From Energy Sac to Emerging Bells and Whistles!

lifeenergy Things sure do get curiouser and curiouser as the days roll on.  I have to give a shout out to spirit when I beg for similarities on the field and they actually compose a day when that is happening.  Yesterday was one of those days, thank you dear lord.  Everyone within a thick filmy energy sac, I suppose very much like a fluid amniotic sac.  Everyone on the field yesterday had an opening at the very top of the energy sac that housed their biology as well as their immediate physical life.  I still couldn't see anything inside, but, it seems everyone is getting their "finishing touches" done.

My first lady on the field opened with a visible aspect of her soul fluttering just above the top of her energy sac opening tossing handfulls of multicolored energy into what I would call her present to near future area.  What she started and also became a consistent revelation thru the days readings was this energy sac, enhanced by whatever your soul is presenting to you as the finishing touches, will go into a rapid spin cycle thru your nights sleep and become your new skin as you awake.  New skin, new energy, new... well, pretty much everything.

This precious soul was calling in from China, so it was 10 pm in her world, days end pretty much.  So I did what I do, pushed the energy line to see if we could get a glimpse of what she may look like beyond this energy sac.  I was quite excited to see a small piece of her.  Energetically, she was in full form, but the only aspect I could see were new boots on her feet.  These boots radiated a blue hue that emitted the most wonderful light energy outwards.  I kept getting a relationship between her new boots and a video game my daughter used to play all the time: The Legand of Zelda and Link's boots.  This morning I looked up the significance of Links boots and now I get the relationship (taken from Zelda wiki):  The Pegasus Boots are special shoes which allow Link to dash at high speeds. They have appeared in many Legend of Zelda games, although in Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages they were replaced with an item with a similar effect, the Pegasus Seeds. The increased speed allows the wearer to bash into various objects like trees in order to knock out their contents.

I have a feeling, like in the game, her boots will change as she masters each pair.

I also understood thru her, that for all of us, we will "come online" bit by bit, instead of all at once (thank you dear lord) so that we can acclimate and perfect what is now in place.  Her boots obviously has everything to do with walking her path forward.  The energy was intense, hence being able to manuever with increasing speeds any sudden changes along the way.

I realized as the day, the readings progressed, this was also the first visible showing of her new "bells and whistles."  In her case, spiritual boots!!

My next lady took me back a few feet.  Talk about seeing the unexpected.  She too had that energy sac, the opening at the top, but, there was this very spooky looking shadow thingie looming large between what I would call her West field and her energy sac (inner field.)  It was my lovely lady herself that said it was her "dark passenger," as I sat in my familiar place of saying... what the hell??  What we needed to do was understand why it was in-between... and an interesting thing happened as I connected to this "boogie man image,"  the moment I connected to it, I could feel its energy and purpose, the moment I went to express something back to her, it was a total disconnect of energy.  The feeling was it needed to get into center, but for some reason, it kept being disconnected as we tried to stregnthen the energy into her center.

Then she told me a story of what happened the day before.  Those pesky traffic cam's with there ever watchful eye on everyone.  She went thru a yellow light and seen the cam take her picture (not nice!)  Then she started talking about avoiding those area's of town that have the traffic cams in place.

Ohhhhhhhhh..... suddenly, it all made sense.  Yes, there is darkness in this world, pesky, greedy, controlling energies.  Our job is not to go around it, but to face it, love it, reflect the higher energies back into "it."

Those things that just piss you off are not bad.  It is your internal dark passenger simply releasing the energy that something needs to change and since the only thing we can change is ourselves and our approach/relationship with anything outside, that is where the change must start from.

Part of this precious lady's bells and whistles is looking into the darkness and illuminating it with love.

It was as if I just wrote my entire sharing yesterday, for her and the understanding that was needed.  Had I not just written that sharing, I might have tucked tale and ran lol, not really... but the sharing did diffuse what I may have initially felt with such a looming dark presence in a reading.

