head off the sides of the walls of this crack...    so I gotta ask... Why underdog??  Today I looked up the premise of underdog via wikipedia:

Underdog was an anthropomorphic superhero. The premise was that "humble and lovable" Shoeshine Boy, a cartoon dog, was in truth the superhero Underdog. George S. Irving narrated, and comedy actor Wally Cox provided the voices of both Underdog and Shoeshine Boy. When villains threatened, Shoeshine Boy ducked into a telephone booth where he transformed into the caped and costumed hero, destroying the booth in the process when his super powers were activated. Underdog almost always spoke in rhyme.

Underdog's most frequent saying when he appeared was:

There's no need to fear--
Underdog is here!
Not plane, nor bird, nor even frog,
It's just little old me... (at this point, Underdog would crash into something, then sheepishly finish) Underdog.

Underdog usually caused a lot of collateral damage. Whenever someone complained about the damage, Underdog replied:

I am a hero who never fails;
I cannot be bothered with such details.

I do see the connection now!! lol  I also understood as he moved upwards thru the crack, he was causing a down-flow of energy to the earth below.  What he called a quantum vacuum!!  Maybe if underdog seen himself as something beyond "little old me" he wouldn't crash but zoom upwards!!  Just saying...!! (smile)

When we finished our connection, my back returned to the garden of pain.  Now that tire track was wrapping around my side towards my front, but only on the right side.  I could barely walk.  I had a whole hour until my next and final connection of the day... this was agony.

The moment I connected with my grand finale, the pain left instantly.  There she was, a beautiful yellow, fully opened umbrella in hand, moving down the crack... sorta.  She appeared at the opening of the crack at the top, umbrella wide open to the point it looked like it was blocking her ability to flow down... and then a flicker of vision more, she appeared about 4 feet down from the top, same pose, another flicker, 2 feet further down, same pose again.  All images holding steady in their positions, yet, I knew she was flowing downwards... sorta.  Again, Mary Poppins and her umbrella was so prominent in my connection to her... then.... I was completely unplugged.  Not an inkling more to come.  Geez Louise!!!!  The only thing I could (quickly) find today about Mary Poppins Umbrella is that it was her magical umbrella.  There is something HUGE to this... especially as she said that this is not the first time yellow or an umbrella showed up in her readings... hmmmmmm!!

I would spend all of yesterday completely unplugged from readings... but yet, so utterly plugged into the emotional field of life.  It was truly a bizzaro day!!  What spirit said in a moment of audible clarity thru the intense emotions that were flowing... what is happening thru all this, is new bells and whistles are coming online within each one aligned under the flow of the eye of horus.  This is causing our electronics to go haywire... as well as our Beings.


Now to see what those bells and whistles are....

Until tomorrow....

(((((HUGZ))))) of deep, deep loving gratitude to ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.S.   We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 19th, 20th and 21st with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 221st.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (I have updated it slightly) that lists campgrounds and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Details to come.  I Am so excited!!  Ignore the dates on the webpage itself, like I said, old page, still valid information for the most part tho:




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