WE Are Under Construction...

men_at_work_sign I have got to hand it to spirit, for once, they didn't completely leave us hanging on a day nothing was going to be revealed thru readings... well, kinda sorta.  Since I have been back in Virginia, it seems my ability to connect is limited to every other day.  One day we can see forever, the next day, not a damn thing.  Kinda frustrating to the human here.  Yesterday would have been one of the "off" days, but, with the amount of rescheduling being done, and I had already booked Sundays as an off day to spend time with my grandson, I decided to take two of the people who ended up being rescheduled and placed them into the early part of Sunday, a 7am and 9am reading.  It still gives me the whole day to be with my kids.  I never woke up til just after 6am and I need my coffee intake to be in top visual form, so when I couldn't connect to my first appointment for the day, I assumed it was my lack of coffee intake and asked if they could wait just one more hour.  Hell, at this point, they have been waiting close to a month...

I chugged some serious coffee and about 10 minutes before our new rescheduled delay, I started poking my antenna out to the field... and a song started playing in my head that I really didn't want to hear:  "There's a kind of a hush... all over the world... tonight..."  Hey!!  That is the wrong tune!!  It repeated itself over and over until my appointment called me.  And then, it just got funnier from there.  I was not about to let a song from the Carpenter's stop us from connecting, so I poked my antenna out to the field and for a fleeting moment seen the crack in the iceberg (smile) but it was not in the right place.  Or better said, not in the place it had been since we started reading from it on Tuesday.  It was not about  feet to the right (future) instead of directly in front of my field of vision (now.)  As quickly as I connected to this image, spirit placed a large silver zipper at the bottom of the crack and proceeded to zip the whole thing up.  HEY!!!  That's dirty pool right there!  I knew exactly what it meant tho... no darn reading!  If the visual wasn't so darn funny, I think I woulda gotten mad, but I was too busy laughing.

I have been complaining (yes, I do that a lot) about being disconnected every other day... so they (spirit) gave me the gift of staying connected, but infused with their own humor, said... nope, not today.... again!!  We rescheduled... again!

So when my 9am made his way to my phone line, I was not going to let a song and a zipper stop my attempt to connect, I didn't even get into position when I had seen it... and burst into laughter... again.  There was spirits hand, wagging their finger back and forth at me from the top of a zipped up field.  Geez Louise!!  Well, at least I cannot complain that I have been shut down!  I also felt this kind of awe... spirit was right there, participating with us.  I mean, we know this is the way of it in ever single reading, it could be no other way, but on a day the field is closed to our snooping eyes, they threw armfuls of humor at us to say... not today.  I love spirit, our connections, just.... everything so much!!

What I didn't realize from being so connected on an "off" day, is that I would be squished beneath a massive depression of energy.  I have not felt depressed like that in well over a decade, I sat on the verge of tears for just about the entire day.  This morning it is gone like it never even happened.  Something huge was released and cleared... of course, given the recent earthquakes, that is not surprising at all.  This depression was the reason I stood away from my computer, emails, my blog... the more I tried to connect, the more intense I felt this... pressure.  I placed my focus on the greatest happy spot of my life, my grandson... and parked there for the entire day.  I will catch up today!!

*So much for catching up, at least within readings.  I just connected to my first reading of the day... we are in an ongoing shift... again.  The right side of the field, completely invisible to my inner vision, the only thing I could see was the upper part of the left side of the iceberg" with silhouettes of "men at work."   The field itself is under construction.... dammit!!  But, I suppose I would rather be able to "see" and know this than just keep being frustrated from not knowing/understanding.  From what I equally felt/understood, this will be the way of it leading into the solstice energy.