My third connection, Holy radiance batman.  This was my first ever connection with this precious soul and yet, I felt I was raised with him, like a brother.  His energy radiated thru the phone like nothing I have ever experienced before, sun rays permeating thru his voice and spreading out thru my head and around me.  I was raised by the energy of the sun, working intimately thru the core of the sun and he was/is too.  It really is hard for me to explain.

What I found extraordinary in his energy sac display was the codes being encrusted within the very top area of the opened sac.  I knew these codes will be intensely affecting his brain waves, his processes as he adjusts to each new extraction of codes.  I also knew, I was purposely being blocked from understanding every code I had seen inlaid within his inner, upper, energy sac.  Dammit!  If that wasn't enough, then these two rods of light were placed in a formation his team kept referring to as "the southern cross."  These rods of light were like a foggy white as they were placed atop his opening.  I also knew it was revealing the merging of the multidimensional minds of his, well, other aspects too, merging into the one mind that is his human.

My last lady on the field, stellar energy coming in directly at her East field area (new beginnings.)  It was like she was being infused with the stars from the sky, and in a way, she was/is.  As we talked, I watched the infusion become the very seed energy of her east garden of life.  Star seeds to the max.

I am working very hard at not being frustrated to see what is happening now and not seeing how it plays out in life's ongoing story.  It is so big, so huge, we all really want to know what it means to us.  So, I did the next best thing I could think of... hopped into the bath after all my readings were finished.  Maybe I could sneak a peek that way.

Not even!!!  Hell, I couldn't even see where I was in the process... dammit!

But, my team did say, there is a massive assimilation happening for all of us and especially me, the reader of all this wonderful, radiant energy.  To be able to jump in and experience this massive, quantum change in full view, it would be like placing my head into an incinerator.  Too high a frequency all at once.  Every aspect of life must assimilate this quantum new, especially our biology and our brain patterns.

One of the most frequent questions being asked right now, is how will I know what my bells or whistles are and what to do with them.  The answer may not be what you want to hear, but it is what it is.  It is in the moment of use that it becomes clear.  Example, a lot of people work their spiritual self within, which is where everyone must start... but do little beyond that within place.  If you are not actively using your spiritual Self in all aspects of life, your pimped out energy field simply becomes idle potential undiscovered.

If we never move out of what we think we know, then we will never know more than that.  If we do not stretch our current abilities beyond what we already do, then we will never do more than that.  I call this OJT, On the job training.  I have never, not even once, discovered what I am able to do, or do more fully except in the act of doing... something.  Even in the expansive place I call meditation, applying it (whatever I was learning) beyond my bathtub only made sense and had a real application outside of my bathtub.  So, you will understand it as you use it (whatever "it" is.)

On a completely different side note, I want to give an amazing shout out to two precious gardeners I met in person when I stayed in Texas on my travels back.  The gentleman's house in which I stayed, gave me a fresh out of his garden zucchini to take home with me.  I have been reading for this man, connecting to his land for a year and a half now.  I have seen the higher light infused into the very dirt of his 165 acres, but until I actually ate that zucchini (yesterday) I could have never imagined the pure radiance that becomes infused in food thru the dirt of his love.

For the last week I have been in a twist within myself about food.  No matter what I cook, eat, whatever, it just sux and had more wasted food this week than I ever had before.  When I was rooting thru my fridge and seen the zucchini, I decided ok, I will make a casserole and have that, or at least try.  Holy Light vibrations!!  I could taste the Light!

So, my beloved Donald and co-gardener Bobby.... THANK YOU!!  Enlarge that garden of yours!

((((HUGZ))))) of De-Light in ALL you do and consume!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.  I have FINALLY updated our gathering page for July 19th thru the 21st:   There is such a massive feeling of a "Coming Out" celebration.  The maturity of our soul process is celebrated and conjoined with the maturity of the Guardians!!