But lets back up to the incredible day prior (Saturday.)  The very last reading of the day had everything to do with the shift in the field yesterday.  A precious lady that I have been connecting to, asked about her daughter towards the end of our connection together.  There her daughter was, on the left side of what looks more and more like an iceberg suspended in air with a 12 inch opening down the middle, pushing the iceberg forward.  Her daughter took on an interesting form, a deep powder blue in her entirety, a cross between an angel and a fairy (too small to be an angel, to big to be a fairy) and what I understood is she harness both elements, spirit and earth together.  Her job had everything to do with "time" and keeping the opening of the eye of horus in alignment thru all of time.  I find it interesting and in perfect time that we ended the connection to the field the day prior with a precious time-keeper moving that iceberg and the next morning, the iceberg is pushed into a different version of time that we, as humans witnessing this massive shift, must meet up with to read from.

Understanding and expanding our "bells and whistles."

It became very clear that what is coming thru in these crazy, wonderful readings, are aspects of your bells and whistles.  Your new expanded tool set of usable ability.  Even those unaware will be coming into awareness over the coming weeks.

Let's take the fairy angel's mother, what I had seen her doing, and what she does do in her incarnated life.  In her visual, I could see her standing beneath the right side of the open crack and with as much spiritual muscle that she could muster, placed her hands on the bottom of the iceberg looking thing and started to pull it downwards.  I realized what she was doing was opening the energy of above, wider... releasing the higher energies of pure Life flow to come down thru the eye of Horus.  As I watched her, I could feel the pull in her arm muscles, the dedication in which she is working this part of her "job."  On earth, she is a meditation facilitator to women who are dealing with breast cancer.  Talk about healing and opening the heart of the divine feminine on the physical plane, allowing more and more of the higher vibrations to flow thru to each and everyone one of us.

What we are currently doing is increasing in strength and ability.  Expanding in ways we will see and understand as we go.  I do want to share one other reading from this amazing day... the first reading of Saturday.  This was the first time I really "felt" sound.  I didn't hear it as much as I felt it and it was coming from the energy of a marching band.  The one leading the band was the very lady I was connecting with.  Sharing her reading, I feel will really help all of us to understand our new and enhanced "bells and whistles."

The first thing I could see on her was this really tall deep red band hat on her head.  The material on this hat, altho deep red, reminded me of the energy threads I had seen in the black hole from a few weeks ago.  Fibrous threads.  The next thing I was very aware of was a long silver baton held in her right hand, resting in the crook of her armpit area.  This baton must have been an easy 5 feet long with what looked like two intensely white marshmallows at either end of the baton.  Her legs were marching up and down with a feeling of moving forward.

The baton itself represented the pure high vibrations of the earth energy, the two marshmallow looking ends is the energy of the north and south poles.   The energy emitted from her core, from the heart energy themselves moved out of her heart chakra, arched to the right to create a vibrational frequency of the baton in her hand.  The north and south poles became activated and mingled their own energy within the baton, which flowed into her right hand, up to her crown and activated all those fibrous threads on her hat.

Those threads were like a massive magnetic field, bringing to her created reality everything that her heart stream was radiating outwards.  The marching band behind her created the sound waves to make it all manifest.  Giving deeper meaning to the (often misinterpreted phrase) "in the beginning was the word."  It was not actually a word, but vibration made audible... sound itself.  Sound precedes tangible creation.

Creation listens to your vibration, harnesses the sound (the song you are singing) and that becomes your manifested reality.

Sometimes tho... our song changes in mid-stanza.  Mine has done just that over this intensely emotional weekend.  I am going Home early.  The feeling of leaving early is so strong and so constant that I cannot ignore it (as much as I tried.)  So this Thursday or Friday (20th or 21st) I am going to be heading back to the Mesa.  Of course, this is going to put everyone once again into the reschedule zone to allow me time to travel back to New Mexico.  It will also delay the start of our summer class by one week too (it will not affect the ending date, I already included time off for travel in the run dates. )  I will be sending out emails today to everyone that this effects.

There is so much more to share, but my day, once again, begins in earnest.... until tomorrow....

Lisa Gawlas   www.mysoulcenter.com/energy_readings.html